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  1. I would not consider Magnus Hellberg as a backup goalie. He was officially named by the KHL as the best goalie of the second round of playoffs (conference semifinals). He started game # 1 vs CSKA, got 2 goals on 9 shots in the first period and was replaced by Samonov for periods 2 and 3. Samonov started game # 2, got 3 goals in 4 minutes in second period and was replaced by Hellberg at 27:24. Hellberg started game # 3, played the whole game and continued in games # 4 and 5.
  2. Ha ha, actually this is not funny - Chris seems to use Google translator for this article https://www.championat.com/hockey/news-4318581-bragin-rad-za-podkolzina-posle-mchm-privodili-v-poryadok-ego-psihologicheskoe-sostoyanie.html What Bragin has really said is this: I am very happy for Podkolzin, we talked to him a lot after the world junior championship, put his state of the mind back to normal (Podkolzin was frustrated with his play in WJC). Very happy that he plays efficiently.
  3. Are you still here? The triple overtime is coming...
  4. Double post - Vintage Canuck beat me with the goal clip
  5. This is officially the longest playoff game between these two teams - it's 111 min 20 sec now
  6. Podkolzin has played 21:16 so far in this game
  7. Yeah still 2-2 in Moscow after 100 minutes of play. Lots of scoring chances for both teams
  8. Well you know, the better he plays for SKA, the more chances for him to make the national team. The last round of EuroTour in Czech Rep. is coming in a month. Russia plays Sweden on May 13, Finland on May 15 and Czech Rep. on May 16. The training camp is going to be open in first week of May...
  9. Still 2-2 after the 1st OT period
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