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  1. Much better game than previous recycles. I also have a PS5. New Frostbite engine is really nice.
  2. Chek TV Donnie and Dhali is my fave. &^@# this toronto media.
  3. I pay no attention to people that aren't as educated as me when it comes to the sport.
  4. You were quick to state him as "injury-prone", when the first time he was out for a significant time in his rookie season wasnt even his fault.
  5. He's no Captain America. When someone like Matheson choke slams buddy to the ice and his head snaps back on it, do you want him to continue playing after we know what we know about CTE, concussions and head injuries? What if it made him miss time like Crosby or stop playing like Ferland? Bringing this injury prone topic into contract discussions would be a low blow. Especially an injury like that. Let me remind you that last year he WAS playing with an injuried wrist and was only ruled out for the season when we were "almost" mathematically out of the playoff run.
  6. We have guys to kill penalties. I’d rather not put our most skilled offensive forward out there blocking shots on a penalty kill. Even though he has the IQ to prove you wrong in every sense and structure of the word hockey. Been another long offseason hey. We forget how good players really are. I agree with you though on the bridge deal part.
  7. How is 0.64 points per game “almost” a point per game player? Pettersson is 0.93 .93 1st season .97 2nd season .81 3rd season, injured wrist. Clearly not able to shoot the puck as often which was clearly seen. Just quickly looked up regular season stats.
  8. I hope this year will be different. Certainly looks promising!
  9. Carolina's been outperforming Vancouver the last few years... Its unfair you $&!# on Carolina without context.
  10. You're talking about last year. Did I specify anything about last year?
  11. Svechnikov Reg. Season PPG - 0.68 Pettersson Reg. Season PPG - 0.93 This contract is not even the floor for Pettersson IMO. No way.
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