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  1. I'd like to think of Rathbone more like Lockwood, yeah he could become an FA but I think he appreciates everything the Canucks have done for him and will sign even if he does go back to finish his degree.
  2. You too, damn, thought I was the only one
  3. Since he was still under team control (RFA) the Canucks qualified him a contract offer. By doing so we hold onto negotiation rights if he ever decides to return to the NHL
  4. This info can be found on Cap Friendly, look under the reserve list, it will give you the sign by date. You'll find Jack needs to be signed on or before Aug. 15th 2022
  5. Nope, you said he is the next Bourque, cant take that back on CDC
  6. No where near good enough, why? I could say that about any player on a bad team... Back up your comments... I think he did well for what he was asked in those last 5 games. I think he has a bunch of stuff to work on, I believe he knows that too. So who's to say he doesn't have a monster off season and is ready to contribute at the NHL level next year. Personally I don't think the AHL is much, if at all better than the NCAA. I think he could learn things in the AHL and get more off ice training time with most games happening on weekends, but would not be opposed to him being in the NHL, be
  7. I think Brisbois is just what you see, maybe a better version of Tanev with time, maybe not. Top 4 D max 5-6 guy for sure, shut down roll
  8. I think next year will tell everyone what we have in Rathbone. Some scouts said he could go first round in his draft if he didn't choose the route he did for his hockey career. Which most Canucks fans should know was to stay close to home for his brother whom has disabilities. Speak huge volumes to the kids character. Watching Dexter this year I think the sky is the limit for this kid, fantastic skater, elite offence from the back end. He will be great, just might take a little time to adjust to college
  9. One name stands out on that score sheet, Tristan Amonte, is that the son of former NHLer Tony, seems he had a pretty good game
  10. Guadette was indeed a Benning Pick. Gadjovich was a 2nd for Blue Jackets Hiring Torts, if we got a second every time we fired a coach... I know what you were getting at
  11. That's impressive especially considering the time Jack missed to start the season, one heck of a year for the kid. John Farinacci the only Junior out of the East, that is quite impressive itself. Congrats to both
  12. He's committed to Harvard (I believe) next year, so depending on how he values his education 2 - 4 years I would assume
  13. 8 Goals, 14 Assist on the PP. Can find all the stats you would like on this link http://collegehockeyinc.com/stats/filters18.php
  14. They could also put in a clause that makes the signing team give up a draft pick to the team loosing out on there prospect. This would solve some issues as well
  15. If you still have the PS4 code I wouldn't mind one, thanks

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      Sorry, I would happily hook you up with one but I'm all out.

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      Yeah I should have kept reading, thanks though

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      NHL 17 beta code? I have one if you still need it.

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