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  1. Look forward to hearing their interview today. I don't believe this is a PR move. They said a couple years ago they would like to return in some capacity. I believe they will be good for the organization. And I don't see them allowing themselves to be used in any way shape or form. Congratulations to the twins and welcome back
  2. I know I am probably in the minority but I am fine with Benning and Green being back. Like many I would like to see Ian Clark resigned - and maybe replacements for Baumgartener and Brown.. I am not sure what role King fufills? So far it is fairly mellow in here - will check back in after the interviews - just cause I'm old and bored. I am truly interested if these interviews shed any light on what roles the Sedins would play if they are brought onboard. Hopefully they will have an update on Ferly and Beagle
  3. is there somewhere to watch this live like n past years? anyone know?
  4. I can see why the Canuck fan base is one of the most disliked around the league. No matter what takes place someone is always complaining. I thought as a fan we should be cheering our team on. Whatever owners and management do really is not our business. Do other fan bases get as involved as this one - writing letters to owners - flying fire GM banners - what a gong show. And that's just my 2 cents worth - carry on with the whining and cancelling tickets - you soon won't have a team in BC to cheer for
  5. Canucks 6-5 Brock with GWG Canucks Brock
  6. Got to be hard for the team with all the rumours circulating - from coaching staff to players. Uncertain times in Vancouver. Love watching the kids et their chance
  7. 5-4 canucks Canucks score 1st Edler with the game winner
  8. 4-2 Oilers Mc D scores the winner And yes
  9. 6-5 Canucks Flames score first GWG - Edler
  10. Glad to see this forum is full of its usual positivity and good will - it's all good guys and gals - there is always another season. Enjoy watching the kids. I'll leave now - enjoy tonights game GCG
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