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  1. You could tell by Bennings body language and the tone in his voice, he was done with Guadette, no matter the real reason. There’s been many people suggesting that the Canucks pay waaaaay too much for their 3 and 4 lines. Now we have a fourth line potentially consisting of Motte, Hawyrluk, MacEwan, Highmore, and Boyd. Motte makes the most at $1.225. Sutter comes off the books this summer, and Beagle, according to some rumours, may be done. In my opinion, buy out Roussel (would that be $633,333 cap hit for 2 years?), and you have a brand new bottom 6. I think Bennings thinking
  2. According to Capfriendly, now that Demko and Pearson are signed, Canucks now have just over $17 mil in cap space for next year. is that enough to sign Petey and Hughes to Brock-like bridge deals, with remaining to fill out a roster? Of the players coming, ie Podz, Lind, Tryamkin, etc, only Tryamkin will require something more than an entry level contract (if he comes) The year after that, Luongos penalty, Louie, Roussel, Beagle, Holtby come off the books, more than enough to resign Bo and Brock and others. We still have Ferlands $3.5 on LTIR we can use.
  3. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I was hoping to get a 2nd for him, but given the current status of team, no one is trading with us.
  4. If there’s a good thing about this horrible situation, it’s that the Canucks seem to be garnering some support around the league and media. When old guard such as Brent and Daryl Sutter start speaking out, obviously in huge concern for their son/nephew, that’s good. When players on other teams, such as Adam Lowry of the Jets, start speaking out in support of the Canucks, that is good. And when the talking heads on CBC and sportsnet start disregarding any trade possibilities with the Canucks, and just hope for the health and well being of the players, coaches and staff, that is good
  5. The second paragraph, “...or his intention,...” He shared his intention with a fellow ref, who did nothing. Thereby, a possible accomplice to said intention. Would Kelly Sutherland not be held to the same scrutiny as Peel then? If Colin Campbell wants to “ensure the integrity of the game”, Sutherland at the very least should be investigated (and in my opinion fired) for not bringing this forward. On a side note, say Sutherland did do something, and reported this to the game officials. Has a ref ever been ejected? I wonder if the NHL has protocols in place for
  6. At least I enjoyed my Old Dutch BBQ potato chips! If Bo is out, that’s it, seasons over. No team can absorb this many injuries at one position. Benn is reverting to last year Benn. Play OJ now. Roussell looks like it’s “hot potato” when he gets the puck. Play a kid instead. sigh......
  7. I agree. I liked the Vesey-Miller-Virtanen line. Skill and meat. Hopefully all 3 get a fire burning in their bellies...
  8. Montreal has our number. That is all. good night, stay safe and healthy.
  9. Wow, I didn’t even know Guadettes goal was in until I saw the slow-mo replay. What a laser! Finally one went in! Hopefully more to come now! Montreal play such an intense fore check it discombobulates our D. This is where pre game scouting and game system adjustments are critical if we want to have success. Let’s hope the coaching staff is up to task (insert Green/Baumer roast here) Bending, not breaking..... Go Canucks!!!
  10. Jake, we’ve been waiting for you! Will you please stay? Another game where the Canucks tease us with a 60 minute game. Can we have some more? More Demko please! Go Canucks!
  11. 2 handed slash across Miller’s leg. I don’t like whining about reffing, but a penalty is a penalty, and this is pretty valid. it was #44, who ever that is.
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