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  1. I think it’s irresponsible to think petey deserves the “C” lmao it’s bo’s or eddies that is all mic drop!!!!
  2. Well we do have manny on the coaching staff now that might be the push for players to wear them???
  3. A poor mans Erik Karlsson would be around a 40 point D man I'd take that any day....
  4. I remember when they said that was a good hockey trade haha conacher for bishop haha lmao!!!
  5. Ya but he can barely understand us. I don't think he'll feel the pressure as much as people think. And man he has huge self confidence and looks very sure of him self if you watch the interview with him n his translator that right there make me believe in this guy.
  6. All I'm hoping for Tryamkin is he plays a solid defencive game the 2-way play can come later. If he plays sold defence he'll stay in the NHL.
  7. It took panarin no time at all to get accustomed to the NA way of hockey so not all players need to go to the AHL sometimes there HIQ is elite n they adapt asat to the NHL.
  8. I think most fans r just mad we gave up Shink. I'm sure Granlund we be great for us it just hurts still the wound will be bleeding till we see granlund play n only then will the healing begin haha.
  9. Benning just said jake is staying with the team so I guess he'll be a UFA a year earlier him n McCann UFA's at 25/26 aka the stamkos conundrum :/
  10. Prob said keep chugging that bottle? Two birds one stone. edit: I've been caught saying that my self to drunks on the street it is what it is to say the least.
  11. he's a player everyone wants on there team but everyone hates playing against that's about it.
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