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  1. Because the way TG has structured the team, the third and fourth lines are more expected to stop other teams from scoring, any secondary offense they provide is just a pleasant surprise. Right now he trusts Dowling, Highmore, and Chaisson more in that defensive role than he does Pods. Because of Hogs ability to move up to top six deployment when Green puts the lines in a blender, he gets a pass, but from what I've seen, Hogs has been solid on both ends of the ice. Pods has to show Travis enough to trust him, and right now the trust isn't there. Tavis' job is on the line, this season is win or go home, and as such he trusts his future to veterans more than rookies. I'm guessing he was unhappy with Pods' play against Detroit. I wasn't able to watch that game so can't comment on what could have caused his ire. I've been disappointed with Pods unwillingness to engage. He's a big body yet doesn't really hit, and he needs to work on his skating, he gets knocked over too easily. He was a bottom six winger struggling to get more than 10 minutes ice time and sometimes a healthy scratch in the Russian elite league which is comparable to the AHL, I don't understand why people thought he would set the NHL on fire. He has potential, but he's young and needs to refine his game. Just like Rathbone, Pods should be playing 18-20 minutes a night in Abby right now.
  2. I can't knock the kid for getting himself the best deal possible. NHL careers are finite, he could see his career end next game. His missing training camp was also managements's decision.
  3. Be patient with Petey, I agree with whoever on the panel who pointed out that he's played about 40 games in the past two years, and missing most of last season and the preseason has set him back. He looks a little tentative, but I saw a couple of flashes of the old Petey hockey sense tonight, not enough, but some. It's probably going to take about 20 games to get him somewhere back to normal. Also don't forget that Brock missed most of the preseason, so the Lotto Line looking like garbage is not a surprise. They will get it together, but it's a work in progress. Thankfully the team has much better secondary scoring and can weather the storm.
  4. Which a why I was so angry over the loss of Gadj. Yes Garland is a pest, but Gadj could back it up.
  5. Considering that Hammer is a RHD and Edler is a LHD there is no comparison. The game is too fast and too hard to play your wrong side in the NHL anymore. Schmidt struggled mightily trying to play the right side last season. Honestly, I've been pretty impressed by Kyle Burrows, and Poolman might have had a rough game last night, but for his cap hit as a top 4 RHD, he's a steal.
  6. Travis tends to stick with what's working and it's hard to argue with there points in two road games.
  7. I'm not sorry Mac is gone, but I'm still pissed over the loss of Gadj. Gadj showed a knack for getting in front of the net and scoring in tight, and he wasn't afraid to drop the mitts. I understand JB and Travis are counting on Chaisson to be that guy, but I think Gadj had a higher ceiling and having a second tough guy is never a bad idea. It's like this team is being built just to make the playoffs, without the thought of having to play against guys like Reeves and Wilson once you get there.
  8. Focht is also one of the few natural centers in camp, so I'm sure Travis wanted to give him a chance to see how he'd be if he was needed for the 4th line center spot on an emergency basis in case somebody gets hurt or sick. Until Sutter gets back, Focht is probably the sixth center in the organization behind Petey, Bo, Dickenson, Petan, and maybe Highmore (Miller will almost certainly be back on wing on the Lotto Line to start the season but he'd also be available in a pinch).
  9. Why not? Chaisson is a retriever, Garland can score, seems like it's worth a try. Mostly, Petey's going to get up to game speed, and Garland hasn't really had a chance to show much so far.
  10. My fear is that Gadj earns a third line spot, scores 15 goals and drops the mits 10-12 times, just enough to earn a reputation as a tough SOB. I really don't understand why TG waived him ahead of Big Mac. You keep an undrafted free agent who was middling at best in the A and waive a tough, 2nd rounder who has shown a knack for driving the net, and scoring in tight. I have no idea what they're thinking.
  11. With the lineup the Coilers are icing, and the defenceless (other than Poolman) backend we're throwing out there, I'm expecting to see six or seven in the back of our net. Not a PKer or adequate defender among that group of LHD. Hopefully Halak plays the full 60, so we don't hurt Demko's confidence.
  12. I'm looking forward to him beating the snot out of Big Mac, I'm afraid we kept the wrong enforcer
  13. I haven't been able to watch all the games, but according to some who have, the common theme is that Gadg has shown enough to make the team, and they think that's the reason he's not playing. I saw the game where OJ bounced a goal in off Gadg. I thought Gadg looked good, most importantly he skated well enough to compete. I wonder if Travis is trying to hide him so he'll hopefully clear waivers when he gets cut on a day where there a bunch of cuts. I hope not, I think he has been much better than Big Mac, who to me looks way out of his depth.
  14. Agreed, I'd rather see Gadg on that line to start the season, it gives them a heavy feel. Pods comes with the rep of being a great passer/playmaker, and as he gets more comfortable we'll see more of of his heavy shot and playmaking skill show itself, he had a sweet dangle almost goal last night. We know Gadg has a knack for scoring from the front of the net, so Pods can feed him some rubber to see what he can do. Eventually, once Brock returns, Garland or Hogs will replace Gadg on the 3rd line, but I'd love to see Gadg get a chance to show his stuff before being relegated to the 4th line. I think Big Mac reached his scoring/points zenith in Utica and has not been able to translate that to the NHL, which is no surprise, he's not much of a fighter, which is all he's really good for at this level.
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