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  1. The Bowey acquisition appears to be strictly for ED purposes. Now they will be able to protect Myers, Schmidt and OJ, which I always assumed was the plan. Highmore is a Motte type player, good skater, hard worker, who will eat up fourth line and PK minutes and not bitch about doing it. They see Pods coming in to play on the 2nd or 3rd line, Lind appears ready for 3C. We'll get a chance to see if Boyd or Vessey are good enough to deserve a new contract. In the end, JB saw no place for Gauds, who fancied himself a top-six player.
  2. I think they chose Micheals over Gadjovich because they thought Gadjovich needed more seasoning. Michealis is older, and probably has a more well-rounded game. Organizations that have great junior and international scouting find great values in the 2nd and higher rounds (Hogs, Demko, Tryamkin, etc.). I've previously listed eight players who played a major role on the 2011 team who all spent at least half a season in Manatoba. Only Schneider and Kessler were (low) first rounders, otherwise Edler, Tanev, Burrows, Bieksa, Hansen, and Raymond were all 2nd or later rounders. They all made the NHL
  3. Our bottom three costing $10 million is a function of the AHL cupboard being bare when JB took over. Ideally, you have three 2nd/3rd rounders filling those spots for about $3 million, but our second-rounders are either playing major roles (Hogs, Demko) or they're rounding into shape in Utica (Lind, Gadjovich). Eventually, Utica will produce those bottom-six value players that good team's get from their farm systems, it's just taking awhile to refill the cupboard. Gadj is having a good season in Utica, he had a goal and assist in a loss last night, Lind was playing lights out in his new center
  4. What a lot of people don't understand is that the NHL is not like a video games, all markets and all situations are NOT equal. To sign a UFA, they actually have to want to come here. Had JB kept contracts small and short, the only UFAs he would have attracted would have been worse than Linden Vey or Jack Skille in caliber. Don't forget, a GM can only do what ownership mandates, and JB's original mandate was to try to reload so the Sedins would get one last shot at the cup. So he held assets (Hansen and Burrows) longer than he probably would have otherwise, and traded 2nd and 3rd rounders a
  5. No doubt, the dumbest thing that JB did in the offseason was trying to find a way to squeeze Ekman-Larsson under the cap, which I think froze him on other moves, like Toffoli. Yes, I think they would have liked Toffoli, for the same reasons they like Pearson, professional, good guy, plays in all circumstances, but the team's primary need was defense, and Ekman-Larsson was JB's white whale. JB was also hamstrung by Ferland's contract, not knowing if he would stay on LTIR, or be ready for the season. He had to leave that $3 million open. I think he has more clarity now on Ferland, I suspect
  6. Podkolzin is 19 years old, and we see what rushing Jake did for him. I think they introduce Podkolzin to third line minutes, and see how he develops. Even if Pearson gets pushed down, injuries happen, and having a guy in your lineup that can play up and down the lineup is a luxury. Notice that since Pearson's injury Travis has tried about five different guys in that spot, and none of them has been as good as Pearson. Plus he plays all the special teams. I'm not attached to Pearson, he's nowhere near a favorite of mine, but I see the value of the contract. Plus he's a solid professional h
  7. JB's not going anywhere, and I suspect neither is Green. This was a good signing, good term and good dollars. Pearson is a second line winger, who plays in all situations (PP and PK), chips in on offense and plays terrific defense, they don't usually come for $3.25 in Vancouver. Even if he gets bumped to the third line by incoming studs, he's still a good price. Add to that, as I mentioned before, that he's likely a leader, a glue-guy in the locker room, well-liked by his teammates. The team will lose Sutter this year, who is also one of those types of players, you can't give up all your
  8. He has publicly expressed an interest to stay with the Canucks, which I suspect gives the Canucks the inside track, and if JB can swing it, a hometown discount.
  9. I think this is a fine signing, Pearson is a Swiss Army Knife, currently the best match on the team for Bo's wing on the second line. Since his injury, you'll notice that Bo has struggled in all facets of the game. Pearson is quietly good, he wins board battles, scores goals, plays sound defensive hockey, and does what's needed to win. He's not flashy, but then neither is Bo, they play a straight-line game, and compliment each other well. On nights when the 2nd line is tasked to shut-down McDavid, he does it very well, on nights when the 2nd line is expected to chip-in on offense, he does
  10. Lind was in Utica before returning to Vancouver for treatment of his broken nose. Utica is having it's own Covid lockdown complete with cancelled games. I love Cole Lind and hope for the best for him, but the timing is a little suspicious that he returns immediately before the Canucks get shut down. Yeah, because idle speculation is all I have left at this time.
  11. I suspect that he's not practicing with the team, so was not exposed. I explained in a post a little while ago, that I saw an article quoting a scientist that suggested ice hockey is probably the least safe of the sports for Covid exposure. The warm air above traps a layer of cold air at ice level, so rather than dissipating, the Coronavirus gets trapped and concentrated at ice level, where the players are breathing heavily, thus exposing each other.
  12. Yeah, we're finding the same thing down here, it's spreading among the younger folks, because most of the oldsters have had their shots. I'm lucky, I work in public service, so I got mine early. My wife works in healthcare, and she just got her first jab of Moderna a couple of weeks ago. Biden is doing a great job, he's recognized that we're in a race with the variants and the stupidity of red state Republiclowns. My understanding with Canada's roll-out is much like the EU's is a lack of vaccine. That's not the government's fault. I want you guys to get your shots and open the border. M
  13. The season has got to be over. With the Canucks adding names to the list on a near daily basis, I don't see how the get the rest of the season played.
  14. Dude, I'm NOT trolling, and Covid is NOT a hoax! I commented on an article I read that shows that ice hockey is the least safe of the sports, and that's what you got from that?
  15. Google "elevation mask" or "training mask" when I used to go to the gym, I'd see the odd person using them on the treadmill. It limits oxygen intake to mimic training at elevation, which means that your 20-minute treadmill stint acts on the body like 30 or 40 minutes. Yes, they should have stayed in personal bubbles like my wife and I have. That would have been the safe and professional thing to do. My wife's in a small bubble at work with four co-workers who are super careful about mask wearing and distancing away from work. I'm always masked at my work for the same reason. F
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