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  1. That was the old me. I'm a changed man. This Swede is the best pick last draft for JB.
  2. Ok. I changed my mind. I want to be part of the "stars. Canucks are doing great! Great future! Awesome rebuild and going for the cup at the same time. So excited! JB you're the best, anyone who says otherwise is a fool.
  3. Go cheer for another team wah wah wah.....kool-aider.
  4. Canuck kool-aid drinkers. That's why the team sucks with no hope for the near future.
  5. Are you saying we should have drafted Lind in the first round?
  6. So, when is this guy going to get a goal? Because.............. 8 Cody Glass C 7 4 10 14
  7. I saw this clip of Merkel getting a flag from a supporter I guess, and throwing it out seemingly annoyed. Why is that?
  8. I agree. I just didn't have the time to type it but @JamesB summarized it nicely.
  9. That was my point. You just said it longer. I went direct to the point.
  10. He needs to gain 50 lbs before even considering the NHL.
  11. Sergachev is making the stronger Lightning roster. That is all.
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