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  1. He was a beauty out there, handled the extra responsibility like a professional. He's a keeper for us moving forward.
  2. Have you heard "D.D", which is basically a cover of Dirty Diana, with a different instrumental? He sounds pretty damn to similar to MJ. Not surprising, I believe he said he was a big fan in some interview.
  3. I predict Bo's ultimate spot will be franchise 2nd line center, assistant captain. If he can do the same things Kesler did during his time, that will help the team's future a lot. Sooner or later the Canucks will be drafting very high, so hopefully there's great superstar centers and defencemen in those drafts. Guys like Gaunce will be important depth players. Overall, I'm pretty optimistic about this franchise post-Sedin era. Fingers crossed.
  4. Not surprising, he was very close to making the main team during preseason. Looking back, it's curious that they picked McCann over Gaunce.
  5. I never said those franchises were always dominant. I'm saying that they're using the draft to build on their future, a constant recycling of necessary pieces. It's not "lucky drafting", it's good drafting and scouting. Not to mention they have a great development system going on.
  6. Exactly! Chara has no problem hitting guys in the head around here, Tryamkin will fit in nicely.
  7. This is all silly celebrity gossip anyways. All work and no hockey make me a dull boy...I can't believe Canucks don't play until Thursday. Does the NHL enjoy torturing Canucks fans that much???
  8. It's just rumors at this point. Apparently he uploaded a picture of him and her in Disneyland, but he deleted it later. Well, beauty is subjective. Besides, looks are not the only reason I consider her a catch. I expect that she's gonna be gonna be a big name Hollywood star in the near future, if she isn't already there. Judging from interviews and stuff, she seems like a really nice and interesting girl. Of course, those impressions can be misleading, but that's all we can go with.
  9. In my opinion, that's about where your Kid Cudi experience should end, so you can leave with positive memories of him. Of course, you can check out the newer stuff if you want to see how bad things can get. Everything that was enjoyable about Man on the Moon, is completely the opposite in his latest album. That's all I can say.
  10. Please stay away from his latest album, "Speeding Bullet to Heaven", or his recent work in general. You'll get a negative perception of him. His early work was the best. Once Cudi stopped working with Kanye, things took a disturbing and disappointing turn.
  11. For the record, I'm not trying to discredit Gillis completely. I acknowledge that he built a great Stanley Cup team. I'm just saying that I wish he invested more time into finding and acquiring good prospects to continually grow the franchise, that's all.
  12. Wow, you're funny. In my original comment, I said he should have done what he was doing in his last years earlier. Doesn't that imply that I think he did well in those drafts? But at that point, it was too little too late. The Canucks were already declining, and had no good prospects to fill in the gaps. And no, I loved AV. I thought he should have stayed, and Gillis should have been fired first. But I guess you wanna forget about who fired AV in the first place, that's cool.
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