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  1. These athletes have to do whats best for them and if they think they aren't being valued by the team at fair value why sign with them? As we are learning more and more in pro sports its all a business teams are showing less and less loyalty to players so when a player tries to do whats best for them we should support them no? It's tough for both sides but everyone is just trying to do whats best and I'm sure in BB case this will be resolved there doesn't seem to be as much hostility as other situations.
  2. Also the part where being a well-known student athlete doesn't hurt around campus if you all know what i mean.
  3. Could call up Peter Chiarelli and ask him?
  4. Jon Carlson i can hope right?
  5. Wasn't Stark making something for thor? From the spiderman homecoming end credits i think?
  6. palmu=gallagher gaudette=kesler am i doing it right?
  7. One of those is a colour the other a country. Joking aside thats a pretty cool mix
  8. Why do you guys argue? You guys are both correct in this sense. Tryamkin had pretty small sample size in the NHL but he proved he can play in the league. As for his ceiling that remains to be seen but guy has loads of potential so long as he wants to reach that potential in Vancouver also remains to be seen.
  9. We lost what 400+ man games last year to injury? Let them start in Utica if they dont start in the NHL right away and come up when we will inevitably have an injury. Stecher started the year in Utica last year as well. Im just glad we will have quality players to call up. Not rushing the kids is going to prove optimal in the future.
  10. If we do sign him he would definitely get the KHL clause in his contract.
  11. Just let him marinate in the ahl for a few years build that muscle and go from there?
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