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  1. Sutter's a lot more valuable than Hansen at this stage.
  2. What would it take for Vegas to pick Dorsett instead of Hansen, Baertschi or Grandlund?
  3. He sounded a fair bit more articulate in this clip.
  4. I'm completely fine with getting a second round pick for Hansen if it means keeping Grandlund. Great effort and a good goal against Colorado tonight.
  5. RyIe

    Jack Skille | #9 | RW

    Yea. Skille's played well enough but I would still have preferred to have kept Etem.
  6. Vegas picking Dorsett would be ideal for this team IMO. Grandlund looks really promising as a utility top 9 guy. Sbisa is looking pretty good these days too.
  7. Isn't there an option to send Vegas a pick in order to keep them from picking a certain player?
  8. What would it take to get Vegas to take Dorsett instead of Grandlund?
  9. That was a tongue in cheek comment about Nylander. I personally am on the wait and see train when it comes to Virtanen.
  10. Someone like Alex Nylander?
  11. McKeen had him has #1 in the projections he released 5 days ago. Hischier's draft stock has steadily been on the rise, just a couple months ago he was not even listed in the top 10 in some projections.
  12. It would be a dream to draft Nolan Patrick this year, then barely miss the playoffs next year and win the draft lottery for Rasmus Dahlin.
  13. I'd like to see the Canucks pick Liljegren, can't have too many mobile, scoring Dmen IMO.
  14. RyIe

    Jack Skille | #9 | RW

    Is Skille hurt? Why is Chaput drawing into the lineup over him? Not that I have a problem with that.
  15. RyIe

    Anton Rodin | RW/LW

    Better than having Skille IMO. And better for the organization overall to have Jake in a top 6 role in Utica.
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