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  1. Is that good enough tho? Like what is the end goal here are we trying to tread water or? Yes once you’re in you have a shot but as we saw last year and with many other teams, standing in front of a carnival mirror isn’t a true reflection of what you are.
  2. So glad I'm only sitting down to watch 30 mins of this a day not 2 and a half hours .
  3. You’re fully allowed to support the Canucks if they hired a hamster to run the team next fall. Hell half of you would. Not everyone needs to pretend the Canucks are a model organization, let’s not even bring roster depth into this for the sake of “positivity”.
  4. For them to come into next season status quo with the leaders above the players is the definition of insanity
  5. It’s almost funny how much of a dumpsterfire the Canucks organization is. Not that far behind Buffalo for laughing stock of the league.
  6. By all accounts he's a players coach. I think the core 4 would vouch for him and thats probably all thats needed. $$$$$$$$
  7. 8.5 For Petey and Hughes would be nothing short of a miracle on a long term deal. Either that or they haven't Canucks just haven't progressed that well with them, and if that's the case expect a full blow up. Boesers qualifying offer is 7.5 and Probably will be closer to 8 at the very minimum if he continues to improve That blockbuster trade has about as much a chance of happening as the Canucks winning the cup in 2021. The value of Juolevi and Lind alone isn't very high. They're dime a dozen replaceable players, throw in Roussel and you're making it worse
  8. How many of y'all will be watching the last few games start to end? Not snarky just curious. The weather will be great and there's going to be exciting playoff hockey around the corner. Get Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood and Juolevi in, let them learn and develop and you'd get more eyes than the roster you have now, even if you scratch Bo, Brock or Miller
  9. As already mentioned, hate both these teams, only watching to see one of them lose. Bruins in 5
  10. Hoping they continue the tradition but the Habs just aren't good. Leafs get pushed but win in 7
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