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  1. Hey, can you tell us again your opinion of the coaching staff? You use the word dumb and dumber a lot
  2. What is the draft pick compensation scale for this year? The terms listed below include the average annual value of the offer sheet and the corresponding draft-pick compensation. For an offer sheet of six or seven years, the average annual value would be based on a five-year term: $1,395,053 million or below -- No draft pick compensation More than $1,395,053 to $2,113,716 -- third-round pick More than $2,113,716 to $4,227,437 -- second-round pick More than $4,227,437 to $6,341,152 -- First- and third-round picks
  3. Huh, Well ive been a supporter of JB throughout his tenure but this one leaves me scratching my head Even if injury prevented a trade for picks, this just too much $$ and for 1 year too long, IMHO. Lets hope this doesnt hurt HALF as much as LE horrible contract. 2 years x 2.5mill is what i thought would be fair Aquaman must have approved though, HUH
  4. All good points Is there a mechanism in the nhl to actually forfeit all 19 games? Does the opponent team get the 2 points? I am very anxious to hear from our players, their opinions and feelings about the season I hope they are startin to feel better and all families involved are getting healthy
  5. Pathetic Ass haters??? Wow did you come up with that all by ourself?
  6. 19 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said: Actually no. I get that you need to feel superior in this situation. I was having a conversation with Devron44 and they were speculating on who the other sick Canuck could be. My one word answer to them was Boeser. Wasn’t talking to your dumb ass or your other account, the equally stupid Abrasive Assjax. Yet both of you are desperately trying to state that I was making a statement to the community at large, even though I quoted Devron purposely to indicate (especially to the slower, denser posters like yourself) that it was a response to them. Y
  7. I am starting to believe that its best move at this point in time. Regardless healthy and safety first. Has it ever been done and i wonder what all the ramifications would be? Trade deadline? Cap/contracts? Draft? Remaining salaries? Wow, just wow
  8. Good for you, you found an opportunity to rant your hate for Liberal Governments
  9. NICE! I have not got a Hali yet, Buddy is coming out next week and hoping for a flat sea to go try. Found some nice Ling when they were open and they are good eating
  10. 2,840,000 mourning families world wide, almost 3 million people dead and this 10Pavel says it's not serious?
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