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  1. Exactly! Chara has no problem hitting guys in the head around here, Tryamkin will fit in nicely.
  2. I wonder how strong his slap shot can be once he works on it? The Canucks are lacking defencemen who can really blast the puck from the point. Edler and Weber (he barely counts) are the only ones I see at the moment.
  3. I don't understand, but let's see what happens in the summer then.
  4. What does that mean? Pity for what?
  5. I was watching a Canucks YouTube video yesterday, it was the one that showed him signing his contract with Benning. He said he really wants to take his game to the next level and play in the NHL, so I'm sure he'll end up in North America one way or another.
  6. That would be my bet on his eventual locker room nickname.
  7. Benning probably understands the value of good defencemen, looking at what Boston has been rolling out in recent years. This is a great sign.
  8. He's on the last year of his KHL contract, so most likely.
  9. Some quotes from a recent article on Brisebois that the Canucks App posted. "He came to the office to sign his contract and I tried to play a joke on him" laughed Titan GM Sylvain Couturier. "I gave him a Flyers pen to sign his contract with and he didn't want to use that pen at all. He said 'I'm not touching that'. He was really proud to sign with the Canucks" "He has been put in tough situations and given tough assignments for a young player, but he always answers the challenge. I think this has been good for him. He is playing 25 minutes a night, so there is a lot of ice time for
  10. He currently plays for the Arcadie-Bathurst Titans of the QMJHL.I don't think they've really announced what they're planning to do with him (which is typical for any team), but I'm guessing most likely he will start in Utica next season, unless he impresses in preseason (like Hutton).
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