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  1. Larionov has been coaching him a fair amount. I would be willing to bet the Professor encouraged Podz to come to Vancouver, and I would imagine he is really looking forward to getting here.
  2. For sure, but it slows him down a bit turning to take and deliver passes. For lesser players that could mean time for an opponent to take the puck away, but don't know if that would be much of an issue with Tram. Can you imagine what his reverse hits would be like?
  3. Yes, and that always struck me as a bit odd. Common for offensive players to play their off side for the better scoring angle, but he has always been more of a defensive player.
  4. I wonder if his coach will ever notice the correlation between Podz being on the ice and good things happening for the team?
  5. Sounds pretty typical for a left-wing government. Businesses are evil bottomless pits of money; hosing them down for as much money as possible, to buy the votes of the great ignorant unwashed masses, is the main job of government as the NDP politicians see it. The story of the goose that laid the golden eggs was apparently not on their reading list as children.
  6. I wonder why their coach only puts that young guns line together when he is desperate. Because when he does, it seems to produce like a first line.
  7. Both Edler and Ohlund looked like mid-career veterans from the moment they first stepped onto NHL ice. That is extremely unusual for rookie Dmen, and expecting it from other rookies is not reasonable, as very few of them are capable of that.
  8. Funny how his coach doesn't seem to see the correlation between the first two sentences and the last sentence.
  9. That handful of games also eliminates the chance of other teams offer sheeting the player at the end of the ELC, along with the players rights to arbitration, each of which substantially weakens the players negotiating leverage. Saying "all it means is they need a new contract an entire season early" is far from the truth. I guarantee you that GMs and agents, who need to negotiate in the real world, don't see it that way. That "loophole" will probably save us about a million per year on Huggy's next contract. I am quite sure that JB is happy not to need to worry about o
  10. When someone points out that your opinion conflicts with the facts, if you were to acknowledge that you were wrong, people would be less likely to continue to point out your error.
  11. It is indeed beyond debate, but that doesn't stop some of the more determined JB haters from continuing to pretend that it isn't true and crapping on JB for not committing the team to another 4 years of this unfortunately rather fragile player.
  12. "Toss aside"? You mean when JB made the intelligent decision to replace an aging injury prone Dman and a big hearted but physically too small Dman with significantly more useful upgrades? You would seriously rather have Tanev and Stecher than Schmidt and Hamonic? Wow.
  13. Nothing at all wrong with that idea. Better to ignore the mindless ranting of the "realistic fans".
  14. Anybody who checked out our schedule at the beginning of the season and was aware of the fact that the replacements for our number one goalie, our number one defensive Dman, a top six forward and another Dman had not even met their teammates yet, would not have been hugely surprised by our terrible start.
  15. This obviously makes a huge difference in cost, but the "realistic fans" like silky and k25 will completely ignore this and any other facts or logic that conflict with their determination to spew their bile all over the team and anyone who supports it.
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