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  1. I agree 100% .... further evidenced by the number of fringe NHL'ers who go there and excel. #' 2 and 3 in KHL scoring after 21 games are Canadians Phillippe Maillet and Daniel Audette. Maillet had a couple of games with Washington, and Audette never played a game for Montreal who drafted him. (Goldobin is fifth)
  2. I'm sure it has been posted earlier, but this is a good read on Lammikko .... https://canucksarmy.com/2021/10/12/canucks-exactly-needed-return-olli-juolevi-especially-form-juho-lammikko/ This in particular caught my eye: "Lammikko is feisty, physical, and tenacious. If not an outright agitator, he’s widely recognized as a player who is annoying to play against" There's a good clip, too, of an awesome hit to set up a Florida goal. but as said, let's see those hits in a Canucks sweater
  3. Frustrating player, that's for sure. More givaways in 6 games than Sbisa over a full season. Can't win a D-zone faceoff. Looks disinterested at times. ........ and yet, is tied for the team scoring lead with Garland. But a change of PP personnel might just be the ticket for him
  4. Miller is 0 for 3 in PP faceoffs and Petey 1 for 2, and Horvat is obviously that 1st unit faceoff guy I don't understand Miller this season. - he was so dominant in the bubble year. In 6 games to date, though, he is 0 for 3 in PP and 1 in 13 for PK faceoffs. Even strength, though, he is 60.3%, easily our best He'll come around though - just a matter of time (Which is a long answer to the point you raised about moving a center from 1st to 2nd unit. - Miller would be the obvious one)
  5. The AHL continues playing thru the Olympic break. Maybe a good reason to buy the AHL-TV package? 9 Abby games, I think, during that break
  6. Their 4 home games this season have averaged 13,108 in attendance, 25th in the league (with 4 teams yet to play a home game). They are a decent draw on the road, though..... 2 games with an average crowd of 18,014, 3rd best in the league
  7. Prolly 'cos Dowling takes faceoffs. In fact, his 57.1% winning % is best on the team with Bo the only other center over 50% (at 54.7%) Ah, I can almost hear you saying. Small sample, just 14 faceoffs taken Yes, but 10 of the 14 were second unit powerplay, and that's second only to Horvat's 31 on PP faceoffs, but Bo averages 4.14 mins PP per game, Dowling 1.2 mins That's why Dowling plays on the 2nd Powerplay and Podkolzin doesn't. Reporters don't need to ask - they access the same statistics as I did
  8. How are you defining "aggressive"? It's not on hits - here's the list (per 60 mins of ice time, to even out usage) .... Lammikko. - 6.8 Highmore - 6.46 Miller - 5.96 Dickinson - 5.85 Chiasson. 4.16 Boeser - 3.28 Dowling - 2.72 Hoglander - 2.57 Garland. - 2.31 Maybe takeaways (aggressive on the forecheck, intense backchecking?) - per 60 mins ..... Horvat. 2.39 Lammikko. 2.26 Dickinson 2.19 Pettersson 1.90 Podkolzin 1.64 Hoglander. 1.28 Boeser. 1.09 Dowling. 0.90 Highmore. 0.80 Pearson 0.58 Garland. 0.57 I'm not knocking Garland. - he is aggressive, feisty, talented and goes to the hard areas. - as Hirsch said, he drags the whole team into the scrum. He doesn't know that he is only 5'7" But he's not our most aggressive forward
  9. Hmmm 3rd on the team in hits per 60 mins. Behind Burroughs and Schenn 2nd on team in blocked shots per 60 mins, behind Burroughs (just how valuable is Burroughs?) 2nd on team in takeaways per 60 mins, behind Horvat Conversely, 2nd worst on team in giveaways per 60 mins, behind Miller (and 3rd & 4th on the "worst" list are, respectively, Hoglander and Pettersson) I think he's doing just fine in the role he has been given, and for the $$ we pay him
  10. His whole time with SKA St Petersburg was played in an NHL sized rink. He'd have had to adjust on road games played in some arenas that were Finnish size, and others that are still international dimensions. He'd be very comfortable playing here or on the road.
  11. Don't look now, but the player leading the team in scoring %, with 33.3%, is Podkolzin
  12. For Canucks prospects, the KHL has to be the best development league. There players can get comfortable scoring a hilite reel goal then sitting the next 2 games
  13. Hopefully the bagels come with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers
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