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  1. Stalking people is weird, wrong, and highly illegal.. don't be a hippacrit
  2. For days now every time I post you have something to say. You are literally stalking me and it's weird.. I kind of feel violated
  3. Do you seriously stock my profile and wait for me to comment. Your really creeping me out. Stop it. Obsessive behaviour is a scary thing to have. I think you need to talk to someone. And none of them will do squat. Gudbranson and Virtanen would have them scared to touch the puck
  4. If Virtanen makes it I'm going to feel bad for Pettersson for a while
  5. He will set a record for causing most injuries in playoff history. Virtanen hits McDavid and all of a sudden the Oilers are screwed. Just for good measures he'd hit Draisitl to. Funny thing is is Lucic won't do squat because Gudbranson will mess him up
  6. I remember JB being surprised Boeser fell to him.. do we have another gem?
  7. I see Gaudette being our future 2nd line C Pettersson Horvat Boeser Goldobin Gaudette Granlund Baertschi Sutter Virtanen Gadjovich McEwen Lind Palmu Zhukenov Lockwood Juolevi Stecher Tryamkin Gudbranson Hutton Brisebois McEneny Subban Demko Greig Depietro
  8. I'll be devastated if he comes back to the NHL in a different Jersey. The kid is a future star In a way I agree with JB though. He didn't earn no 4-5 mill yet and if he gave him the $ he wanted it would make it hard when it came to signing Baertschi, Granlund, Hutton, etc
  9. I thought it was only 1?
  10. Why was his other thread closed? Did VC close it because he knows there's a trade happening?
  11. Any chance he meets the Eagles in the next round? Edit: I checked and I think the only possible outcomes is the Eagles playing Ryoun noranda, shawinigan, or blainville. Any prospects to watch on those teams for the upcoming drafts or Canuck prospects?
  12. It only took 1 click. That didn't answer my question. Is he better than Gaudette?
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