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  1. Exactly! Chara has no problem hitting guys in the head around here, Tryamkin will fit in nicely.
  2. This is all silly celebrity gossip anyways. All work and no hockey make me a dull boy...I can't believe Canucks don't play until Thursday. Does the NHL enjoy torturing Canucks fans that much???
  3. It's just rumors at this point. Apparently he uploaded a picture of him and her in Disneyland, but he deleted it later. Well, beauty is subjective. Besides, looks are not the only reason I consider her a catch. I expect that she's gonna be gonna be a big name Hollywood star in the near future, if she isn't already there. Judging from interviews and stuff, she seems like a really nice and interesting girl. Of course, those impressions can be misleading, but that's all we can go with.
  4. When I wrote this, I wasn't expecting him to reel in girls like Chloe Grace Moretz, not this early in his life/career. I've underestimated his abilities.
  5. I worry about other distractions, such as the female persuasion. From what I've heard on social media, he's quite the handsome fellow, and he's a hockey player. That's double trouble.
  6. It all depends on how many players are ahead of them on the depth charts. McCann has a lot of competition right now, so I can see him being sent down for some time next year. Jake does not have that problem right now. He already stole Prust's job. We'll see how much Benning spends on that RW position, because Prust and Vrbata are not staying here.
  7. I wonder how strong his slap shot can be once he works on it? The Canucks are lacking defencemen who can really blast the puck from the point. Edler and Weber (he barely counts) are the only ones I see at the moment.
  8. I don't understand, but let's see what happens in the summer then.
  9. What does that mean? Pity for what?
  10. I completely agree, I just want to watch Jake and Boeser.
  11. I was watching a Canucks YouTube video yesterday, it was the one that showed him signing his contract with Benning. He said he really wants to take his game to the next level and play in the NHL, so I'm sure he'll end up in North America one way or another.
  12. If you actually went back to read the beginning of this discussion, you would see nobody is complaining about him not getting a letter. Nice try though.
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