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  1. Just package him with Virtanen... you'll be pleasantly surprised at the potential return!!
  2. Totally agreed!! Let's just send him off on a classy tweet by the Canucks PR please.... we all appreciate what he's done over the years.. but it's really time to move on!! Why keep beating on an old machine? he deserves to either play on a contender or return home to Sweden!
  3. Hmmmm... sounds familiar.... don't we Canucks wanna pick up 2 affordable top-6 forwards too IF we could ditch Eriksson, Roussel, Beagle?????
  4. If he can stay healthy and plays a physical game... sure if the price ain't too hefty! Give them Lind and a 4th!
  5. I don't mind it if it means JB can use the cap space to pick up 2 good FA's!! He didn't show what he was really capable of in Vegas but I know not entirely his fault!! Bottom line is, if you're making $6M+ you better show up and produce big numbers!
  6. He's a good 2nd line centre but soft as butter.... anything more than $5M would be an overpayment in the current pandemic hit economic climate!
  7. Alright!! Buying a knock off jersey now on Amazon and get some granny to hand sew his name & #92 on the back!!
  8. Just sign him already!! Throw him a $1M show me deal and see if he bites.... I think he likes the idea of playing on a line with Podz.... well at least a familiar face that speaks Russian!! He can't do worse than say... Vesey????
  9. LOL... if he wasn't good enough as #1 centre for the Flames... why would we pay him big bucks to replace Sutter? PASS!!!
  10. I'd take him!!! Kuz is a proven offensive centre and will boost up our 2nd line instantly and of course will also make Podz feel safe & warm!! But the only way to make the trade work is for them to take on some % of Eriksson's contract and will have to throw in 2 top young guys and a 1st pick.... I really don't know if Juolevi + Lind would be enough??
  11. Well.... If he's not taken at the expansion draft, let's hope Green would at least give him a fair chance at training camp! I'd give him benefit of the doubt that he was having a different competition at Washington/Chicago...
  12. Alright... So it wasn't so much about adding depth as Green had zero interest in playing him. I thought the boy got some offensive skill...
  13. Just curious, what wad the point of acquiring Bowey when he wasn't gonna be given games at all?? I mean the last 5-6 games were mean-nothing and perfect opportunity for youngsters to show if they belong.... Oh well, maybe JB and Green don't necessarily agree on things...
  14. Agree!! So many moving parts will have to work in our favour... Edler staying for just $2M Hamonic back for $1.5M again Podz at $950k max for first year of ELC and works out instantly like Hog Virtanen gets unconditional release, thus freeing up $2.5M+
  15. Believe me, I'd love to see Boeser stick around.... Ultimately JB is the one who will likely make some tough choices to keep his own job!
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