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  1. 1 minute ago, King Heffy said:

    I'm not opposed to giving him a chance.  There's a chance he's grown from his experience, and he definitely understands the game and will hold the guys accountable.  A lot of the stuff coming out of Toronto was due to their core players not caring about winning and him trying to get them to put in the work necessary.

    Not just Toronto. Lots of stories out of Detroit as well. His mind games. Delusions of grandeur. Look at the petty sh*t he pulled with vets like Modano, Chelios, and Spezza. Lots of accusations from former players. There’s a reason he hasn’t coached the last couple seasons, and it’s not Covid. 

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  2. 58 minutes ago, grandmaster said:

    I have to jump on the fire Green bandwagon. He simply does not have a good strategy to win games and can’t seem to motivate them either. We can still have a season salvaged if they do this quick.


    Hire Babcock

    I’ve read enough stories about how Babcock treats his players to know I don’t want him anywhere around this team. We need a coaching change. But he’s not the guy. 

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