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  1. Best projection so far!! Green might consider putting Miller on 3C will offer us 3 scoring lines too... And Sutter can always be RW on a line with Dickinson, that's one hell of a shutdown line!! As for extra forwards, Highmore could give us more value if he can fill in as C too... Versatility will go a long way in training camp battles... Don't rule out Sheldon Dries... This little firecracker reminds me of Matt Cooke a lot!
  2. Alright.. safe to say our top 9 forward group is pretty much set barring any signficant acquisitions and assuming of course Podkolzin can slot right in! I'm more interested in the 4th line and the extras... Motte - Sutter - MacEwen < this should give us good enough speed, size and grit!! But it's a big IF for MacEwen to bounce back and be consistent! I believe the 2 extra spots should go to Di Giuseppe (gritty winger) and Petan (centre with great hands) - both guys got decent NHL experience I think Highmore and Gadjovich can use more time dev
  3. I was hoping we would bring him back... He's a decent 4th C and can also play RW... Can't go wrong at $750k!! Guess we'll likely have to rely on Highmore or Motte as backup centre!
  4. Don't be surprised if he makes the team straight out of training camp!! This kid seems to offer something we really lack in bottom 6 now: size, toughness, speed and ability to score!! Listen, if the competition for last 4th line spots is gonna be with Highmore, Gadjovich, MacEwen and Lockwood then he does have A chance unless JB brings in a veteran like Eric Staal!
  5. Oh good!! Time to prepare Z-Mac for some centre duties so he boost his own value on the team! I wonder what the chances are like for Lockwood and Gadjovich to stick with the big club!!
  6. Lockwood can play C?? If he can, that would put a leg up in preseason!!
  7. Oh man... looks like JB wrapped up most of his work this summer.. all quiet now on the FA market haha... I doubt he'll dip into the FA market anytime soon to bolster the current roster as $ is getting tight to extend Hughes and Petey's contracts!
  8. Yes please!!! I like his size, toughness and ability to chip in a few points.. $2M should seal the deal?? JB do it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. JB said he would try to get another Russian guy to keep Podz company! So.. I am really curious if he'd do that... I highly doubt the fanbase here wanna see Guddy ever again... He's a nice sweet guy but just couldn't do a decent job defensively for us...
  10. Ya... I agree... better to go the trade route to pick up someone legit... wouldn't wanna put too much pressure on Gadj just yet.. he's still raw! You think JB will end up getting that Russian buddy as well for Podz?? Aside from Gusev and Anisimov... can't see anyone we can pick up on a cheap deal...
  11. Well..... he's still unproven though.. I didn't see much in him in his debut....but hope you're right though!!
  12. I wouldn't call our current defense group very weak defensively... Hamonic is solid.. Poolman is due to have a bounce back year... Juolevi just had his first season under his belt and should get better... Schenn is slow but he knows what he's doing and isn't shy to use his body... the only question mark is OEL really... but with a more positive environment, he can still turn things around at age 30!
  13. Guys, do we know if there are some big tough guys who can chip in a few points left on the FA market?? basically, I'm interested to know if we can bring in another guy to challenge Z-Mac!! The latest signings are all smallish type guys, i.e. Petan, Di Giusseppe, Dries... I still think we need one big body as extra cover to complement Motte-Sutter-MacEwen...
  14. wow... a 3rd round pick is a steep price to pay.. but he's a proven figher who strikes fear into opponents... that's something we've been lacking for so long!!!! ever since Brashear left us... >_<
  15. Don't forget Myers, Poolman and Dries can fight a bit too... but I do hope JB will pick up a big tough body to upgrade our 4th line a bit..
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