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  1. Note: Tags are mandatory only in the Trades, Rumours, Signings forum and in the Proposals and Armchair GM'ing forum.
  2. That’s my gut feeling as well. Especially at $1 Million bucks less per season and one less year of term. But I’ll have to reserve judgement until I see Poolman play.
  3. Thanks for everything, Alex! A minute munching warrior for us for many years. So many memories. Our last player from 2011. All the best to you and your family in LA! You will be missed.
  4. Glad to have him back. We need his physicality and are thin at RHD. Good signing.
  5. $1 mil x 1 is a great deal for Sutter to Centre the 4th line. Says a lot about him to take such a low contract to stay with the team in a reduced role like that. He knows he's made a lot of money from us the last few years and not necessarily lived up to his contract, so for him to give back to the team like that is very respectable on his part.
  6. I came here to say this. No way Petey (or rather his agent) can expect more than Landeskog.
  7. That’s funny. That’s the same steal of a deal that we got from Vegas for him because they needed the cap space, and now we gave Winnipeg the same steal of a deal because now we need the cap space lol At least we didn’t get less for him than we paid and now we can use that salary for players that actually want to be here. Onwards and upwards.
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