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  1. Wait a month after release and it is usually already on sale....
  2. Best card? That is a big stretch but definitely 2 good main and co main event fights
  3. Khabib vs. McGregor UFC 229 Oct 6, 2018 in Las Vegas. Hala Khabib!
  4. Serious question, 12-6 strike is still illegal to the shoulder even if it doesnt hit the head?
  5. Ref blew it....The 12-6 strike hit him in the shoulder clearly and Proier said the same thing. Shouldn't have been stood up.
  6. Yeh he didnt't jump in and out because he announced his retirement from fighting so usada wouldn't need to test him froze his suspension. Now he is back in. So really anyone can retire and come back in whenever and how many times they want in theory.
  7. Size difference, has the wrestling, and is stronger. Obviously Lesnar sucks at striking and knows it himself and won't be looking to do much of it. It's all gonna be if Lesnar can get him down....And if he does, I don't think DC gets back up.
  8. Lesnar is back in the testing pool. Anyone is allowed back in and out if they want. He gonna be tested while serving the remaining 6 month suspension.
  9. If you actually read the facts on his 2nd failed test, it doesn't make sense. I watched his conference infront of the commission even they said it does not make sense due to the timing. This is why a lot of reports saying he comes back sooner than later.
  10. Jones can back in 4 years and will still dominate.
  11. True UFC didn't need have all thay to sell. Lesnar simply being there and going into the cage and face off is all that was needed. Going to sell regardless and be a big payday for both.
  12. DC with the KO! Further proves Jones is the greatest.
  13. JV77

    NBA Discussion

    I don't think he will have a chance to show he can even play by joining the team that is favored to win again without him! He wants the easy road to a ring thinking it will get him paid. He doesn't want to compete for it.
  14. JV77

    NBA Discussion

    Cousins is a pos, b!t$% and a coward. Call it whatever. I hope he gets injured and never gets the big contract he looking for.
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