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  1. I hope they have enough left in the tank to bring this one home. It would make this a decent road trip for the beginning of the season. Let's Go Canucks - go
  2. 3-2 canucks Petey - 1st Canuck goal vs Kraken gwg - Hogs
  3. Nice to see the win last night - now our new rivals - the kracken. Maybe we can win on this time around. We haven't had much luck there so far.
  4. Either start pulling some wins or pack your bags and take up sking. Too late for golf. But seriously - I thought we would be a much improved team this year - and maybe the players are still learning each others tendencies but we are now 4 games in and as many practices - plus pre season - i would have thought. It was so disheartening to lose like we did in Buffalo after coming out with a 2 goal lead. Enough whining - let's hope they are ready to give 100% tonight from all the players Go Canucks Go
  5. Well I waited until this morning to post as I had nothing positive to say last night - and this morning - well I still don't have anything. It's like the team as a whole decided not to compete - I just don't get it. Wonder what Chicago brings to the table> Haven't watch any games this season except for the Canucks so have no idea what to expect. Hoping for a better one
  6. Let tomorrow be the start of a winning streak - go canucks go
  7. Was a fun game to watch last night - hoping for another today. Go Canucks Go
  8. @smithers joeHas a few years on me but not too many. In my mid 70's
  9. Hoping for a win in regulation tonight. Hogs continues to impress and the more I watch Rathbone and Burroughs the more I like their play. Podz look like he belongs. Would be nice to Have Brock back for the game but no sense n rushing an injury. \ Myers earning a little respect from Canuck fans with his hit on Keith - good for him. Let's go Canucks. 2 points tonight ( I hope)
  10. 4-3 canucks GWG Chaisson Horvat - 1st goal
  11. So many new faces - I hardly know who is who. Excited for our first season game - let's start with 2 points Go Canucks go
  12. Glad to have hockey back - so many new faces I haven't figured out who is who quite yet. Lots of decisions to make in the next 2 weeks
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