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  1. Could be he is the playoff warrior type like Linden, who cranks it up when it really matters. If he racks up close to a point per game in the regular season but scores more than a point per game in the playoffs, I could live with that.
  2. I sure have a strong sense of deja vu in this thread. It really seems as if I have read all this mindless drivel before. Oh, yeah, it was in this same thread a year ago. At this point last year the armchair GMs were frothing at the mouth over the fact that his average ice time per game had been less than 4 minutes and he had only skated in about 11 KHL games. Fast forward to this year, and they are frothing at the mouth over the fact that his ice time is only averaging 12 minutes per game and he has played 19 KHL games. Of course this year the same nonsense is even sillier, since even if the Canucks could buy out his contract, there is no NHL or AHL for him to be playing in. There is obviously NO place better for his development right now than exactly where he is.
  3. 1. Pretty sure he is already studying English in anticipation of coming to North America to play. So you feel that he is also studying Swedish, Finnish, German etc. so he could just drop into any Euro league and still be able to communicate equally well with his coaches and teammates? Because if he can't, he wouldn't be able to develop very effectively. 2. He could get lots of ice time in Junior too, but it would be a stupid place to expect him to develop, and all the other Euro leagues are unquestionably also lower levels of play than the KHL. Playing in lower quality competition is NOT a guarantee of better development. 3. As I pointed out to you, he is playing frequently and averaging 12 minutes per game in a very high level of hockey. That's a rather far cry from your claim that he is just a seat warmer who gets no shifts at all. Your assumption that some other Pro coach in some unspecified league would for sure give him more ice time and would focus on developing him for the Canucks, knowing that he would only be there for a few months, is just plain foolish.
  4. So you feel he would develop better if the Canucks somehow bought out his contract and dropped him into some other country where he doesn't speak the language, where the level of hockey played is lower, hoping that his new coach will focus on developing him for the Canucks in the few months he is there. Yeah, totally reasonable, good idea.
  5. He has played 19 games this season while averaging 12 minutes per game ice time. Only 2 players on his team (of the 47 skaters who have played at least one game) have played more games than that, while all the rest have played fewer games than he has. That is actually pretty good for a teenager playing in the KHL, which right now is the highest level hockey league in the world that is currently playing. Now here is a question I bet you don't want to answer: with no NHL or AHL play currently happening, and no certainty regarding if or when their seasons will start, where do you feel he should be playing right now? Feel free to make a constructive suggestion.
  6. I don't think the Valium would help that poster, he evidently lives to hate. Anybody predicting that the Canucks will miss the playoffs by 10 points next year and that Benning is about to lose his job is either a troll or a simpleton.
  7. I guess in your Monday to Friday wage slave world having a drink on Tuesday is evil. But for an NHL player, having a drink months before he is due back to work is the equivalent of you having a drink on a Friday night. If you are serious about this post, I suggest that YOU grow up.
  8. B-b-b-but he was a SIXTH OVERALL PICK!!! That means if he isn't an instant superstar, we need to dump him for a bag of pucks or maybe turn him into Soylent Green. D'uh, git er done JB!
  9. Yes, quotes can be misunderstood if one tries hard enough. The way you did.
  10. Really? You figure it would be better for his development to be sitting around in Vancouver doing nothing, wondering if and when the NHL is ever going to start up again, rather than playing in Russia?
  11. Ah, I was thinking it was the greater of final year salary or 120% of AAV.
  12. You think better he should stay in the Fraser health region, which is currently getting about 75% of all the covid cases in the province?
  13. Oh yeah, that's right, you are one of the "realistic fans". I think that poster was referring to positive posts about members of the Canucks organization, something that we do not see from you. Just to confirm, I looked at your page to check, and did not find a single positive post from you. Just a lot of whining and "stupid face" responses to posts from Canucks fans.
  14. Good luck with that. Certain posters are here to hate. Jake could blossom into a 40 goal Selke winner and while some would back pedal and claim that they always really liked him, others would never back down from their hate for him.