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  1. Maybe the poster was being serious? It’s just so blatantly wrong I thought it must be sarcasm, no?
  2. How many 23+ year contracts do guys g from the SHL to the NHL? The odd one, right? It doesn’t matter which league the top young players develop in. They will go to the NHL from whichever league they are in. The CHL guys, who aren’t NHL ready, will go to the AHL and then, if they get good enough, move to the NHL. But 23+ guys in the SHL are very unlikeLy to go to the NHL. The best development league, outside of the elite guys, is the AHL.
  3. You’re too funny. You have old Alf laughing. This is some serious hockey knowledge.
  4. You seriously have no clue about hockey. Lace ‘em up and learn. Oh, I forgot. Videos games are your forte.
  5. Lots of stupid people out there, who rely on Losers on the Internet to guide their lives. From eating horse dewormer, to huffing bleach, to ingesting fish tank cleaner, these Covid idiots, have to be the most stupid people EVER!
  6. Jake is a fat piece of out of shape craperolla. He will never play another game in the NHL. The guy is a serious loser, and we should be glad he’s gone. Piece of crap person, and zero character.
  7. Isn’t that because the guys from the SHL, who go to the NHL, are the cream of the SHL crop’s youth, and (like almost all the young elite players from any developmental league) go straight into the NHL now?
  8. So Jones is in the house of Orange (and stupid)? My God! Who in their right mind trades all those assets for a guy like that?
  9. Ya sure. We will give up greatness for serious crap. No thanks. Chychrun is a craperolla dumby. Kissel is old, fat, and done.
  10. We are seeing what Loser Chychrun truly is now he’s no longer sheltered by OEL. He’s a ?Green Jacket piece of Monkey Crap. Minus 9 already! No froggin’way do we ever want this LOSER piece of **** on our team. We got the two best Coyotes last summer. They can keep their ****.
  11. They should be chanting: “get rid of that piece of overpaid **** Jones!”
  12. I’m guessing their fans figured out that Jones at mins 10 was a waste of assets in trade and grossly overpaid with the contract. What an awful trade and contract. Just horrid. One of the worst ever. Hawks suck old socks!
  13. Seth Jones’ minus 4 tonight has him now leading for the Green Jacket at -10.  (One up on those two great defensive guys in Loser Maker and terrible Chychrun). Hawks did well getting this guy.  :lol:

    1. 4petesake
    2. Elias Pettersson

      Elias Pettersson

      I think Tiger Woods makes a comeback and beats out Jones by one shot...

  14. screw you LOSER Dilver Knights and your Loser big club of LOSERS in their LOSER CITY OF LOSERS.
  15. There’s a real battle in Sbby for the goalie spot. Silovs and Mikey. It’s awesome how Benning has created competition at every spot and every level in our franchise. Super GM.
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