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  1. No tourism to speak of in the UK atm.
  2. I remember hearing at the beginning of things that they were getting tested daily. Whether that's still going on who knows.
  3. EP40! Was solid in all situations, and really wants to win. Not too often you see someone with his talent willing to get his hands dirty.
  4. Not at all saying they're saints, and we got away with some stuff too. That's what happens when the refs stop enforcing the rules let the players play - stuff doesn't get called and the bigger team is the one that will benefit the most.
  5. They're a hard playing confident team. That was the only hit I saw that was dirty.
  6. How did Florida get away with it with Lu? Anyway, certainly not trying to argue but just wish there was some way.....
  7. Really felt for Miller when Vegas scored the 1st en goal...he looked so heartbroken and had to take a few moments to compose himself. He showed awesome restraint when he didn't smash his stick on the net lime he really wanted to. A great leader and no matter who NJ picks with our 1st rounder I feel really good about trading for him. It's going to be a very interesting off-season with all of the cap issues and players to sign/re-sign. Shame we couldn't convince Louie to retire and become a scout for us earning the same money he would get playing out his contract.
  8. Vegas is a strong team! Our goalies were the main reason we got it to game 7. As a fan I am very happy with the season.
  9. I'm definitely not antivax but I wouldn't take a vaccine that was rushed through just to get it out there.
  10. I agree mostly, but I think the first adversity they faxed was in game 2 when the Blues came back to send the game to OT. The guys didn't wither but came back and won. I think they're growing before our eyes.
  11. Yeah I'm not too worried. Blues are a very good and very tough team. Their big guys are starting to hit their stride and we were never going to sweep them. I think it'll go 7 and we'll lose, but will also see who we have as the going gets tough. They've impressed me so far and tbh I was pleasantly surprised when the won game 2 in OT. That game showed maturity. To let the Blues back into the game and to then go on and win it was huge I think. Looking forward to the next 3 games. GCG!
  12. Where in the UK are you? I'm down south in Hampshire. I'll definitely be up for the game.
  13. You're right, and they may be able to develop something that works, but it's the testing making sure it's safe part that can't be rushed. That simply takes time to do the proper research.
  14. Is that why Goldie was picked off waivers by an NHL team? 30 other GMs wouldn't take him for free so I think those who know felt the same as Green.
  15. Um no that's why it's dangerous.