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  1. Oh it is hard to be positive when everything goes sideways. The season is all but done - let the kids get the experience - trade some of these contracts out - hope for a high draft pick and practise the next 30 games for next year - if there is a season next year. I am still pretty happy to have canuck hockey to watch. Sit back and watch the pieces either fall into place or not Should be a good game - would be nice if it was the full 60 minutes
  2. nope - was just saying he got fired this AM - I wouldn't want him anywhere near this team
  3. I have no words of inspiration But I do have a question or 2 - what's the scoop on Miller? Is his family in Van? Is he living with Jordie? He's not the same player we saw last year. Wondering if he has personal issues that are affecting his game - then again I guess that isn't anyones business but his.
  4. Roll 4 lines Why is the 1st PP unit out for the whole 2 min - and why is JT on PP! and PK I think there is room for improvement on the PP Maybe Elliot Freidman is right - maybe last night was the turning point for Petey Contain McD and Dri GCG
  5. The expression and smiles on Hoglanders face last night was the best part of the game. Mac standing up for the rookie is pretty awesome - I'd like to know the reasoning behind playing him so little. I'm not just talking the limited number of minutes in last nights game - but for the most part he plays better then Jake or Guadette and he is far faster then old 21 although maybe not so defensively aware as Louie. If a % of our picks and prospects playing in the Ahl etc can compete at an NHL level - maybe we'll be contenders by the time this core is in it's prime - we've still got some growing pains ahead Life of a Canuck fan - patience and lots of it is required
  6. Only 1 point for Montreal - none for Calgary vs Edmonton Now if only we could string some wins together
  7. Oh I disagree - Beagle is capable and does so frequently, Motte was great before injured. JT can follow through on a pretty good check too.
  8. Just win this one and we'll negotiate the next one - deadmonton next ugh
  9. I question that as well - and why is he staying out there - the coaching staff telling him too? his own decision?
  10. Not a well played team game Not to many individual highlights either Scrum at the end - hope that's not the end of that. This could have the potential to be nastier then Cal-Van. Sunday should be interesting JT, Petey - terrible game OJ - I'm beginning to really like this kid - you can start to see what the scouts saw in him. See the game well Bring on Sunday
  11. That would be a blast to watch For the most part I find 650 boring - but maybe that isn't being totally fair as I don't listen to them often