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  1. Thanks. Hadn’t heard about those cases.
  2. Sounds like this is the best way to beat this virus; shut it out so to speak. Considering it got here from travellers returning from abroad, would we keep our borders closed until there is a vaccine?
  3. Thank you. That makes perfect sense. I’m trying to understand how we can defeat this virus without herd immunity. Are you saying (which is helping me understand, so thank you for that) that the virus will die out if there are no longer any hosts to infect? To me that makes sense, and appears to be what China did, right?
  4. Are they? Please provide data to support, that healthy young people are dying from Covid 19. All I’m able to find is that healthy young people get the virus, but are asymptomatic and can spread it to the high risk elderly. If you show data to the contrary, I will gladly read it.
  5. Why be rude? The government is doing a good job telling young healthy people to stay away from high risk groups. But, if top experts in epidemiology are saying we need to develop a herd immunity (60% infected and recovered) to defeat this virus, then how do we get to those numbers, while keeping our at risk people safe, and still having an economically viable country?
  6. I like your idea. Here’s a recent news article from Holland, and it tells of how their government sees the way to beat the virus. “About 50 to 60 percent of the population of the Netherlands need to be infected by and recovered from Covid-19 for the country to achieve herd immunity against the coronavirus, Jaap van Dissel, head of public health institute RIVM said to Nieuwsuur. On Monday evening, Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that a large part of the population will likely be infected by the virus, but that this will also build up immunity. "Those who have had the virus are usually
  7. That would be great if we could get hockey going again this season. It took 12 weeks for ?China to get their basketball league up after it shut down. Love to have Tryamkin here for that!
  8. I accept you’re upset. I’m not trying to do that. I really just want to discuss the topic. Clearly we need to protect the at risk population. I think our government imposed protocols do that.
  9. 12 to 18 months! Okay, I need more TP, and scotch.
  10. So, until there is a vaccine, how do we stop it from eventually infecting the masses? This is where I get confused.
  11. I’m clearly no expert, but don’t these “fools” (as you call them) build the herd immunity by infecting one Another? Wouldn’t this shorten the virus affect on the population? Yes, I’m obviously confused on this. Let me try to explain my thinking. We have no vaccine, so to gain herd immunity we can’t immunize. That means (again my thinking) we need 50-70 percent if the population to actually contract the virus, and become immune to its effects, to protect us all, no? So aren’t these “fools” doing what is going to happen anyway, but they’re just speeding things up? When I read this, it sou
  12. Thank you for that. But if none of us really knows what’s up with this virus, then how can anyone be wrong? How can something be considered stupid or irresponsible if we don’t know what’s really going on? Isn’t the whole purpose of the current protocols of social distancing and being extra cautious to protect our high risk citizens? Young healthy people, from the recent data, don’t show symptoms, right? Why should they isolate themselves then? That’s the part I don’t understand. Shouldn’t they just stay away from high risk people?
  13. If a person is young and healthy what does the recent data show is that person’s chance of getting really sick from Covid 19? Why can’t we discuss these numbers and stuff instead of being rude? This is a way more important topic than any we’ve had on CDC, right? Maybe we should accept none of us really know a whole heck of a lot about this, and try to help one another understand better? Now, if you don’t mind, why would a healthy young person (who is at extremely low risk of even showing symptoms) isolate themselves? I don’t see the reason for this. Please enlighten me. Thank you.
  14. I know what the Prime Minister said about staying home and such. I don’t understand the concept of the healthy younger people, who have no symptoms, spreading the virus to one another. A lead doc in California said 50-70 percent of that state’s population will get this virus. We will not test that many people, so how do these experts know that stuff? Are they extrapolating using the number of people who are likely asymptomatic based on age or something?
  15. Why do you say stuff like this? This virus is completely new, and we are discussing what’s going on so we can all better understand it. What’s your view on its spread, and our current government measures to protect the high risk groups?
  16. Explain, using data, what’s different then? Healthy Younger people carry this virus and don’t show symptoms. They then infect, unknowingly, those in the high risk groups. No need to be rude; just trying to figure this out. So, why not try explaining your understanding, and support it with current data? Thank you.
  17. Where are you caring for these patients, who are in ICU? Can younger people like doctors and nurses get really sick from the virus, if they got really tired and run down from working so hard? Is there data on that yet?
  18. Maybe I’m confused? (Okay I’m confused). I thought all the most recent data indicates this virus doesn’t do much to young people who are healthy, right? The problem is these young healthy people, if the contract the virus, become a symptomatic carriers, right? Then these people can spread the virus to those in high risk groups. I thought it was the high risk groups that needed to isolate, no? And those healthy younger people were supposed to stay away from the high risk groups?
  19. If you’re young, and at really low risk to suffer any ill effects of this virus, why are you in quarantine? If I may ask.
  20. We really should know now that staying away from the at risk groups (especially the elderly) is super important. I feel for the elderly, who are living in extended family situations. The younger family members are living their lives, and that’s so risky fir the old folks in the house.
  21. I think our government has done a good job, and people are educated now. This looks like younger people (less than 60) out enjoying a nice day. They are at very low risk, right? They just need to stay away from the high risk people, because they could have the virus and not show symptoms. Isn’t that what the most important message is?
  22. That’s awful. Sounds like the virus got into the elderly (at risk) community, and once there it couldn’t be stopped. Seems like we’re doing a good job now of keeping the virus out of care homes and hospitals. Hard to apply any blame when young people can carry the virus and have no symptoms. Children visiting their grand parents, or young staff caring for the elderly could easily infect an entire care home. Now we know about many carrying the virus without showing symptoms. In Italy (sadly) it sounds like that wasn’t known yet.
  23. Did the virus get spread into the elderly community before safety measure got in to place? It’s kind of like what happened in those care homes in North Van, but on a way larger scale.
  24. I don’t get this either. A poster earlier suggested a lot of the Italian people in the region hit so badly are over 60, and have preexisting medical issues, and are smokers (or were smokers). I wonder if there is any data coming out yet how this virus affects smokers different from non smokers? What about city folk, who lived for their whole lives in bad air compared to country folk who have always had clean air? Or is the strain of the virus different in Italy and really worse or something?
  25. I was riding my scooter down the sidewalk today, and some idiot spat a big goober right on the sidewalk. It’s not about the age of the idiot (children don’t count here) it’s just they are not being respectful of others during a time when we are really responsible for each other’s safety. Just follow the damned rules, especially now.
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