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  1. Put the money on the over for Horvat points tonight and thank me later. Pissed with his mistake last game, slow start to the season and always always plays well in Detroit.
  2. Absolute 180 from the first. Feel for Flyers fans this is the Canucks when they had Anders Nilsson and a really bad Jacob Markstrom
  3. As much as I don't like the market I'd say Winnipeg. Followed by a pick of EDM/TML then the Canucks. Ottawa MTL and the Flames are clearly a step below Vancouver.
  4. Gauncer was one of the nicest Canucks, almost to a fault. Incredibly smart as well, will have no trouble with a career if he ever chooses to retire from hockey early.
  5. Y’all ready to do this again with Boeser next year?
  6. We trying to be a lottery team for another decade? This is so terribly bad
  7. The answer is no I’m just saying I’ve heard that a lot around here and they’re very clearly on other levels
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