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  1. Glad to see this forum is full of its usual positivity and good will - it's all good guys and gals - there is always another season. Enjoy watching the kids. I'll leave now - enjoy tonights game GCG
  2. love watching the young guns play. I also like the Hogs-Brock combo. So many things to like about the up coming youngsters. GCG And yes - come on Edler - get that 100 goal marker
  3. 3-2 Canucks Nucks score first Myers gwg
  4. Holy Moly - where you been? I really don't expect to se any kind of pushback from the team - I would love to but......................
  5. Expecting more of the same. At least they are trying hard to win. What more can we really ask of them? GCG
  6. Will our cursed bad luck ever change? Tram - I suspect wanted more then the team was willing to spend. I agree with some - probably a 3rd pairing D at best. Wonder what the rest of the season has to offer - suspecting we will see more of the youngsters coming in.. There is no way we make the payoffs as I see it. Better draft pick hopefully. Have a good Sunday everyone
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