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  1. Big time. We look very disorganized when we’re up a man. When we pulled the goalie was a good example. Standing around passing it back and forth. Too much passing and not enough movement out there. Trying to be too pretty. Get shots on net and go to the net hard.
  2. That game was all Greiss. Stood on his head for Detroit. The Canucks deserved a better fate there. Outshot them 41-21. Good effort boys. Put it behind you and on to the next. Go Canucks Go!
  3. Garland’s got fire in his belly. I love that. Something this team sorely needed. Like Hirsch said, Garland drags his team into the fight.
  4. He played. Not sure if you heard…. Little known fact. He also coached in St.Louis….
  5. I was wondering that myself. He was having a hell of a game. Classic Green bench shortening in the 3rd. Doesn’t trust him enough quite yet.
  6. Wow!!! What a finish!!! I couldn’t believe that they came back to tie it, but what an exciting overtime and a great shootout win!!! Go Canucks Go!
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