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  1. He’s overvalued himself here since day one. Now hopefully people will stop writing him into the lineup.
  2. Too early to start drinking??? I’m a longshoreman. We start drinking at the crack of dawn. Breakfast of champions.
  3. Love hearing Don Taylor doing the highlights. Reminds me of being a kid staying up to watch Sports Page and later on Sportsnet Pacific.
  4. Every time I see a flyby instead of a hit a little part of me dies inside.
  5. That’s regulated by the Banking Association for Leveraging Louibuck Shares, or B.A.L.L.S for short.
  6. I vote that we make the Louibuck (L) the official CDC cryptocurrency.
  7. I know that cat and I believe them to be a legitimate source. They’ve always kept their crap out of my garden so I feel they are trustworthy.
  8. Well we’ve been on the ‘making things up’ stage of criticizing management for a while now so might as well since facts don’t seem to matter much.
  9. Two players with reduced trade value and sick with Covid. Can’t believe he couldn’t find a trade partner. Lame duck GM.
  10. Gotta know when to hold em and know when to fold em. There’ll be plenty of time for counting when the dealings done.
  11. You’d think. In reality they are continuing to complain realizing that we are now most likely protecting Myers.
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