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  1. S L O W is G O O D Thanks, you can bitch n moan about coaching, thats what you seem to focus on, but at the end of the day the team has improved year after year under Green and assistants.
  2. Wait, didn't you say he was making to many changes, leave the lines alone, Poor Jake on 3 different' lines in 1 game? now you say he leaves things the same................ i'm confused
  3. Sorry but clueless is seriously uncalled for. Obviously it's your opinion and thats cool, but seriously they are professional coaches and were professional players that have a clue aboat what they are doing, imho Go Canucks go
  4. I agree and the 6m Myers has been playing pretty darn good imho Hamonic is definatly looking rusty but to some extent can be expected 10 games in we'll have a better idea and hopefully some better team chemistry
  5. Great point, just 4 months ago and only 3 games since then. The system seemed to work pretty darn good in the bubble Go Canucks go
  6. I have to ask you, Does coach Green do anything right in your expert opinion? Also what is your coaching back ground ? Poor Jake had to play on 3 different lines in one game Due to bad coaching? I think Jake owns that one. Can we ease off all the negativity please Lets get to game 10 and see where we are at in the standings. IMHO the boys will turn this around and win some games Go Canucks go
  7. Our effort definitely needs to be there from the puck drop to the buzzer, but I am left wondering where your comment about NOT being a good motivator comes from? did you here players mention this? did you here sports analysts say this? or is this just your IMHO? Coach Green sure seemed to motivate them in the bubble playoffs. I agree the Vets need to do more but these are professional players and professional coaches, I'm confident that together as a whole they will work through this. Go Canucks Go
  8. Or maybe the coach knows his players better and has more trust in him than other Dmen that he has to choose from? Go Canucks go
  9. I agree, they do look gassed out there, seems they start a shift with energy then taper off quickly and skate like they got poo in their pants Boys know they have dug themselves a wee bit of a hole, but i have faith they will turn it around. Go Canucks Go
  10. Where the hell is YOUR Enthusiasm Go Canucks Go
  11. All this doom, gloom and despair. Fire coaches, fire GM, blame the vets, blame the rookies.............. good lord people Lets see how this unfolds by game 10. We knew this was going to be a challenging covid season. Yes they are starting to dig a big hole for themselves..... Come on canucks, right the ship, fill the hole and win a f#%€king game. Go CANUCKS go