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  1. 7 hours ago, canuktravella said:

    brocks going no where  the fans on here are brutal give your head a shake same idiots that ran luongo out of town and called virtanen and juolevi busts gtfo. Brock is on pace for 71 points 

    jakes on pace for 50 maybe even more past 25 games hes on 69 point pace.  Enjoy try the ride things are looking up we have petey being elite and kids knocking on nhl door (lind, macewen, juolevi raffertyy) plus tryamkin rathbone madden hoglander focht podzolkin  coming sooner than later 

    My thought is how will BB react if he reads this forum, but I guess that comes along with being a Canucks player, the critiques and the laurels.

  2. 14 hours ago, Shirotashi said:

    Coach green knew it was going to be a long and grindy one and he still plays marky. Astounding 

    at how winning a few games in a row hides the fact that he is a terrible coach. Awful. He has presented

    me with zero evidence his coaching style is changing this team for good or bad. Were going up

    against this team we barely win against and he has no strategy other than just keep rolling what

    he has been rolling. 

    About goal tending, I thought at that time: why not put Demko in? since chances are it will be a loss and maybe Demko can bring a different play style in, also would be better to rest Markstrom....maybe.

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  3. 3 hours ago, PetterssonOrPeterson said:

    People can hate on Tkachuk all they want but he's a master at this type of thing.

    He knows who he's hitting and exactly what type of response he's going to get from a guy like Kassian

    It was hilarious when Kassian was just pummelling him and he just skates away later like its nothing. He wanted that to happen.


    He gets his team the advantage and they win the game.

    That's one type of player that you hate to play against but would absolutely love on your team

    I wonder what Kevin Bieksa would have to say about all this?

  4. 1 hour ago, stawns said:


    My thought is that if hard hits like that, where Tkachuk wound up to  a freight train when he hit Kassian at the side of the goal, and then retreated in a hurry to admire his own work. To me it seems like a intent to injure, and players will get injured from heavy hits, especially those that are not seen coming. It is up to the NHL to decide what is allowed. Kassian's reaction is understandable, but he failed to control his anger

  5. 7 hours ago, Hogs & Podz said:

    I was a little harsh... I apologize.  No need for an attack on you.  :unsure:

    I guess you just see it differently then I.  I don't know if he's a good human but I think JB was a great hire and business decisions by him. We as fans will feel the benefit from his hiring for years to come.  We already are.  I think you're a little short sighted but again we'll agree to disagree. 

    Cheers and Happy New Year!

    I look at the hiring of Ferland, that was a gamble, he has concussion issues so not playing on the team, I can only hope it will not end Ferland's hockey career.

  6. 12 minutes ago, 1-d said:

    This team isn't going anywhere without Marky standing on his head almost every game. The defense needs serious adjustments -- can't go on much longer bleeding shots like this


    Having said that, a 4-game winning streak is nice. Let's go for 5 tomorrow! 

    Just a question... why do the Canucks get out shot so much? and what can be done about that. 

    It's a win.....watching Canucks games, is stressful.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Wilfred said:

    Here's hoping they can turn the corner and build on this win. 


    Jake's really stringing together a great run of consistent play. His effort level is noticeable and its lead to offensive production. But not only that, his awareness when in the offensive zone has noticeably improved a lot. He makes a lot of good passes and plays that just didn't come from him in the past. He also wasn't taking any s*** this game. He was involved throughout. Considering that and his mic'd up vid, for me it feels like he's becoming a bit of a leader on this team.  


    Somehow Leivo injury doesn't get a penalty, could've been called two different things. Glad the team mostly stepped up the physicality though. 


    PP1 has unfortunately not scored in seven straight games now. It really feels like they just need to simplify and shoot more. It feels like either Hughes shoots or we pass the puck until it's turned over. PP2 has looked better and has scored in that timeframe by just playing simple. PP1 needs to get back to that. 


    Wonder if Mikey gets a game at all.

    I hope the PP guys will consider your advice: SHOOT MORE ! there could be a lucky deflection, more shots from center in...

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