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  1. I assume that Goldy and Boucher needed our approval cos they were still under contract. The 3 amigos aren't, although we own their rights. Maybe that's a difference? Similar to Tram who bolted to the KHL rather than sign after his ELC
  2. But when the offer is made, Bennings role is finished - no? They just have to put pen to paper. What is there for the agent to negotiate - beer money? Or are they asking for more than the qualifying minimum? Not much leverage I would guess. And dont they need our approval to play for a European team?
  3. What's holding up Bailey, Brisebois and Chatfield resigning? It's not as though they have many options.
  4. Holtby is expendable - there is a new sheriff in town .....
  5. Edler, a wannabe goaltender, gets upstaged by his young countryman .......
  6. Is there nothing this alien can't do?
  7. In all fairness to Rafferty (and I saw a lot of his Utica games) he dominated the AHL in a way that Hughes never dominated the College leagues (although QH did perform well for the US team). Hughes stepped right in to the Canucks line up, and I see no reason why Rafferty can't do the same. He is older, stronger, and has been playing against men for some time now. Granted his Quinnipiac stats in his last year there aren't as sexy as Hughes at Michigan (4 + 20 vs 5 + 28), but are still decent. I think he will surprise a lot of fans who haven't seen him in action much
  8. I wonder if Podz will be named team captain. Larianov hinted as much in the summer
  9. Little bit of self confident swagger there .... I like it!! (Goes with the Superman celly)
  10. Then why does the Flames website list him as a center?
  11. I'm not so sure. It would be a different looking line, more of a dump and chase, with Mac or Bailey doing the chasing and digging. Bo has talked about how with LE on their line both he and Tanner can get behind the goal line to make plays, knowing that Loui, being so defensively aware, had them covered. Not sure that dynamic is there (yet) with Mac or Bailey. Ofc Bailey's speed bails him out many times. I saw a lot of him in the Utica games, and he sure backs in the defensemen when he is in on a rush. His 3 hat tricks in 4 games in 5 nights was awesome to see!!
  12. There might also be a bunch of unsigned FAs to call on who will be playing in beer leagues around the country
  13. Yeah. - their membership directory has about 600 members in N America, with about 50 or so in Canada (3 in BC)