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  1. I do, he was one of my favorite players ... but the speed at which McKinnon plays at top speed with the puck is sometimes mind blowing.
  2. yes, and with more "high firing" muscle fibers to make him quicker and faster.
  3. Bo is good enough offensively to keep the other teams top line in the defensive zone, which counts as much as, if not more than playing defense in your zone. He keeps the best player farther away from our net. Simple as that. The other defensive centers get locked down in our zone, a more dangerous situation if they are deployed against top lines.
  4. I wonder if Ian Clark was the guy that made the suggestion to pick him up? I'd say the team will play better defensively with these two net, for the next few games at least. And then maybe Demko can go on a roll.
  5. He was 21-5 with TBL last year. I think he'll surprise some ... He stoned the Canucks a few times as well.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised, given he keeps healthy, and the addition of Tofoli ( who finishes better than Boeser ) he'll finish 3rd if not 2nd overall.
  7. I agree, Roussel and Benn are gone for sure, if we can move them. But I think Sutter is actually playing his best hockey yet, and if he stays healthy he's more valuable with us.
  8. The last year is RFA year, they don't have to qualify. Just saying ...
  9. Jake has more goals than supposedly our top sniper "Boeser", and so do 4 other forwards have more goals than Boeser. I wonder if Boeser was more injured than he showed, and hid it from the team. Then when his production and confidence really dropped they called him on it. I'm glad we only signed him for a 2 year deal, this will look more appealing to other teams looking to trade for him.
  10. It's probably because we have faster players like Tofoli, instead of Boeser in the D system. We are less likely to get trapped in our zone ... Along with the confidence with the puck, and moving the puck forward and not backwards, as was consistently apparent when the lead weighted skates of Boeser was on the ice IMHO. I think Boeser might be trade bait next year, I really like Tofoli on that line.
  11. I know at one point in the game we were 10/11 in 3 games, and ended it 10/13 ... funny part is Preds only have 30 PP goals all year . They were emphasizing that on the Nashville feed.
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