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  1. Philadelphia calls up Smolenak. Giroux for 9 game trial. Send down Matsumoto
  2. Not sure if this has been asked/answered on one of these 49 pages or on discord... Can we trade perk points?
  3. After hitting the bong long and hard Philadelphia GM finally sobers up, these kids arent ready to play... Philadelphia sends down Radek Smolenak Claude Giroux Milan Lucic Andreas Nodl & Alexandre Picard Also offers apologies to the person working the sheets...
  4. Colton Gillies @OurTimeToShine
  5. Brandon Sutter... Better be foundational lol @dough teeth
  6. Philly calls up Giroux, Matsumoto, Nodl, Goligoski, Lucic & Timonen. Release Richardson to FA
  7. I'd like to think of Rathbone more like Lockwood, yeah he could become an FA but I think he appreciates everything the Canucks have done for him and will sign even if he does go back to finish his degree.
  8. That's correct I should have Bostons 2008 1st
  9. But if you really think about it Niinimaa wasn't much of a player so 3 is probably accurate
  10. Philadelphia release the following players to free agency Bonk Nedved Niinimaa Murray
  11. Philly actually accomplished something this season, heck yeah! Sorry Buffalo, not sorry
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