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  1. I think that you and I agree on many things. I don't have a hockey background, I got into boxing at a young age and put all of my energy there. I personally don't criticize players because they're all a bazillion miles better than me. It really bothers me when posters call a player 'a piece of trash' or 'worthless' because yeah, maybe they're fringe NHLers, but they're people with feelings trying to live a dream and make some serious coin along the way. I have always liked the way you call people to be better when they're being overly critical. Anyway, my comment wasn't a poke at you personally (even though I did quote your comment), just a statement on how anyone can say anything on here about their qualifications and nobody can really know for sure.
  2. Thing is, anyone on here can say anything about themselves and there's no way to prove or disprove what they're saying. I've seen some of what you say about yourself, and I have my doubts that what you have claimed is true but I can't know for sure. I enjoy reading most of your posts but it's all taken with a grain of salt because a well informed and critical thinking fan could also come to the same conclusions you do.
  3. And that's a bad thing? EP was already pretty solid defensively and TG is helping/teaching him to be a great all round player.
  4. Not naming names but plenty of morons frequent this forum as well.
  5. All the better to punch you in the face with!
  6. Makes me tear up everytime I watch it! Such classy guys and everyone was so happy for them!
  7. I think EP needs a good start too. He was a bit off last year (only by inches) and he seemed to be getting quite frustrated. I remember watching his game in the bubble and he's just got 'it'. He wants to win and he's got the talent. I think he's going to be the catalyst and as he goes so will the rest of the team.
  8. All it really says is that people have made up their mind about him - it has nothing to do with whether he's done anything or not. In our society we have to believe the victim in this incident, but in doing that JV automatically guilty. We may never really know the truth, and that to me is very sad
  9. I've never seen anyone actually say that it's LE who caused the problems and dragged the team down to the bottom. He just didn't really do much of anything offensively to help the team out. He was given plenty of chances to find his offense, and for whatever reason it just didn't happen. You seem to be the one reading into others posts that the fans blame Louie. People have bashed him for his game, and based on the contract some of the criticism was warranted.
  10. Nice that you can see the motivations of his heart. You should apply for a management job with the Canucks to help them steer clear of these sorts of players in the future. All sarcasm in case you missed it...
  11. Well he's towering over all those other players!
  12. If he's not good enough to make a team and if a young guy outperforms him I'm sure the more deserving guy will get the ice. Joe could just as easily be sent to the minors.
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