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  1. So... in summary... regardless of the pick swap (4th for 5th)... we are getting Highmore and Bowey for Gaudette with Chicago.... Not the worst deal at all... in Highmore, we are getting a hardworking 4th liner as we do need bodies to fill our roster for next season (Sutter/Edler/Hamonic/Vesey/Boyd probably not returning).... Bowey brings a lil bit of offense and size, though not as solid as Hamonic but cheaper... The theme this offseason is to be penny pinching in order to sign Hughes and Pettersson to bridge deals!!
  2. Don't blame JB... maybe that was the ONLY offer he received to get rid of Gaud quick before his lovely wife posts something funny on social media again to piss off the team more!!
  3. Let me try again... Is Highmore going to make his debut with us right away or... no? thank you! gracias! merci! arigato! kamsahamida!
  4. I bet you if he didn't share his Covid love with the team, we could have received at least a 3rd round pick and/or a proven top 9 player!!!
  5. I missed JB's press conference... did he mention anything about having Highmore inserted to our line-up right away??
  6. Sounded like another Tyler Motte project to me.... I think MacEwen should worry for his job now...
  7. Yup!! That was pretty much it... quite fair to be honest.. and I'm sure he's happy to join a rebuilding and improving Blackhawks team!
  8. I saw somebody tweet that we have been coveting Highmore for 4 years now... geez.. that sounds awfully familiar!! but seriously.... is he better than Boyd or Vesey?? If not... it's just a move for Utica!
  9. There's a lot to like about this Bowey boy... last summer I was already hoping JB would pick him up... young, good size, R-hand shot... he got 17 pts in 53 games last season with the very bad Wings team.... forget the -16 for a second!! lol.... So.. we might have a more offensive version of Caufield... we should thank Jordie for having a decent season so the Jets gave us a 6th rounder for him!
  10. Just a thought... maybe Aqua/JB/Green later found out it was all lies by Gaud's wife?? and then the whole room went nuts after seeing their families suffer coz of him?? only a couple days ago some dude came out to clarify no Covid culprit at all.. just blame Covid! What kind of BS is that?? it's like, I wasn't really that suspicious at first UNTIL you came out to ask us NOT to suspect anything!!!
  11. Sighhhhh... the last time I felt my TDL day-off was really worthwhile was that year when we got Higgins and Lapierre ... since then, it just kept going downhill... like shipping away Hodgson for Kassian... picking up Pahlsson and junk... oh well.. still more than 30 mins to go.. maybe JB can really surprise us by getting us a sniper to take us to the playoffs!!!
  12. Who cares??? Just give us something.... MORE Highmores plssssssssssssss.... I took my annual NHL Trade Deadline Day OFF to get excited for Canucks deals!!!!
  13. Come on JB!!! You have less than an hour to ship out Sutter and Benn... make it happen so we respect you again!!!!!
  14. Yes and No... No, he was on the verge of breaking out as a 2nd line player after last season... Yes, he really struggled this season... and then brought in Covid... *sigh*
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