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  1. Wait...I thought this is the 3rd and final year for Beagle and Roussel??? Well they do play hard for their role so I don't mind bringing them back on a cheap $1M contract!
  2. Only bright spot gotta be Hog!! He looked so comfortable with the puck and his skating is above average in the NHL.... give the kid a couple years and he's gonna be a real star!
  3. Can we try Hog on the top line with Petey?? I think Virtanen fits better on the RW with Bo and Pearson.
  4. what da... ?? I swear I saw some news he got released from PTO.... so much for recycle and re-use...
  5. Ya I'm not too worried this early into the season... I expect them to be even better than last season... Gaudette and Virtanen got the potential to be in top 6... they just gotta do a lil more.... can't wait to see Rathbone too!
  6. This is how I felt after watching parts of the first 2 games into the season... Virtanen is still just meh.... showing a few good plays but just can't get to the next level of dominance as a power forward Sutter is MEH..... just a 4th line guy who might chip in a few goals in the season... nothing spectacular... basically just a better skater than Eriksson Hoglander definitely got promise!! just needs time... he shows a lot of confidence out there!! we'll have to accept his rookie mistakes like the one where he failed to clear the puck out of his own zone resulting in an Oilers' goal last night Juolevi - steady D-man but looked very nervous at times in the offensive zone.... he needs to just take a slapshot given space & time!! but a very good skater for his size! Pearson - pleasant surprise!! He looks faster than I thought... shows a lot of hustle and drive!! love this guy! the only downside is, he tends to shoot a lot from tight angle hoping for rebounds... he should just let Hog and Bo do the shooting? Schmidt - we've been missing another puck carrier like him for so long.. and man can he really shoot the puck! Holtby - a nice veteran goalie to help out Demko.. he looked good in the first game and I'm confident he's gonna have a bounce back year! TSN was reporting JB is looking in the market for a top 6 winger... but where does he find the cap space?? Hoglander will do just fine.... and Virtanen and Gaudette gotta step up!!!
  7. Put a claim on this guy!! I remember he played a couple decent games.... we can use him as our 3rd string so DiPietro can develop his game in Utica!! makes perfect sense...
  8. That's right Captain Bo!!!!! even masks ain't 100% if you don't keep a safe distance... gotta do both AND ask yourself if the trip indoors is really necessary!!!! Anyways.. let's hope the dumb and selfish losers all get Covid so they can get antibodies ASAP.... lowering the chance of infecting the real innocent ppl... Covid is a sneaky b!tch!!!! I've heard cases where ppl still catch it inside a hair salon when everyone was having a mask on!!!! Then you start to think... what kind of mask do I need??? a 1-layer cloth mask obviously doesn't block out much of the virus.....
  9. It makes zero sense to me too.... he has cleared waivers... and we can just bury him in the AHL and get a bit of cap relief.... Eriksson is slow as a snail and sure he is a decent PKer... but that's about it!!!! can't even take a proper wrist shot to save his life....
  10. OK good... now that explains it... I was so looking forward to seeing Hawryluk play... he might even offer more than Motte and MacEwen!!
  11. If Hawryluk is back healthy, I expect him to get a spot over Eriksson..... why wouldn't you want someone younger, faster and tougher???? He and Motte will cause havoc out there on opponents!!!
  12. Wowwww what a surprise!!! Eriksson is on active roster and not taxi squad.... why don't we just form a new Ikea line with him, Hog and Petey then???? Maybe they can strike some magic!! you just never know!!! Still remember the last time we had an Ikea line??? That's right... like 15+ years ago with Sedins and Arvidsson!
  13. Is Hawryluk still on active roster or IR??
  14. What a loser... he's probably the biggest shame out of BC.... I don't know why ppl have so much more hate on Lucic..... E. Kane was flaunting with this big bills and lifestyle in Vegas.... AND was always in the news for the wrong reasons.... that's not how a good humble Canadian NHL player gets brought up... anyways, wishing him lots of fun getting chased by creditors!!! I don't know how collections work.. but do the creditors now place claims on his homes and cars?? Did he EVER do any local charity work for us... just curious!