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  1. Sources tell me that Tampa Bay Lightning will have several top scorers out on LTIR until next playoffs.

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    2. Phil_314


      Word coming out of Tampa is that top center Brayden Point ($6.75 million cap, pending RFA) and top LW Ondrej Palat ($5.3 million, pending UFA) are out after each accidentally put the Cup on their foot while setting it down.  Each will be out until the playoffs on LTIR. Out of sympathy, Bettman exempts them from having to expose someone to Seattle.

      In other news, Coleman, Colton and Goodrow each take $750k, 1 year deals laden with performance bonuses.


    3. Patel Bure

      Patel Bure

       See you in April 2022 Braden!

    4. Ghostsof1915


      @Coconuts Come on man, I'm pretty sure he can set Gary up with a few bottles of Russian Vodka. 


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