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  1. If we extend Sutter, and don't protect him, I could see Seattle grabbing him. Exactly the type of veteran they need, can play up and down the line as well as wing, just exudes leadership. Foundational, you could say
  2. So who'll Jett get? It's hard to say - perhaps OJ? But I'd lay a bet the pairs are set, and yet RHDs don't grow on trees Speaking of which, he, the Tree, will also be an RHD And likely partner Hughes, who won't refuse Leaving Rathbone as Woo's to lose (I'll join you on the way out ...)
  3. Woo is already saying nice things about Rathbone
  4. Grooming him to be Russia's captain in a few years
  5. Woohoo ... Jett Woo scores, his first professional point, unassisted, to make it 3-1 Comets
  6. Comets second period ends with them leading 2-1 Outshot Syracuse 10 - 5 in the 1st and 22-6 in the second. Rathbone leads all shooters with 5
  7. And got an assist 10 mins ago on Jasek's PP goal
  8. Except he's LA's General Manager. Why would he come to work as an assistant to Green?
  9. Rathbone has 5/25 shots on goal halfway thru the second period. Utica outshooting Syracuse 25 -7 and up by a goal
  10. Jasek scores on the powerplay from Anas and Baertschi to make it 2-1 Comets Utica outshooting Syracuse 23 to 7 (total) just 6 mins into the 2nd period (The first goal, by Stevens, was also a PP goal)
  11. Rathbone and Focht assist on Nolan Stevens' goal to tie the game 1-1
  12. Let's accentuate the positives ...... We get to see the youngsters Huggy Bear won't have any of those 2'12" shifts Holtby gets to showcase himself for Seattle Green can activate the line blender as much as he likes ... that's alI I've got
  13. I'd be a lot more confident if Petey and Podz were playing. They're Miller's brothers from another mother - losing just isn't an option to them
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