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  1. Probably not a shocker but not all of Hughes, Horvat, Petey and Boeser will retire as lifetime Canucks. If you can maximize an asset before you get to the point of trading a broken Kesler, that's probably how you give your actual core as many chances to win as possible.
  2. 650 when 1040 is on commercial but that’s it.
  3. lol he was fed on a silver spoon from the second he was drafted. He would have played as an 18 year old if he didn't have a bum shoulder. That's how desperate Vancouver was for something to market.
  4. Biggest issue this offseason is making sure I’m Still Standing is the victory song for a long long time

    1. Cramarossa


      Absolutely agree.

  5. Unless you’re giving him Bobrovsky money that option isn’t on the table
  6. Idea of keeping both is nice but after this series Seattle will be asking for the sun and moon to not select Demko.
  7. Soak in the game tonight, and if we win, soak them all up til we get knocked out. Don't think the 20-21 Season is starting anytime soon. 4-2 Van tonight tho.
  8. Playing with house money. No pressure, play fast and whatever happens happens. Theyd get a heroes welcome at VYR if this was 2019, even if they lost the next 2
  9. No passagens, full credit to the team, but especially Travis Green. Gets a lot of hate but man to get the team to play like that in the third. I've been nothing but critical of Jake but it's because he can have games like this when he can just bring it. Motte's an animal holy.
  10. Well he got gifted a spot on the first line with the Sedins, other than that was he not always a tweener? Other than the effort he gave on the Botton 6
  11. Lol remember when Ray Ferraro was ripped for saying he said Jake could be another Jannik Hansen. Who wouldn't take that right now?
  12. He’s checked out. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t bet he’s in a different t jersey next year. I could care less if he scores 30 with the Bruins, it was never ever going to work out here. Kid in a candy store, when he doesn’t have to play hockey. World is his oyster.