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  1. Your so far out of touch right now. If we had massive amounts of people sick back in December then we would of also been seeing people showing up at the hospital doors on a ventilator and that didn’t happen in December. Also your claims about BC having any degree of herd immunity is totally false. The reason why are numbers are lower is due to spring break, travel, population density, lifestyle, weather. Our province has only one real densely populated city and that’s the lower mainland whereas eastern Canada is suburb after suburb. Same thing with the east coast USA. Our spring break was later so we couldn’t travel. Quebecers made spring trips to hard hit areas like France Italy and NYC. We get early springs so our population can spend way more time outside where the virus doesn’t transmit easily. I live in Kelowna and everything we do in the summer is outside covid or no covid. I Dont think you have your facts right. Do some research.
  2. It would make absolutely no difference. I actually don’t mind not having reports on the weekend. Plus it gives Bonnie Henry a little break. She deserves a little bit of time off although I doubt she takes a complete day off.
  3. Sign AP now and talk to Florida and do a Boeser plus for Ekblad. Our D and goaltending would be solid and we have enough forward prospects in the pipeline.
  4. I think we did great today. Better to get rid of a guy a year early then a year late. You don’t pay for the past you pay for what your going to get moving forward. Take the emotion out of the contract and do what’s right for the team. Belichuk style. The Markstrom was too risky and we got a suitable replacement for less money and only a two year deal. Wel done Jim.
  5. Thank goodness this isn’t happening. 56 million and the want top prospects. No go for me.
  6. Will see if the lose out on a chance to get Zary or Lapierre that would be a bad trade for Calgary.
  7. I did a test in BC and Alberta in April and my one in Kelowna was back in 7 hours and my test in AB was back within 24 hours. The tests are available rather quickly you just need to sign up for myhealth or phone them. I don’t think honk your assessment is totally accurate. Maybe at certain times or if labs are down but other then that I thinks it been within 24 hours for the most part.
  8. Not everyone can wear a mask. Get over it. My breathing gets restricted and it raises my heart rate to almost 200 bpm. If it works for 90 percent of the people out there then good enough.
  9. You can’t just shut down the airlines. There is a big difference between a banquet hall and an airline. You make it sound so simple.
  10. Those messages you stated are the absolute basics that virtually every province/state is doing. In BC you can still waltz into a save on without a mask. Im an essential worker so I’ve had to travel all over North America during the pandemic and BC has very few restrictions compared to cities like Montreal, Chicago and NY. I would say promoting tourism starting July 1 set us back the most. I think if we kept the province to ourselves we would of been better off. Cases are going up but its not too late at all to reverse the trend.
  11. I don’t think we did anything real great in March/April. I think luck and circumstances were in our favor. Everyone made Bonnie Henry out to be a goddess when really she didn’t do anything special that others didn’t do. Some get hit early others later. Right now we’re getting hit.
  12. Definitely should kept Albertans out. I live in Kelowna and we were fine until they showed up.
  13. Depth is still an issue. Every Stanley Cup winner seems to have third and fourth lines that can help push the team a bit. I’m thrilled with the way our stars played: Pettersson, Hughes and Miller were great. I would re sign Markstrom if it’s a team friendly contract but I can totally see him wanting to cash in. In terms of the bottom 6 I think we can look in house versus signing any UFAs. As I said I’m willing to let Markstrom walk as well as Toffoli. Resigning Tanev would be productive for the team and for Quinn. We have guys like Macewan Podkolzin Lind and Hoglander at forward/ Rathbone Rafferty Juolevi on defence to build from within and push some of these bottom of the lineup vets out the door. Sutter and Eriksson need to go.
  14. He has been skating in Kelowna during the pandemic on private ice during the crisis. He went out for a drink and what’s the big deal? A lot of guys go to clubs they are entitled to a life too. Patrick Kane goes out all the time and he is just fine. People now a days are so sensitive to other people these days.