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  1. When do playoff tickets go on sale??

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    2. luckylager


      Alf beats me by a couple seconds..

      From his scooter


      Tablet taped to the steering wheel


      Wrapping paper tubes taped to the back to look like mufflers


      A toaster epoxied to the hood 


      Spinner rims 


      Blue and green tassles hanging off fake side view mirrors, blowing in the breeze 


      I know your game

    3. brilac


      Neither of my teams are making my Playoffs this year.  I know that Boston went on sale.  I like to go to Montreal when they are in the Playoffs, but this year they are not, and I am like - what am I going to do for my birthday?!  A Brilac dilemma!  Then I thought, I could go to Boston, but I don't like the Bruins. 

    4. DontMessMe


      @Alflives I think you mean 4 rounds and a riot ;) 

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