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  1. Oops I’m gonna leave it up though. Flame away.
  2. One overpaid Swede for another more useful overpaid Swede. Doubt the Bolts go for it though.
  3. I fail to see how cutting off your nose to spite your face is, “doing the right thing” here. I agree that the coach isn’t at fault in this scenario, but I don’t see how retiring will stick it to the NHL. Plenty of hungry coaches looking to prove themselves that are willing to take his place. The league will continue to operate unchanged without him. The only one that loses in your scenario is Boughner himself.
  4. While I’ll disagree with you with the love for what the leafs have been doing, this thought out response is a hell of a lot better than the zingy one-liners meant to provoke a negative response from other board members.
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