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  1. My first thought is why would we want to punish EP40 by sending him to Buffalo! Brave outside of the box proposal though.
  2. Sucky! Glad he's out and doing better! You're right there are way more important things in life!
  3. Utica and their fans are top notch! Good luck Comets!
  4. Tru but then he can say 'Jim has already addressed this...' probably not much different but I just think it was Benning's responsibility to be out front.
  5. While I'm not a Benning hater, I do think it was his responsibility to address the media regarding JV even if it was to say they aren't going to say anything further than what was released in the statement. He's the big boss not Travis. I did lose a little respect for him for that.
  6. What happened in the residential schools was evil... I'm sorry your dad was treated like that.
  7. You are very naive. These guys know their worth to the team. Yes he may be a great guy who's very humble (I highly doubt you know him so you aren't close enough to be able to know his motivations) but he also knows that hockey is a dangerous sport where his career could be over quickly after a serious injury. He wants to be paid what he's worth and he deserves it.
  8. Yeah I've always been a JB fan, and agreed that his bigger contracts for the bottom 6 guys were ok because we needed to overpay a bit because of free agency and the fact that we weren't really a desired destination but I think this one was unnecessary and am now really questioning whether he's the right guy to be negotiating contracts. I'm a bit scared now to see how much EP and QH get for their next contract.
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