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  1. Maybe the older veterans that know this is there last contract and then it’s either Russia or retirement. Would it really be smart for someone like Gaudette to just quit on a coach while he is trying to make his way? That would be dumb. This team needs to defend better but they also need the personnel to get it done. It’s terrible. By far the worst on paper in the North.
  2. I’m not sure why people get so hung up on Travis Green. Is he doing a great job? Not necessarily but there are worse problems. Remember this team over achieved by nearly making it to the conference finals with Travis Green. What’s the difference this year? Roster construction. This is on Benning.
  3. That’s about all he does well. Beagles line still gets killed 5 on 5. For me the 3 players that get a pass from me are BB Bo and Hoglander. I think EP started slow but the last 7-8 games has been way better. I know Macewen has barely scored but defensively he has been okay as well and probably needs more of a chance at this point.
  4. Offensively the bottom 6 have done squat beside Motte and Sutter and the latter had 3 in 1 game. Rousell-1 goal Beagle-1 goal Gaudette- 2 goals Jake - 1 goal Macewen- 1 goal Boeser EP and Bo are all on pace for over 25 goals on a 82 game season. Miller has been disappointing this year however. I think for the most part the top line has been pretty good. We’re paying the price big time for the bad contracts handed out to Beagle Roussel Sutter Myers etc.
  5. I still think this team has more of a personel issue then a coaching problem. Our bottom 6 is slow and aged out and there is too much pressure on the lotto line to carry this team every night offensively. Our pairings on D aren’t much better.
  6. Hopefully we take the best offer we got and unload them. No time to play hardball. I can’t see a lot trading happening this year and more then likely it will be deals within the division.
  7. Then goes onto say we have a 17 percent chance of making it. By my math we still have a chance.
  8. Not sure how Forbert doesn’t get called for one of the three cross checks and then only gets a holding minor for attacking Hog again. There was a bunch of other missed calls too.
  9. Exactly. Easy to run a country if you get to make every decision after the fact.
  10. I would love it if somehow Donnie and Moj could start a podcast. Get some sponsors to prop it up and no radio rules and it could be pretty fun!
  11. Awful for sure. I was on medical leave when covid first hit could barely get out of bed and these people kept my day somewhat sane. I still remember listening to 1040 the day the first games got cancelled and it was like breaking news every 5 minutes. Terrible the way this ended. I know Moj quite well outside the radio and he is just such an awesome guy. I never made the switch to 650.
  12. It does suck that people lost their jobs. I’m wondering how long talk radio is really going to last into the future though. With social media and podcasts I think traditional radio just can’t compete. At least with a podcast you can start out with 3 f bombs if you want too. I did like 1040 though. Halfred and Brough were awesome and liked Donny and Moj. Other then that I start listening to podcasts like 31 thoughts and Spittin Chicklet
  13. This might not be a big deal. A losing season In a pandemic where we can come out of it with a new GM and Luke Hughes. Gotta look at the positive!
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