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  1. Virtanen... bust I mean come on man its written all over him.. Unless you see something different than me Best pick is Boeser and he's at best a 20G scorer maybe 25
  2. Last year was luck IMO.. if he starts in the NHL (and that's a BIG if) he probably won't hit 20. Hopefully he proves me wrong but i doubt it as a huge % of prospects never acheive their potential that's my CDC politically correct answer.. need to fit in around here.. being to positive is trolling.. who knew?
  3. Doesn't matter where we pick. I am not confident in JBs drafting and feel like he will make yet another mistake unfortunately. .. going to be a very lonnnnggg decade
  4. I don't think Goldobin is that great. 27th OA pick.. deffiently should have looked to shop Hansen elsewhere. ID say 3rd liner at best
  5. I will post them but others will be responsible to correct me if I missed any stats.. I should be good though. It's only a matter of maybe an hour a day is that. May shorten up the rosters a bit depending on the amount of players that join. Tampa it is
  6. If everyone makes a yahoo account we could do it. I believe there's only a 12 team limit though And yeah.. maybe make a rule that you post your own stats and the opposition can check for corrections.. I'll be keeping an eye out though lol What team do you want?
  7. I play yahoo fantasy so I will have constant knowledge of it. If a mistake is made it can and will be disputed and fixed.. everything will be in the 2nd post of the thread
  8. You got it 1st eastern conference team!!! Might see you in the finals.. good luck
  9. NHL team names only, only the Canucks and Golden Knights have been used
  10. Must not have it on the phone, I'll have to try it on my lap top.. thanks! You interested in joining?
  11. No I haven't but I have practiced with noisey blackjack table noise while my Friend deals out hands for me and a few buddies to play. They can't seem to get the grasp of counting, but me winning every single time suggests to me that counting a 6-8 deck really does work, even early into the shoe. We play if 8 decks and cut about halfway. My method with a deck that high is to wait for a +20 count before betting aggressively. After the deck gets smaller that # will decrease a bit. However in a real setting I'd need people to count the cards and signal me over and bet progressively (a very common blackjack betting stratedgy). I can't bet table minimum and the all of a sudden go progressive when the deck is hot or I'll be kicked out pretty quickly. If you get distracted and lose count you have not mastered it. Take 3 decks shuffle them together, count out 52 cards and try and count them in under 30 seconds while having a conversation with someone. Then you can say you mastered it when you can consistently do that.
  13. I'd like to start a CDC fantasy hockey league and would like players to actually play out the season. I'd like to see atleast 16-31 members to sign up. MEMBERS RULES I'd like to kick off the draft by September 1st so hopefully we fill up by then. Please only apply if you are willing to participate. If inactive for a while your team may be given to a willing participant. To apply just say " @HortankinI want to join, (team name)" its first come first serve for the team you want, so check the members list and if your team is available then your free to pick them!
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