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  1. Exactly. It wouldn’t make sense to have him as an employee. He probably gets like a couple hundred bucks a game and that’s it. Which in that case he didn’t really get fired. Im just not going to diminish Mark for what he is doing. Would I have done it if I was him? No. It’s a really risky move for a public figure. But at the same time what makes this country so great is that if you disagree with something your allowed to have a voice. I hope we don’t get to the point in this country where political views determine your employment.
  2. Aquilini should of at least waited for the rally to happen. Donnelly could easily sue for wrong dismissal if he was on the payroll. What if he doesn’t go now? Plus since when do we fire people for speaking there mind? What if he was going to go there while social distancing? I could follow the rules and still speak against it. I agree with most of the restrictions but it’s easier for me as I’m an introvert and a homebody so it doesn’t change things as much for me. I just wish we provided more resources to the people that are getting blasted by this crisis and not just financially.