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  1. Just like someone else said, I’m not losing sleep over any of these players exposed. pick that will help the Canucks over all situation: LE pick the will help the Canucks and might actually happen: Holtby pick that I don’t think will happen but might appear to look like a good pick: Jake (big red flag, unfortunately there may be Visa and border issues down the road. I definitely wouldn’t take a chance) pick that a Canuck fan thinks Seattle should pick: Gadj Pick from left field: Sutter pick who I hope for: Holtby who Seattle actually picks: Highmore (
  2. This! No coach in the NHL could have done better. And not Gallant, not Babcock. Remember, when the Canucks finally did have a day to practice, they came out and crushed the Flames.
  3. That’s great thanks! So, according to CapFriendly, on July 1, 2021 LE gets $1mil bonus and a $3mil salary for 21/22. So if he retires after July 1, he forfeits $3mil. If he’s buried in the minors, his cap hit is reduced by $1mil. So a still $5mil cap hit. Is that all correct? I'm just trying to analyze the costs for the situation: buy out vs retires vs buried in minors most likely scenario: buried in minors Buying out Roussel might actually work (if the team is so inclined): a $3 mil cap hit with him playing (poorly in my opinion)/injured reserve/g
  4. I’m having issues interpreting Capfriendly’s buy out calculations. Can anyone correctly share what the a) cost of a players contract buy out, and b) the cap hit of a players contract buy out? Specifically, I’m looking at LE and Roussel, but I’m sure others have interest in other players. Also, if anyone is a contract pro, what are the ramifications of a player retiring, is there still a cap hit? (Ie what happens if LE retires?) Gracias!
  5. In my opinion, possibly the biggest positive out of this incredibly crappy season, is that we’re turning a page on this team. I highly doubt we will ever see LE, Roussell, Sutter, maybe Beagle, maybe Edler, (maybe Virtanen) play for the Canucks again. And we’ve injected youth, lots of it. The play of Hogs, Rathbone, Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood, and non rookies Graovac, Highmore, and Hawryluk will give us youth, lower cost, and energy. I believe with a good summer to train and heal/recover, a good training camp, and some practice (the Canucks didn’t practice once a
  6. After the first, it was real apparent how this game was gonna go. So I grabbed some beer (some scotch ale), sat on my front lawn and chatted with neighbours who were passing by on beautiful May evening. Had a great time. Play....the...kids!! 5-0 draft 12. 0-5, 1-4 draft 4 1-3-1 draft 6 the rest depends on how SJ, Ott and LA do (we have to remember Seattle gets a pick, but Arizona forfeits this year) Go Canucks!!
  7. Well it’s good to see some puck luck against the Jets. Over the years, I don’t know how many times the Jets got goals from fluky deflections off Canuck defence, or Hellybuck/Broisotte/goalie stole the game. Shoes on the other foot tonight! Rathbone continues to impress me, as does Highmore, even Hawyrluk and Graovac. I hope Gajdovich is in tomorrow. As of now, the Canucks have the 4th overall pick. If they go 0-6, they get 4th, no matter what other teams do (most teams are done their season anyway). Even if they go 1-5 they keep 4th. If the Canucks run the gauntlet and
  8. I guess if there’s anything to take away from these remaining games, it’s that management and coaching can see what we have for next year. Over this series against the Oilers, players like Rathbone and Lind have played well, and should be a strong consideration for next year. Players like Boyd and Hawyrluk have put out good effort, and could be a consideration for next year. And players like Vesey and Michaelis, should not be a consideration. Michaelis in instead of Louie? Louie is done. And I just gotta get it off my chest. Without a shove from behind, Bo was not
  9. Bingo. When the Oilers made it to the finals against the Hurricanes, we all cheered for Them. When the Flames went to the finals against the Lightning, we all cheered for them. But when our Canucks went to the finals against the Bruins, the rest of Canada, led by the CBC, cheered for the Bruins. I will never cheer for another Canadian team.
  10. I’m seeing 3 things with our Canucks 1: fatigue. Fatigue is a condition further than just being tired. Everything gets affected, hand-eye, reflexes, thought processes, endurance, etc. It takes more than just “a good sleep” to recover, it takes some solid rest. With covid and the grinding schedule, I don’t see any change in this. No retribution on Larrsen? Ever been in a fight? It’s exhausting. 2: lack of practice. I’ve stated this before, Green has had to make a very difficult decision, rest or practice. He’s chosen rest, and none of us can critique that decisi
  11. Point 1: I’m so happy for Lind, thought he played well. Keep him with Bo and Pearson, keep Hogs with Miller and Brock. point 2: I’m quite disgusted with Simmons fighting Edler. Those morons on sportsnet web page are gushing at how awesome that was. Real knuckle dragging, mono brow stuff over there. point 3: Green, Holtby are starting to look healthier. This team should have a had another week off. Quinn is way off. Sit that boy, he needs rest. point 4: no practices, and it shows. Sloppy. Even, super sloppy! Or even spongy.... death by Snu Snu! Go Canucks!
  12. Geez, the Canucks were 3-1 after a severe Covid break, put in an ok effort but lost, and many people are like “fire green”, “so and so is a bum”, etc. Wow, talk about night and day. During Quinn’s pre game interview, you can still see the bags under his eyes. These players are trying, but they’re still not fully recovered. What you can see is lack of practice. Systems are breaking down, and the new players are getting a little lost. Green is having to make a choice, rest players or practice. Right now, he’s choosing rest. Vilify him if you want, but he’s making
  13. Oh my gosh, what a pick me up! Goose bumps! Watching that video again made my day! Go Canucks Go!!!! YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
  14. Near the end of the second, John and John talked about this was how a team that hasn’t played for 3 weeks plays like. I can understand getting up for thrashing the leafs, but getting that energy for the sens... the sens play hard, every game. If you don’t respect that, you will lose. power play- no Petey, starting to show penalty kill- no Edler, Beagle or Motte, results showed. This Highmore kid continues to impress me. This reminds me of when Motte was traded to us. We didn’t know what we were getting, but it turned out good? Good push back from Hamoni
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