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  1. The kid's got potential, if he stays healthy this season I can foresee him leading the team in points again.
  2. Was at the game last night. Usually Pepsi Center is not full.....unless the Avs make the playoffs. The Avs were firing right from the start and the crowd was also into it! Sharks were pretty defensive initially with few scoring chances. The Avalanche hit post a few times and had some quality scoring chances. Avs were pretty disciplined as the Sharks did not get a full 2 minute Powerplay the entire game. Avalanche were the better team tonight but I admire the Sharks not quitting when they were down. Lots of hooting and hollering after the game and it felt a if they won the seri
  3. To all my fellow participants: Thank you for making this contest possible for another season! I cannot believe we finally made it! Congratulations to RogersTowell and Roberts for being joint winners this season (31 Points)! Thanks to coastal.view for your encouraging words throughout the season. Enjoy the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs! Have a great summer! Final Standings:
  4. Final Score: 3-2 Blues 2 Points for: coastal.view and VIC-CITY Correct Answer : Elias Pettersson 1 Point for: Cali Canuck, LowerMainLander18, HOFSedins, Salacious Crumb, debluvscanucks, EP Phone Home and petmar74 Leaderboard:
  5. Game 82: Canucks at St. Louis Blues 1:00 PM (NOTE THE TIME!) at Enterprise Center Last game of the season, and the last game for Predict the Score 4-2 Canucks Question: Which Canuck will score the Final Goal for the 2018-2019 Season? (Excludes Shootout) If you think the Canucks get shutout, Tanner Pearson is the default answer since he was the last Canuck to score in the Predators game. Bo Horvat Leaderboard:
  6. Hey Shift long time no talk.  You were doing so well last season but dropped out midway ...... was everything ok?

    1. Shift-4


      All is good  
      Thanks for asking  :) 

  7. Indeed. He also played for the Red Wings but his NHL career was short (1969-1971). Played 47 games, 3 goals, 6 assists, 9 points, 25 PIM.
  8. I am impressed with his consistency at UND as a Freshman! He's been getting a point per game! Hope this can translate once he turns pro
  9. I think he is a good veteran presence to mentor the young ones. Young players are ambitious and think they know it all but need the discipline from those who have been there and done that in order to be an all around balanced player.
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