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  1. I just want the Canucks to fight back, feisty and Grinchey, lay on some hits!
  2. I think a good start would be with assistant coaches or maybe get some professional opinion, from other coaches of how to improve the team.
  3. Hmm... lets see now, added to my teams we can't win against: Vegas, Leafs, Canadiens..."alouette, alouette je te plumerai "
  4. Could use a Max Pacioretty or Nathan Mackinnon type player, also and bring back Nikita Tryamkin.
  5. Sure, I also like the assistant coach for Calgary, an ex Canuck player Martin Ge'linas, but he most likely can't be recruited.
  6. I will now add Vegas to my hated teams list (besides Leafs), what a loud commentator on all goals
  7. Same thing happened to the Flames, but it's all good?
  8. So an aggressive PK works when the puck is held too long. and a PP works well when you are allowed to move around to make shots
  9. Maybe the coaches will look at that, but why will they?
  10. Just an observation: those cross ice passes in front of Markstrom when attempting to leave the zone are dangerous, better to go up the boards until out of our zone?
  11. A PK that is more aggressive works well for the canes, never did like a passive stand around wave the sticks PK
  12. Sometimes I wonder about shots on goal......seems a lot are directed right at the center of the goalie
  13. I think we need new coaching, but not just the first one that is available, most likely play out this season with no playoff participation.
  14. Those glove saves Markstrom made were scary... The goalie was swallowing so many pucks that at one point late in the period, the disc actually disappeared down the back of Markstrom’s jersey, which led to a comical search for the puck while some disbelieving Carolina players started looking in the Vancouver net for it until shooed away by Canucks’ Jay Beagle. quote from Sportsnet. Watching Canucks hockey really winds me up, I watched the first part of the Flames-Leafs game...I was just an observer
  15. Most likely this has been said before. My opinion is that the Canucks need better defense, from all players, perhaps a new defense only assistant coach can be brought in. This will still give coach Green a chance to improve the team, changing coaching at this point is too soon? especially with coaching problems from many other teams. My main xperience is collecting broken hockey sticks as a youth from the Montreal old forum and hockey cards with the flat bubble gum inside the card pack.
  16. Maybe a former Canuck could be recruited for coaching, like Yarko Ruutu or Kevin Bieksa