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  1. Don't see Haaland leaving for Newcastle. He loves playing Champions League. It's what he plays for. Clubs not playing in the UCL probably won't even be considered by him. Some reports even saying he's thinking about staying here for another year because he likes the speed at which he's developing here. But I don't know if that is much more than wishful thinking. He's a different breed and other than the UCL thing I find it hard to foresee what he will do next summer. It will also depend on club's needs. Haaland is still much more a player for the counter attack than Lewandowski for example. Lots of reports as well about him having a release clause or not with different amounts mentioned. Plus his agent Raiola is notorious for cashing in big for himself and his client. 30m € for Raiola alone for that transfer + a fixed amount for Haaland in the same realm at the time of the transfer + the money Dortmund will get (probably north of 75m €) + Haaland's salary (the amounts @Wolfgang Durst mentioned are pretty realistic). Not a lot of clubs can pay that. Don't think even Bayern can (or at least will want to) pay that.
  2. Had to move south for a job a year ago, nothing happened here or at my hometown. No family or friends got hurt. One friend's house was flooded. Thankfully he and his family were visiting his nonna in Naples at the time. Basement and first floor were flooded. They just bought the house last year. Now they were given a flat by their hometown to live in for the time being. One thing great to see is all the people (and companies) that are helping though.
  3. As a Dortmund supporter I'm glad the saga is finally over. I knew Twitter can be toxic and all but the Man Utd Twitter mob was something I've never seen. Ignorant, arrogant, oblivious, presumptuous are the nicer words I can find for that lot. I wish Jadon all the best, he's been a heck of a player for us and he's grown a lot as a person. At the same time I can honestly say I've found a new club to hate and wish all the worst to Man Utd. As far as replacements go it seems we are in for Donyell Malen and / or Noni Madueke from PSV. Malen would fit the Rose scheme of two strikers and is not a direct replacement for Sancho. Madueke would be more of a winger/dribbler type like Sancho. On the other hand we still have Reyna and Knauff on the wings who I expect to step up their game this year.
  4. Haven't seen anybody discuss the ranking at length until this discussion here. It's nice as a rough estimate on the strength of teams. Otherwise I find it pretty useless.
  5. Lifelong BVB supporter. Born and raised 50 minutes from Dortmund
  6. Good Day to you, sir! Unreal season from Lewandowski. Well, I guess I still prefer Bayern winning over Leipzig, so...
  7. Which meant that the investors of those clubs get more money instead of UEFA. Hooray. Don't get me wrong. I 100% agree on your UEFA take. The only solution to more competition in my opinion is to give smaller clubs more from the pot than they are getting at the moment. All Top 5 european leagues are ridiculously top heavy, including the EPL. The EPL however has the luxury of a billion dollar TV contract + 6 teams at the top and comically bad management in some of those clubs which makes for a more even playing field.
  8. My favourite takes so far: It's a disgrace and the ultimate pinnacle of oligarchy. Football in Europe should be open to everyone, not an elite club of a few rich clubs. Kudos though to making FIFA and UEFA look like the saviours of football. I hope my club will withstand the calling for that construct and the financial pressure it puts on clubs not participating and remain in the Bundesliga.
  9. Spain 6-0 Germany Germany just lost one game higher, against England in 1909. Also most goals conceded in a game since 1954. Hope this finally puts an end to the Löw era. Overrated af. Winning the World Cup had more to do with Pep and Klopp managing the majority of Löws squad at that time.
  10. 3 goals in 5:57 is quite alright. Bring the series home boys! GCG!
  11. Maybe not a money first team, but a money first club. They literally wouldn't even exist without it. They bought the license of another club just so they didn't have to start from 10th League or so. The club's sole reason for existence is a marketing ploy. Other clubs use advertising as a means to make money. RB Leipzig however is the means. btw Sancho did this today:
  12. Only French and German teams left. Already feeling the Brexit? All jokes aside. I hope Lyon wins it. No sympathies for any other team. Realistically though, Bayern will make it. Even more furious now we were so terrible in the second leg against PSG. They have no business even being in the Semis this year.
  13. Just wouldn't make sense for us now. We would get the same, probably more next year and would have to look for a replacement. Zorc has made it very clear again today that Jadon will stay for this season. Reports are Jadon and his agent have accepted the decision. Doesn't sound like he wants to leave anyway
  14. So Zorc extended Sancho's contract until 2023 LAST summer and today he announced that and that Sancho is staying this season. Build this man a statue. Also, I'm feelin a little Schadenfreude regarding Man Utd.
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