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  1. This was posted back in October. One of the most Telling posts of how Benning is building the team. It’s going to be challenging watching games like tonight, some pain for maybe 2 more years. But then, it’s gonna be awesome! So for everyone yapping about toffoli this , dead contracts that, consider the long term outlook, and how some young players have excelled and pushed some vets to becoming a dead contract. As pissed as I am about tonight, it was about effort, and “give a sh#t factor”. Not about toffoli over Jake. Tonight we could have used someone with a non stop motor, may someone named Jayce? Sorry, rant over, my phone just won’t stop and I’m getting annoyed. Go Canucks!
  2. This really sucks. I frickin live in Calgary and now I gotta put up with all the slow talking, knuckle dragging, mono brow flames fans beaking at me. F@#k. Did Markstom win this game? No, so don’t pin this on not signing him or any crap like that. Did Holtby lose this? No, so don’t pin this on him. This was effort, pure and simple. There was hardly any. No Cohesiveness. Again, sloppy passes, poor systems, crappy power play. Second to the puck every time! No push back! Green, it’s bag skate time. WAKE THE F@#K UP! I think there is no doubt of the JT Miller’s importance to this team. Both skill and leadership. I still love my Canucks but this was crap. I’m going to stay inside all day tomorrow. Bo, where are you? Go Canucks!
  3. Much like Bo got into St Louis heads in the playoffs, McMuffin got into our heads tonight. When he started whizzing around, systems broke down, assignments got lost, and frustration started. In the past, we used team speed, discipline, and effort to contain him, and tonight, we took our foot off the gas, and let him dictate. I refuse to pin this on Jake, or Demko. Several players were a step behind, sloppy passes, not urgent, etc... I do think the team was felling pretty good about last night, and tonight’s effort showed it. The good thing about a game like this happening this early in the season is there’s time to analyze, learn, adapt, and be ready for the next game. I did like the fight in Petey, Brock, and Hughes, they never gave up. And Hughes with a bloody bottom lip.... Go Canucks!!
  4. Wahoo! The Bo had his line motoring! The Brock in sweet form, what a laser! The Quinn making sweet passes and sweet... “eludings” (man he’s shifty!) When the rust comes off, this team will be awesome! I think they played about a 45 minute game tonight, looks like Holtby is getting his game back. Congratulations to Hogs for his first goal! Go Canucks!!
  5. I’m very excited for this year! We’ve got 2 excellent goalies, I don’t care who starts first, or what the split will be. With the condensed schedule and all the back to backs, both will play lots. The forwards are HUNGRY! You can just feel it! And our defence might be the strongest iced in a long time! It sure feels nice to have lengthy debates about who our 7/8 defence men will be, or who will be on our taxi squad. The team being iced looks pretty good. Good job Benning. And holy moly, Tanev grew one hell of a beard! Go Canucks Go!! I believe!!!
  6. Yeah but I live in Calgary, and I figured it was the Flames taking our sound now....
  7. Anyone have a team list with the corresponding numbers? There’s a few out there I don’t recognize.
  8. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  9. My thanks to Vintage and Deb (and others!) for the continuous updates! I’m busy doing dad stuff and only caught up now! any word on the tv schedule? I live in.... sigh.... Calgary and need to know if I should get Center ice or not. Btw, here’s me, on Christmas Day, skating on Auburn Bay lake, rockin the Bo!
  10. You gotta wonder if Marchand is doing some serious thinking right now!
  11. if the Canucks win wearing these jerseys, they’ll be the best jerseys ever! if the Canucks lose wearing these jerseys, they still won’t be as bad as the Flying V Go Canucks!
  12. I used to enjoy watching Donnelly sing the anthem, especially during the playoffs. 2011 playoffs, the arena was amazing. However, let’s look at it from the Aqualini family point of view. You own a multi million dollar asset, and one of the more noticeable “employees” (because we’re not sure if he’s contract or not) of their own free will blatantly supports a radical action going against both federal and provincial rules, and possibly said assets employee rules of conduct. What happens if the Aqualini family does nothing? Then they get hit, hard, for supporting a radical cause. That damage could be incredibly huge. The Aqualini family did the correct thing. And for Mr Donnelly.... Go Canucks!