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  1. How long are y'all willing to wait to see some forward progress? 1 more year? a 3rd round appearance 3 years from now? Sooner or later the bar has to be higher.
  2. Clear he enjoys being a hockey player more than he enjoys playing hockey.
  3. I think Beagle gets one just based off the way this management group sees things. I'd give the other one to Miller.
  4. Playoff Jake is still the best joke I've heard.
  5. Agreed, whether it's trade, buyout, etc... He is never playing another game for the Canucks again. Good riddance, goodbye.
  6. Good player for sure and frees up JT. Still need a top 6W and to address the Swiss cheese D before any forward progress can be made however.
  7. Anyone wanna put money on them to win the cup? Vegas has 100/1 odds before they played their first game.
  8. Interesting this is how many didn't want to draft Carlo, myself included. Chychrun the same way.
  9. He might be the only Canuck that is booed at player introductions next home opener. If they're dumb enough to have this guy ever put on a Canucks jersey again they can't be dumb enough to send him out for that one
  10. The difference isn't the Lightning toughness lol. It's that they've got skilled enough forwards to get past the big slow 70 era Dmen the Habs have on their team.
  11. Voted Evason by mistake but I think it's Rod's. I think Colliton should have had it if the Hawks had managed to hang on
  12. I dunno if you're his brother or why you're defending him so hard. The guy is a dick. Plain and simple.
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