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  1. Great deal. Giving term to a 25 year old who is just getting better is fine. The cap hit is more then reasonable too.
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets one more shot at league min. He’ll probably blow that too and then have to look for a job overseas.
  3. Right. Set a deadline with interested teams and either they want him or they don’t. If not then we keep him. It’s kind of hard on the player if this drags on for months.
  4. You know it’s not close when the GM send the agent to look for a trade. I think Schmidt and Holtby are undesirable. Probably stuck with them both unless we add a sweetener.
  5. Cya. I support this move. Poor character and his on ice play was borderline acceptable at best. Hope this is the wake up call for him. His career is in serious jeopardy and it would be sad if he wasted it away.
  6. This is a dumb trade. We took on 42 million plus whatever we pay Garland. We got rid of 12 million that’s expiring at the end of next year. So straight up salary exchanges we were behind big time. Obviously we get a good player in Garland but is he worth all those picks plus us taking on a terrible contract? I think it’s a bad trade. Just my opinion.
  7. Big mistake losing Lind. Every time he gets his first taste at a higher level he has sucked whether that’s is junior, AHL and the NHL. Once he gets comfortable he is pretty effective. JB should of made a deal to get Seattle to eat a contract.
  8. I would really love to get Lysell. He plays on a deep team and everything I see and read looks really good. Low risk. This draft seems all over the place though. Could we get him if we don’t move up? I’ll be honest I have no idea where these players are going to go.
  9. Good he’s back. Now will suck for two more years and maybe we can get Wright or Bedard.
  10. I think it’s time to go separate ways with Jake. It was debatable before these allegations I think this just confirms that’s it the right move for the team. His decision making in the past has been questionable and I think every effort has been done to try and make it work. Maybe a change of scenery is the wake up call for Jake to save his career.
  11. Point, Huberdeau, Fowler all dropped and have turned out good. That’s just off the top of my head.
  12. Maybe the older veterans that know this is there last contract and then it’s either Russia or retirement. Would it really be smart for someone like Gaudette to just quit on a coach while he is trying to make his way? That would be dumb. This team needs to defend better but they also need the personnel to get it done. It’s terrible. By far the worst on paper in the North.
  13. I’m not sure why people get so hung up on Travis Green. Is he doing a great job? Not necessarily but there are worse problems. Remember this team over achieved by nearly making it to the conference finals with Travis Green. What’s the difference this year? Roster construction. This is on Benning.
  14. That’s about all he does well. Beagles line still gets killed 5 on 5. For me the 3 players that get a pass from me are BB Bo and Hoglander. I think EP started slow but the last 7-8 games has been way better. I know Macewen has barely scored but defensively he has been okay as well and probably needs more of a chance at this point.
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