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  1. Holy crap man, your a one man forum all by your self
  2. Luke and Hamonic will definitely bring some strength and grit to the backend So great to be a Canucks fan today Can't wait for the season to get started Go Canucks go
  3. Only played 2 games in the NHL last year for Florida
  4. Rumors have him sick with covid last year and another injury. Depth depth depth
  5. Says who? Source? I have not seen or read 1 single quote from NS saying he wants out of Vancouver. Please direct me to such statements as i may have missed it IMHO its about freeing up as much cap space as possible
  6. Rubbish, good reply. And as of right now Schmidt's still a canuck TERRIBLE, good lord wolfgang
  7. And on the bright side of this deal....................he's young, he's been a point producing forward everywhere he plays, HE WANTS TO BE HERE
  8. Yard barker is your go to source?. Good lord man You completely dished his play as a defenceman in the NHL. In your opinion you feel he's terrible, ok, we are all entitled to our opinions I don't think our coaching staff and management agree
  9. Isn't the greatest defensively And his terrible defensive game? I'm sorry but he's a decent NHL defenseman with size and can play the game.
  10. Anyone is better?? Come on man, while I'm not in favor of resigning him, i have respect for him as a player and a person. Thanks Brandon for your professionalism and time with the team Head out to Viking Alberta and spew your hate for Sutter.
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