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  1. I disagree, From what I have read, he has a motor that won’t quit. Yes, he challenged himself as an 18 year old to play in the SHL. He did not get the minutes; therefore the numbers were not great. if this is what you refer to inconsistent?
  2. I am surprised few have Fabian Lysell as their top choice. Yes, It would be nice to fill a position of need like a centre or RD…but always take the best player available. He fits the current mold and template for Canuck drafting. Speed, intelligent, a no quit motor, 200 foot game. Fastest player in the draft. Relentless hound. Heh…and he is Swedish …not a bad thing. Consensus of ratings is @ 9. SOME FEEL he should be number 1. DOBBER has him 3rd overall. The negative is his size. The same size as Bure. 5’10 172lbs. With a great motor and
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