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  1. Another great game. We are getting spoiled this year. So far we are the only fans to be treated to OT and shootouts every game, with one come-from-behind point and one win, both on the road and both after having to sit through the oppositions' home opener ceremonies. Awesome entertainment so far this year - love it! And yet we still get to read all the drivel from the "realistic fans" who are dedicated to fabricating pretexts to crap all over members of the team and organization. Including a ridiculous long drawn out discussion with a clown who chooses not to understand the uses of timeouts and is determined to impose his ignorance on the rest of us ad nauseam. Ah well, at least the unbeaten-in-regulation streak is keeping most of the trolls under their bridges, waiting and hoping for a loss, while we fans cheer on the team. Go Canucks go!
  2. Those who think that Podz is upset with his icetime in his first 2 NHL games evidently are not aware of his introduction to the KHL. In his first 10 KHL games he averaged just over 3 minutes of icetime, including 3 games when he got less than one minute. Yeah, I'm going to have to go along with "stoked".
  3. You mean like when Podz made that beautiful long breakaway pass that Petey couldn't quite finish?
  4. I think you can sign an NCAA player any time you want, but as soon as you do so, his NCAA career is over.
  5. Anything is possible, but while Podz is kind of a long shot for the Calder, Bones is not even in the top 20.
  6. Sure. And the girls you do meet all tell you that they are lesbians, right? Imagine our surprise.
  7. Hopefully the timing for this move was based on JB looking at the various teams' depth charts and deciding that if any of them claimed Gadj right now they would need to waive players they don't want to lose. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hey, Marky cleared waivers this time of year didn't he?
  8. I think Podz is around 8th in Calder betting right now. If he gets a decent amount of top six and PP icetime he could get enough points to be a Calder finalist.
  9. It was the topic of that conversation and is the topic of this entire thread. It does not need to be repeated in each and every post.
  10. I would categorize it as either projection or trolling. And if it were actually an honestly held opinion, it would include some specific examples of the IQ deficiency, so I am going to have to go with trolling.
  11. Looks to me like he is playing very cautiously because his experience suggests that when he makes a tiny mistake he rides the pine or goes to play in the minors for a game or two to reflect on his sins. I expect as he gets used to the coaches and his teammates he will become more and more prominent. And he has already shown that he finds another level when the playoffs roll around, that's when I expect him to really shine.
  12. These threads are hilarious. These contracts have a huge impact on the team's present and future, not just the dollars but the terms, which are often of even more significance than the money. And they have the same significance to the players careers and lifetime earnings. And of course there are conflicting agendas. So negotiating them can easily take a long time. It's not quite the same as walking into a car dealership, spending an hour haggling over the price, then having the salesman tell you that you got such a great deal you almost got him fired, you are a great negotiator. And because this process takes some time, some posters are vilifying our two biggest stars for being greedy for not accepting whatever they were offered, while others vilify JB for not immediately giving them whatever they wanted. And then we get to this thread, where the premise is that something sleazy must be going on, and since there is an agent involved and agents are evil, let's crap on the agent too. What I don't understand is what sleazy tactics were being used?
  13. You mean why would anybody be allowed to participate in training camp if they are not already 100% in mid-season form/game shape? Gosh, I can't figure that out at all.
  14. When some people are really unhappy with their pathetic lives, they try to make others lives miserable too. You know, "misery loves company"? Trolls like Fred probably fall into that category.
  15. It looked like the poster was referring to the translator's enthusiasm, not Podz or Klim.
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