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  1. Put the money on the over for Horvat points tonight and thank me later. Pissed with his mistake last game, slow start to the season and always always plays well in Detroit.
  2. Absolute 180 from the first. Feel for Flyers fans this is the Canucks when they had Anders Nilsson and a really bad Jacob Markstrom
  3. As much as I don't like the market I'd say Winnipeg. Followed by a pick of EDM/TML then the Canucks. Ottawa MTL and the Flames are clearly a step below Vancouver.
  4. Gauncer was one of the nicest Canucks, almost to a fault. Incredibly smart as well, will have no trouble with a career if he ever chooses to retire from hockey early.
  5. Y’all ready to do this again with Boeser next year?
  6. We trying to be a lottery team for another decade? This is so terribly bad
  7. The answer is no I’m just saying I’ve heard that a lot around here and they’re very clearly on other levels
  8. Everyone who's been saying that Rathbone can replace Hughes, well...
  9. God I can only imagine how annoying listening to someone talk about ketchup 4 time a game while the play is going on would be to someone who wasn't used to him
  10. Those Seattle jerseys look a lot better on TV than they do in pictures too
  11. Play by play guy is quite good. Colour guy needs some experience to realize he needs more than a one liner to fill dead space at some time. Seattle looks good so far.
  12. You make some good points, aside from paying Demko who is already signed for term. But why are the Canucks even in this position? They have not been good record wise under Jim Benning. They've had little star power before Petey and Hughes came here on their ELC's. Their captain is on an absolute STEAL of a contract and yet they've been trying to save pennies every year. It's not because they've been paying their superstars too much and can't afford depth either. In fact it's the opposite and there's a 7 year history of it.
  13. Do you not have the confidence that the Canucks will turn it around in 4 years and be a contender? It's not a matter of having the caps-ace to get it done. There will be enough contracts off the books. Petey has said he wants to play for a winning team. So has Bo. If the Canucks management does their job the smart play would be walking Petey to UFA on a much reduced rate.
  14. You pay your top players and trust your farm system enough to recycle guys like Motte who will be asking for too much for a 4th liner. We lose those guys by paying Petey and Quinn what they deserve, when we hand out more Pearson and Poolman contracts. Or when we pay defensemen 3M to not be in camp.
  15. Trade either of these te without getting a better player back and you may as well trade Miller, Horvat and Boeser before 2023 as well.
  16. If you replace Quinn Hughes with Jack Rathbone and Eric Staal you'd better be ok with saying goodbye to Horvat in a couple years. No one wants to play for a loser forever and that what the Canucks would continue to be. So much of the offence ran through a Quinn Hughes who had a bad season by his regard. It's crazy how undervalued he is here. Jim can stick to his guns but he'll be fired mid season the moment the Canucks drop more than 5 games below 500 if one of QH or EP aren't playing.
  17. Credit to Jim, he's out if he misses the playoffs this year and I don't think anyone can dispute that. The fact that he's stuck to his guns so far probably puts us in better shape moving forward. That said I don't think either get signed until either the tail end of preseason or maybe just before the regular season. These are kids and it's an 82 game season. Even if game 1-5 are preseason games for them, if the GM has enough faith in the roster he put together, they should be able to tread water until they find their legs.
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