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  1. Just run that one by me again. You were a fan of Benning despite the fact the team lacked high end defencemen, he signs one with a pretty reasonable cap hit on a contract that ends before he even turns 34 and you think now is the best time to criticise him? If this deal handcuffs the team as you claim, which "actual top pairing guys" would you prefer and how much would they cost and for how long?
  2. No. Toffoli is a top 6 player on most teams, definitely in Van where I'd probably put him marginally ahead of Boeser right now (though obviously BB has much more potential). It's a shame we couldn't keep him and I think Habs got a pretty good deal - we'll come back in the summer and see who's right. As for the signing - at the time I think it wasn't too bad especially as Boeser was injured and the only reason he didn't miss more games was because of COVID which I'm pretty sure no one saw coming. The extra time for BB to recover, Toffoli's injury and the flat cap probably make the signing bad in hindsight but none of that could be predicted.
  3. While that's not how maths works, I agree with the sentiment. I really like Marky and I'm not gonna enjoy watching him in Calgary, but there's no way 6x6 for him in the current market is a good idea. It's possible he'll be great but there's a lot of risk. If he's still playing well in 2026 I'd be up for bringing him in to backup Demko and/or DiPietro.
  4. I was gonna do a joke about Shapiro at 1.5x speed, but I see I've been beaten to it. The follow up to this video is basically a response to Shapiro's Rogan interview, which I think is worth watching too. As for the Covid stuff, the first video does briefly touch on some of the ways it affects ethnic minorities more at about the 1:04 point, but yeah I'm not convinced it's really the best example to use.
  5. So I finally finished watching and not sure I got much from it, pretty much agree with @bishopshodan's assessment. First half was weird god bothering stuff and the second half was mostly partisan left bashing. He seemed to have a fairly blinkered view of things. I thought the recent interview with a black cop on The Daily was more enlightening, the guy seemed more conflicted and thoughtful Since I watched it at 1.5x speed I only lost about 40mins of my life so I'll let you off the Coke and just suggest an alternative video instead. The humourous style might not be to everyone's taste, but I think it does a pretty good of responding to people like Rubin (and a few posters on here) who claim systemic racism isn't a thing.
  6. I'm assuming the OP isn't going to be able to hear/see most of the answers so I'll summarise for them. WE DON'T KNOW, NO ONE DOES On a side note how about a few outdoor games with fans since the virus transmission seems to be considerably lower? Maybe a logistical nightmare but pretty much everything would be.
  7. Trust the plan, we got this. By the 3rd Lehner will have forgotten what the puck looks like and we can light him up.
  8. Hey, that's racist. They were also leprechauns, terrorists, drunks and drunken terrorist leprechauns. Tiocfaidh ár lá #greenlivesmatter
  9. So we agree? Cool. Apropos of nothing, anyone know the most consecutive saves in the playoffs?
  10. Pretty sure Bannon will find a way to steal it.
  11. Obviously he controls the world that's why his candidate won the 2016 US election and there isn't a fascist in charge in Hungary who spreads antisemetic lies about Soros... Sadly I have now read it, wish I hadn't. To save other's the effort basically Soros is evil (in part because he doesn't feel guilty about the holocaust), made his money in shady ways (name a billionaire who hasn't), and now donates a lot of his money to causes that align with his beliefs (evil things like weed legalisation and opposing racist criminal and former sheriff Joe Arpaio)
  12. Well that was dumb, but thanks for sharing. I'm not gonna watch it again and the vast majority of it was completely unrelated to the point he's trying to make, but here's some quick surface flaws with this. Yes there should be more fuss about China but that's just classic whataboutism. As for claiming China is behind BLM? That's just fecking moronic. The issue the players have made a stand over is racism in America, with the aim to use their profile to further advance towards achieving the supposed aims of the founding fathers. Aims the civil rights movement also attempted to achieve so I really wish these morons would stop pretending MLK would oppose BLM. Also there was a sporting boycott of South Africa, which for some reason he completely ignores.
  13. If they're so heavy he needs Edler's help to lift them, he should probably see a doctor.