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  1. There was short interview with Klim yesterday - we can call him Klim just like his teammates in Belarus, this is perfectly fine. Russian teenagers often call each other by short version of their surnames, just recall the famous playoff interview with Nikita Kucherov where he call Vasilevsky "Vasya"! And back to the interview. I am excited to be drafted in the NHL and very thankful to Vancouver for this. I have worked hard for many years to reach this goal. Vancouver is very beautiful city. They have very good team there. What kind of player are you? I am a sn
  2. I can confirm that Klimovich did not play for Dinamo Minsk in its exhibition game against Sibir. He is not supposed to, after signing NHL contract with Canucks due to the liability issue. What if he is injured in a game for a KHL club..? Sounds odd that the Klimovich agent does not know these things.
  3. Just to remind what AHL team belongs to which NHL club. Hmm this is not updated yet with name of Abby Canucks but you get a general picture...
  4. So with his salary at the AHL level and signing bonus, he is going to be paid $172,500 - this is very good money for average family in Belarus. Plus performance bonuses...
  5. Found details of his ELC https://www.capfriendly.com/players/danila-klimovich SEASON CLAUSE CAP HIT AAV P. BONUSES S. BONUSES BASE SALARY TOTAL SALARY MINORS SALARY 2021-22 $886,667 $925,000 $82,500 $92,500 $750,000 $842,500 $80,000 2022-23 $886,667 $925,000 $32,500 $92,500 $800,000
  6. @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME Found some interesting document online https://media.nhl.com/site/asset/public/ext/2020-21/2020-21TransitionRulesCriticalDates.pdf Rule 13, Article 8 "For purposes of determining where a Player who is drafted in the 2021 NHL Draft was “drafted from” under the provisions of Article 8, a Player will be deemed to have been “drafted from” the league and team as follows: i) if the Player played during the 2020-21 season, the league and team for which he played during the 2020-21 season as per traditional practice, provided, however: A) if the Player played
  7. I agree, this would be interesting to see if Rouyn-Noranda Huskies are going to argue with the Canucks intention to send Danila to the AHL. I would personally prefer him to go to Abby.
  8. He did not play in the CHL because of the covid travel restrictions in Canada. As I wrote earlier, Klimovich flew to Montreal in Feb 2021 to play in the QMHJL but his entry to Canada was denied. The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies invited him, they paid for his air tickets to Montreal, their representatives waited for him in the Montreal airport. They have pretty good case if go to court. Edit: As I mentioned earlier, Klimovich signed contract with The Rouyn-Noranda Huskies in Sep 2020 so he did have contract with a CHL club when drafted by Canucks.
  9. Excellent news! This is the best decision Canucks could have made in this situation. I am not going in details (don't want to jinx the deal), can just say that Dinamo Minsk is not a regular KHL club under the existing political circumstances.
  10. Well, Klimovich is drafted from the CHL which means he is not allowed to play in the AHL under the NHL contract until he is 20 years old. Canucks may sign him to the ELC and play him in the NHL or assign him to the CHL junior team in Quebec drafted him in 2020 in which case his contract would slide and does not count against the NHL's 50-contract limit. I just don't see how Danila may play in the AHL under the current rules.
  11. Yes, I can confirm that he has signed 1-year contract with Dinamo-Minsk https://hockey.by/news/sobytie/news147568.html
  12. Some interesting info... Danila's coach in Minskie Zubry was Denis Grot drafted by Canucks in the 2nd round in 2002 (never played in North America). Despite the covid restrictions worldwide, Klimovich tried to get to Quebec in Feb 2021 to play in QMHJL. Canadian borders were closed but some junior players from Europe somehow managed to sneak to Quebec so Danila's QMHJL club suggested him to take risk and try to get into Canada, paying for his air tickets. He was given permission by Minskie Zubry to leave the club, successfully passed all covid tests and flew to Montreal with g
  13. Yes, the 20-year rule applies to him since he was officially drafted from the CHL.
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