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  1. The normal reaction is to match the offer. But I don't think they should do that. Better than reacting is to act. They should trade the compensation picks to get a replacement for Kotkaniemi who is better. Or cheaper. Or younger.
  2. Most improved: Devils. They will surprise many people. Second: Canucks, Flyers and Stars.
  3. “It’s nice to be important—but it’s more important to be nice.” In 2007 “The Roger Federer Story: Quest for Perfection” by Rene Stauffer stated the following about the tennis phenom: Roger Federer was still a teenager and just emerging as an up-and-coming player when I first heard him utter the sentence that would become his life’s motto—“It’s nice to be important—but it’s more important to be nice.” I once ran across these words of wisdom in a book by philanthropist Robert Dedman, an American, who started his career as a dishwasher and succeeded in becoming a successful milli
  4. A lot of dirt comes to light this offseason. I hope it brings something for the future, to future players, because it is obviuos that not every kid can handle the situation of being rich and famous over night. I don't know, but maybe every Pro Team in Sport should have not only Physicial Coaches but also a Life Coach for the Players.
  5. I'm impressed, best offseason by Benning so far. Best offseason, by a mile.
  6. I've often wondered if he wouldn't be suitable as a 4th line wing. And whether Troy shouldn't be kept as a 13F who could fill in on both offense and defense.
  7. troy "marathon man" stecher. more than 27 minutes icetime in the goldgame?!!
  8. Well, Quinn is great, but Smith is very near. When you look at standings, it makes it possible that Jersey draft another Hughes. If they then will unite all three and trade for Quinn, Benning just has to say: More. You have to offer much more if you really want to do that trade.
  9. It was his third, Vintage. He is now at 13Games, 3 Goals, 7 Assists, 10 Points.
  10. Well, that is not correct. Hockey DB has Sven listed as Baertschi. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=120612 Originally his name is written like this: Bärtschi. But Baertschi is also okay.
  11. Nobody in the whole wide world thinks like that. The Canucks have sympathy for that misery from everybody. Get well everbody!
  12. Good. This should be the time for Jake to show some responsibility and be a physical standout, the team needs now protection more than ever. I hope he realizes that.
  13. It wasn't about Gaudettes offensive numbers, it was his lack of defense play. A third line center has to be very solid defensively and able to play pk. Gaudette hasn't showed that. Over and out.
  14. Not funny: Who might this be?
  15. Great win. But to be honest, one win doesn't change much. There has to be more of that.
  16. Good players, but not a good team. Why didn't they use the short time in this years camp to practice on the ice as much as they could instead doing the usuall intensive testing in the gym? They replaced half of the D, they needed practice, practice, practice. The Coaches thought they could practice on the fly during the season - they were wrong. They simply wasted the short time in the camp.
  17. A bit of time. Yeah, that's the problem. It was a short preseason, but so it was for every team. But the Canucks still aren't ready, the spent to much time in gym with the usuall testing and all that stuff. The Coaches thought, they could do the practice on the fly during the season. They're wrong. The Defense is the problem, they need practice to find together. Unfortunately they wasted to much time in the preseaon doing unnecessary things.
  18. Stecher with 2 assists and +2. Oh wait, we let him walk for nothing... Yikes!
  19. Good players but not a good team. Maybe they missing the character of teamfirst guys like Marky, Tanev, Toffoli and Stecher more than they thought...
  20. Yeah, it's a team sport. Good players were coming this season, but the ones that are gone had been not only good players but also real teamfirst players, Marky, Tanev and yes, Stecher. I haven`t seen the team from last year until today, good individuals but not a good team.
  21. Right now the best option is not extension yes or not, it's wait and see. I know it was just a short camp, but so it was for every team. Unfortunately the Canucks don't look ready, and this was job of the coach.
  22. It's not all bad, it's just the line combos that were bad. Jake does not belong to the first line neither does he really click with Petey. Hogs is a treat but Bo needs winger that play another style. The PP is to much art and to little work. The PK misses Loui. Sad, but true. And even the D combos should be shuffled. Green has to fix that.
  23. Can Pearson play RW? It could open a spot for Baertschi on a more balanced second line than with one of Hoglander, Virtanen or Eriksson. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Baertschi-Horvat-Pearson Roussel-Gaudette-Virtanen Motte-Beagle-Sutter
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