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  1. GM & President Sedins. I dig it.
  2. Benning really making it hard to support him these days. Don’t like this trade at all... what is the point of this trade please someone explain to me. We traded depth for worse depth, 1 for 1.
  3. I’m glad he’s not back. Should’ve thought about the consequences when he left. Adios!
  4. Trade his rights or keep him in the slums of Russia. I don’t want to see him wearing a Canucks jersey again. What an idiot.
  5. What a bunch of garbage. What’s speculative about him running away to Russia? That happened, and he said he didn’t like the ice time he was getting. Get your facts straight. Anyone that turns their back on the Canuck isn’t a Canuck to me, but go ahead drink your kool aid.
  6. I can’t believe the approval this guy gets around here. Turns his back on the city that drafted him because he wasn’t getting 20+ min a night in his first year. Disrespects Vancouver and runs away to mother Russia. I for one will boo if he ever wears the blue and green again.
  7. Screw him, ungrateful idiot. Keep his rights and don't let him play in the NHL.
  8. When do we start hitting the panic button? Jake with 1 assisst in last 10 games..
  9. Ok can it be more clear? He hates WD and WD hates him, pretty simple. As long as WD is here, Jake's going to be in Utica or playing 4th line minutes and getting yelled at (I saw WD yelling at Jake multiple times off camera!)
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