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  1. Yup. My guess is that Petey, rather than signing the offer sheet, would use the offer sheet as leverage to hammer the best deal possible out of the Canucks.
  2. You really need to be a glass half full person to see Covid as any kind of a blessing lol. But, yes, there are almost always silver linings if you look hard enough. There's no doubt in my mind that it cost us Toffoli, but on the other hand, no way we would have picked up Schmidt for anywhere close to the steal price we got him for if it weren't for Covid screwing up all the other teams' salary caps too. The contracts we sign this summer will reflect covid cap prices so might help us out down the road a bit. And having our promising young team squashed by cov
  3. I don't entirely agree. I think it is inarguable that we had the worst schedule in the league for the first month. Is there any possible way to spin it to say that we did not? And IMO the Canucks situation/schedule was actually a (Buttman's) recipe to guarantee a terrible start/season. Given the situation, only a troll or a simpleton would claim that the team's (easily foreseeable) results this season were evidence of incompetence on the part of management.
  4. I think he is going to fit in perfectly on any line. Play him with energy guys, play him on a checking line, play him with skill guys, whatever we need he will do. I'd bet he will be a coach's favourite by the end of training camp.
  5. Until recently, I would have agreed with that. But now that playing in the minors for Canucks includes staying in the same home with your family and fighting less traffic on the way to work, not so much.
  6. Yeah, it seems that after JB's first draft, he adjusted the characteristics he focuses on in subsequent drafts to put more weight on character/determination rather than physical tools.
  7. I think it is simple enough. Instead of cheaping out you just go down to the NHL Coach Store and buy a really good one, the kind that everybody wants. The reason they don't do this is clearly pure cheapness.
  8. You can't debate without using strawmen? Like: "So you think EP and Hughes have no leverage and have to accept whatever Benning feels like offering them because they are RFA?" and "If Benning extreme low balls EP or tells him what you suggest he should" I obviously suggested nothing of the sort. Negotiating is generally not black and white massive win or massive loss. Except when there is the relatively rare situation where the leverage is extremely one-sided such as a heated bidding war (ie: Eriksson, Lucic), in which case there might be, but t
  9. So "ruthless" agents no longer pay any attention to the relative negotiating leverages of the two parties? The agent is going to say, " If you don't pay us the UFA-level money we want, we will just get it from one of the other 31 teams who would love to have this player." And what will the ruthless agent say when JB tells him, "Actually, no you won't; if your RFA player wants to play in the NHL and collect NHL-sized paycheques, he will be playing for our team, period."? That scenario doesn't sound like a ruthless agent, it sounds more like a stupid or ignora
  10. When Benning took over, the average age of our core was early thirties, in decline and riddled with NMCs and NTCs. Now our core is early twenties, loaded with players who can reasonably be expected to get better and better every year. With quality young players on ELCs joining in every year. The age of the fillers and support players playing out their contracts while the young core ripens, is irrelevant.
  11. I love those reverse hits! Sure hope he makes the big club soon.
  12. Yeah, sure are a lot of "realistic fans" who are determined to support that fundamental tenet of our criminal justice system, "guilty until proven innocent", especially for any Canucks players. It is really important to immediately start crapping all over any Canuck whenever you hear a negative rumour about them, because after all the facts come out, they might be innocent, and a great opportunity will have been wasted.
  13. Don't get so excited trollboy. We can sign him any time in the next year. We still own his rights. When that is no longer the case, then you can jump up and down celebrating the Canucks bad news.
  14. If that is your reason for feeling he has little value in the NHL, then you will be happy to know that you are incorrect. As a matter of FACT, in his 79 NHL games, Tram averaged 1:26 PER GAME of PK time. Personally, when I find that my opinion conflicts with the facts, I change my opinion. Others prefer to change the facts to coincide with their opinions, and fabricate things like, "He does not play on special teams".
  15. Larionov has been coaching him a fair amount. I would be willing to bet the Professor encouraged Podz to come to Vancouver, and I would imagine he is really looking forward to getting here.
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