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  1. Ready to go... Standings Pacific Division Pacific GP Record PCT ONT 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 HSK 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 BAK 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 COL 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 ABB 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 TUC 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 STK 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 SJ 0 0-0-0-0 0.000 SD 0 0-0-0-0 0.000
  2. Klimovich is in the starting lineup for Abby Canucks! This should stop rumors that Danila is going to Quebec.
  3. Great news: Danila is loaned to Abby Canucks!
  4. Thanks. You are right, found the source
  5. There was posted somewhere that Klimovich had minor injury. Will try to find the source.
  6. Canucks cut 16 players from the initial training camp roster but Danila is still with the main team.
  7. I think he was surprised by intensity of a preseason game in the NHL. In the KHL, preseason games are played with low pace, no hits, just like scrimmage. Players are getting in shape in these games to start regular season. The NHL is different, this is learning experience for Vasily.
  8. His mind is in the process of switching from one hockey system (Russian) to another one (North American). The better someone is in one camp, the more difficult would be for him to adapt to another...
  9. Interesting analysis in CanucksArmy by Chris Faber: After impressing with his shot on the first day of camp, Vasily Podkolzin continued to look like an NHLer as he played on a line with J.T. Miller and Conor Garland during the scrimmage. He had the crowd in awe with some of his shots in the early practice as we continue to learn that it’s not his shot that is the problem, it’s more about how and when he uses it. We noted that Podkolzin still looks hesitant to attempt more advanced dekes and try to have some flash to his game. Right now, it’s more about impressing the coach with his effort level and defensive skill. He continues to shine in drills where he has to play as a defender. The only knock that we found was that he did get knocked over pretty easily in the scrimmage. Once by Jett Woo, who was a little bit of a wrecking ball during the scrimmage, and once by Tucker Poolman, who presses on with Oliver Ekman-Larsson as his defence partner. Podkolzin still has not looked out of place once in practice. Aside from when he was the third forechecker on a drill that only required two and Travis Green gave him a tap on the helmet as he called back the 20-year-old. After the scrimmage, Podkolzin was made available to the media through a translator and was enjoying his time at training camp but also looking to the future. “I really enjoyed the first two days of camp and I can’t wait for the games to start,” said Podkolzin. Through the first two days of camp, he has been nearly attached at the hip with J.T. Miller. “I really appreciate the advice, it has really helped me adjust,” said Podkolzin. “I really enjoy playing with (Garland and Miller), I really like them as linemates and I have so much to learn from them.” He was asked who gave him the best advice for his move over the North America and the NHL game, “I got a lot of advice from everyone going over but got the best advice from the legend.” I followed up and asked, “Larionov?” and he replied with “yes, Larionov”.
  10. From Daniel Wagner ("Pass It To Bulis") today: Canucks head coach Travis Green will answer questions about players during training camp and give his opinion but it’s rare that he volunteers a name. But, when asked if any players had surprised him at camp so far, Green offered up some rare praise. “Our young draft pick from last year, second-rounder, [Danila] Klimovich has looked good,” said Green. “He's a big kid, skates well...I thought [Karel] Plasek had a pretty good game today. Again, a young guy, it's not always easy to stick out but I liked his energy and he looked like he can make a play. Yet it's still hard for a young guy to come in and make a lot of plays, so you're kind of projecting with some guys.” Klimovich certainly stood out on the ice, wiring several hard shots during drills with an impressive release. With his size and skating, he was able to push back in battles and create space for himself. “I love all the battles, I love the speed, I really enjoy the small ice,” said Klimovich via translator. As for his shot, Klimovich is setting his sights high: “I'm trying to compare myself in the future with Kucherov and Ovechkin.”
  11. Harman Dayal 2h Danila Klimovich has some confidence. Went through the legs on his breakaway move in the rush drill Thomas Drance 2h Danila Klimovich’s raw puck skills already look NHL level. Young winger has dekes and tricks for days. #Canucks Satiar Shah· 1h For a player who was only drafted a few months ago, Klimovich is very assertive and confident in scrimmage
  12. Harman Dayal 35m A few notes on under the radar guys from the first #Canucks scrimmage - Persson's looked quite good. He's made some really nice outlet passes. Calm and collected with puck, decent wheels and IQ too - Plasek has good wheels - Di Giuseppe is a monster in terms of winning battles
  13. As I remember, OEL had knee surgery before the 2019-2020 season. There was interview with him in July 2020 when he said that he rushed too soon to play after the surgery and he felt 100% healthy in summer of 2020 only. This might still effect his skating ability in some way...
  14. Just a little break from the heated discussion: Daniel Wagner @passittobulis · Sep 10 After his offer sheet from the Philadelphia Flyers in 2006 gave Ryan Kesler a massive raise, he bought a boat and named it "Offer Sheet." And that's friggin' hilarious.
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