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  1. Smart if true and it's what should have been done with Jake.
  2. If he is he's 100% correct
  3. You could put a bunch of emojis engraved with the cup winner this year. A cups a cup.
  4. Well they’re both lefty’s so... He did suffer a season ending injury this season so he might drop far enough for us to nab which would be fun.
  5. I dont know a lot of fans who are attached to him at all. Maybe he's attached like a flea?
  6. Ya we got a stacked roster that’s gonna make some noise in round 3. Can’t wait, don’t know what the complaints are about.
  7. If he's an ex Leaf does it still count?
  8. Vesey, Gaudette, Boyd, MacEwen and Motte make up less than 5M. Imagine.
  9. This is how you get your 4th liners, or at least these are the types of contracts they should have. Fully onboard with this claim.
  10. Between them and the Wild I don't know the better story
  11. Lambeau Field is probably at the top of my list.
  12. You're supposed to dance with the girl with brung ya, but man Holtby's due. Unless they can play the perfect team game tomorrow and make it an easy night for Demmer
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