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  1. On a Draftkings Roll baby! Made $40 bucks off three last night. Picked most of the scorers out of the Arizona/Edmonton game . Max Domi you da man!

  2. HW? what / who's HW? I wouldn't doubt it because it makes no sense really. McCann is ahead of him simply given he was sent to the AHL via waivers and play! Offensively McCann has shown to be better, McCann is clearly an important part of the team's future with Vey still a huge question mark that is fighting to stay relevant. None of that adds up to playing with the twins on the first pp, getting second pp time over McCann last game, getting better wingers than McCann this game vs Florida. It all seems to be (logically) an attempt to help the kid find a new home...or add value as a th
  3. The trolling is strong on the CDC! Already up to 8 angry adolescents and man children. I wonder if I'll get to 20 by next week. It appears via PM that I have blocked some of the notorious trolls already, which is a positive sign!

    1. Cerridwen


      Have you looked in the mirror lately? By virtue of your last post in the Virtanen thread, you've described yourself to a 'T'. Insulting others because you 'think' they are younger than you says far more about you than it does anyone else. Hint: There's no prize for having the greatest number of ignored posters....it just says a great deal about you and what sort of poster you are.


    2. Grapefruits


      Trolling is a term that is greatly overused nowadays.  Can't say anything that the masses don't agree with without being labeled a troll.

  4. I am assuming the same (and perhaps up his value as I said given his sudden pp time over McCann)
  5. I've been watching your argument on the Virtanen discussion thread.

    My impression has been taht you're a better person than the level this discussion has gotten to.

    My way of handling the inevitable frustrations on CDC is to sign off for a day or such longer or shorter time as it takes me to change my perspective.

    I hope it doesn't offend you, but I recommend that method heartily.


    1. McCannon


      I have found the block function works quite well also and no offense taken - I actually am not worked up at all. Its more funny to me and I find the lack of logic quite funny and frightening. While I appreciate there are some adolescents on the board who's ability to formulate a logical argument is limited through experience and education, I am quite surprised at those suggesting they are adults whose inability to do the same is befuddling! :)

  6. I would Have preferred to see Etem McCann Virtanen Prust Vey Dorsett It makes we wonder, all this preferential Ice Vey is getting, are the Nucks quietly trying to boost his trade value?
  7. I actually don't care about some anonymous adolescent's impression of me sorry. If you read my prior post, I am here to talk hockey on an INTELLIGENT BASIS. Not with ribbon holding children. If a teenbopper needs to be right let him learn to debate. If he wants to troll, I have no time for that. I don't come on a board to get some sort of ego stroking friend that was the point about not caring about someone else's view of me. Now you may be misinterpreting my point - my point is not about being unwilling to hear others well thought out views on players. Indeed, I want to hear 'well t
  8. And your impression of me matters to whom? Me? No sorry
  9. I can handle disagreement with people who make an intelligent retort that makes me think What I won't accept is responses from adolescents who come back with an attitude that says "Ihave been told I am special all my life so my view on every canuck is right, I am smarter than Benning, I need to repeat my trashing of Canuck 19 yr old rookies ad nauseum because you know I got lots of ribbons and mommy tells me I am special" / type responses. You see, when someone says a player sucks, ok fine, that's an opinion - but what is that opinion grounded in? So I retort with facts, numbers, fai
  10. Junior B wannabe superstars who think coaches don't add value often never make it out of Junior B- just sayin lol

  11. Mad? LOL Is that a troll technique? Isn't that the equivalent of you mad bro? it is isn't it? LOL....every time you post you prove me right Captain of the trolling boat! https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists https://darkpsychology.co/internet-trolls/ Get some help kid - just trying to help you move past the denial stage and address your issues. You'll be better off for it when you do Wow troll number 6 added to my list, have a 7th coming shortly too! The junior b superstar who's too goo
  12. No I am just not going to bitch 24/7 like a kid who didn't get a ribbon about a friggen 19 yr old hockey player Maybe find a hobby?
  13. The point is exactly that, wait 3-4 years to wait to see what we have before you whine that he's only a 3rd liner You just argued against yourself.
  14. Here's an idea How about you bitch, complain and whine about this guy for the next 3-4 years on here, game in game out. Tell us every game he makes an error that you told us so, that he sucks sucks sucks! He's only a third liner! Practice it k? That way you can get your point across, since we didn't quite grasp it the first 275 times
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