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  1. I disagree. They owe the Vancouver fans. We deserve more. Yes, both players deserve to be paid. But considerations to the Vancouver fans who also deserve to support a winning team. ‘Team’ being the focus here. They have to leave something on the table for their present and future team members to also receive fair compensation. They also should respect what ownership and management and team are trying to accomplish. All should be putting the team first to reach the ultimate goal. They have to leave space for the GM to manoeuvre to improve the team. You do not want a Toronto scenario here where they have trapped and painted themselves into a corner. …and just because a desperate GM of another franchise has chosen to self preserve or make a terrible decision by over paying its top tier players; should not be the only consideration to set the market price of a player comparable. As noted by another; send Hughes to New Jersey to let the brothers decide who should take a pay cut. This is just cutting to the point. It’s a team of brotherhood. It’s about their fans, it’s respect to ownership and GM and coaches and fellow team players. It should not be just about a me attitude. Ownership is leaving nothing on the table. They alway spend near to the cap limit.
  2. I disagree, From what I have read, he has a motor that won’t quit. Yes, he challenged himself as an 18 year old to play in the SHL. He did not get the minutes; therefore the numbers were not great. if this is what you refer to inconsistent?
  3. I am surprised few have Fabian Lysell as their top choice. Yes, It would be nice to fill a position of need like a centre or RD…but always take the best player available. He fits the current mold and template for Canuck drafting. Speed, intelligent, a no quit motor, 200 foot game. Fastest player in the draft. Relentless hound. Heh…and he is Swedish …not a bad thing. Consensus of ratings is @ 9. SOME FEEL he should be number 1. DOBBER has him 3rd overall. The negative is his size. The same size as Bure. 5’10 172lbs. With a great motor and uses his speed effectively.
  4. The only solution prior to this was; not to have Markstrom charge to the puck and repeat last weeks error, but take a too many men on the ice penalty by coming off the bench to stop play. Yes we would incur ridicule, but it would give us opportunity to fight another play. Lol
  5. Plus he is only seventeen and still probably growing.
  6. For me... I think Newhook is under rated. He seems like a possession player with a high ceiling. I dont understand why some say he has poor skating... Players I would choose with high celings: Newhook Boldy Broberg
  7. No, Although I did not start too many threads, I did make others prior to this one. I see no relevance to your line of questioning though? What are you trying to suggest by remarking that I did not start a thread in 4 years? My previous account had been lost.
  8. Because, our 10th pick in this years draft will likely not mature for 2 more seasons. To me, It makes sense to have our team mature together. Plus as I already stated; we dont have enough depth. Getting 2 to 3 players for one gives us much better opportunity; should we think this years draft depth offerings makes sense. And having a possible 3-5 players ready at the same tine in 2-3years would be impactful. My philosophy... we should never be in the position of a "full" rebuild, But ownership and previous management ficked-up... Building should be in a continious flux to improve, maintain and leverage for best opportunity while being in contention. Ideally, always a minimum of being in the playoffs. Just my two cents..
  9. First, I love Bo Horvat, But I think I would trade for Colorados' First round picks: 4, 16 and their 2nd second(47) for Bo Horvat. Colorado is ready now to make a push now. Vancouver needs more quality and depth. This would give us more completion for the rebuild. What do you think? Does it make sense for both sides?
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