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  1. At long last, a “Dark mode” CDC theme finally exists! Props to @SNuck. Our retinas thank you sir! 


    1. Show previous comments  21 more
    2. luckylager


      It's the best thing thats happened in months tbh.

      I mean I did a huge reno on the house,  massive improvement, but this feels just as good.

    3. TNucks1


      @luckylager what did you reno?

    4. luckylager


      I opened up my attic, replaced some rafters, added more. Sistered the floor joists.. stairs.. all said and done we added 2 br and a common area to the house.

      But it's not dark mode. Lots of white makes the 6'8 peak height seem higher.


      It's a full floor for the kids. Thats all that really matters.

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