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  1. Sad to see him go - but wish him all the best
  2. It's been such a long time coming (playofff hockey) - savour every last minute of it. Win or lose - what a team. We are so lucky to experience the growth and character of our players - such a classy group. Hope they are ready for tonight - that's a quick turn around Go Canucks Go
  3. Oh how I wish this game had been played in Van infront of fans. What a team - all of them Demko, Petey, Quinn, Bo - the younger guys looking better each game I'm old - I want to see this group bring the Cup home Looking forward to tomorrows game GCG
  4. Watching time tick by -------------------- Let's go Canucks
  5. Heart still beating - nails still intact - what a game Demko stood tall Brock found hid touch Petey doing Petey thing No passengers tonight I am more and more impressed with Stetcher and Fanta as the games go on See you on Thurs Go Canucks Go
  6. We have exceeded expectations - the team doesn't just lay down and quit - I think they give it their best to the bitter end. This will be a game worth watching. Win or lose it has been an exciting year of hockey Go Canucks GO
  7. Guess I could have worded this better - hoping for a better outcome tonight. I didn't think they played bad last night - not great but there were some instances where they could have played better. However they are a young team and like others on here I too am very proud of how they are developing. The next few years will get better and better as our young guys mature. And look what's still coming up the pipe. Good time to be a Canuck fan
  8. game or no game today - what will be will be The team could use the extra day of rest as long as it doesn't push us into back to back games
  9. What a great time to be a Canuck fan And what a game And even more important - what a classy team See you all on Thursday