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  1. Love the stats! Three point conversation? Would like more opinions. Why does the league hand out more points total in a regular season game than other regular season games where there is a straight up winner? So if you win without going to OT why don't you get three points? When the league hands out three points in winner and loser games if the game goes extra time/innings/crunch time/OT.
  2. Interesting stuff there gaurdian. I wonder about all these extra points being handed out. But automatically making it a tie when a game is decided in OT/shootout doesn't completely make sense to me. In the era of ties teams still had a chance to win in OT. OT lengths also changed over the years. There just wasn't a point handed out to the loser of the game. Which leads me to this point system has been all wrong since the NHL brought in this extra point. How can different games have different points handed out during any regular season games? Love the quick record check! Nice work AJ
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