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  1. 3 goals in 5:57 is quite alright. Bring the series home boys! GCG!
  2. Maybe not a money first team, but a money first club. They literally wouldn't even exist without it. They bought the license of another club just so they didn't have to start from 10th League or so. The club's sole reason for existence is a marketing ploy. Other clubs use advertising as a means to make money. RB Leipzig however is the means. btw Sancho did this today:
  3. Only French and German teams left. Already feeling the Brexit? All jokes aside. I hope Lyon wins it. No sympathies for any other team. Realistically though, Bayern will make it. Even more furious now we were so terrible in the second leg against PSG. They have no business even being in the Semis this year.
  4. Just wouldn't make sense for us now. We would get the same, probably more next year and would have to look for a replacement. Zorc has made it very clear again today that Jadon will stay for this season. Reports are Jadon and his agent have accepted the decision. Doesn't sound like he wants to leave anyway
  5. So Zorc extended Sancho's contract until 2023 LAST summer and today he announced that and that Sancho is staying this season. Build this man a statue. Also, I'm feelin a little Schadenfreude regarding Man Utd.
  6. Following the Sancho transfer saga on Twitter one has to assume that Man Utd fans are the most obnoxious and arrogant bunch in the business. ...United holds all the cards... ...Dortmund is broke, they have to sell... year, Dortmund gets nothing... Allegedly Woodward has threatened to walk away from the transfer if we insist on the 120m € we wanted from the beginning. What a threat. Oh no, we'll keep our best player for another year or two...
  7. After all of Riberys elbows and eye pokes, after the nasty kicks off pitch by Kimmich and the two goals not given in the cup, they still find a way to bullsh** us. Great refs. Once again.
  8. Here in Germany hair salons and others were allowed to open on Monday. Football matches will be allowed the weekend after next as well. Curious to see if that was the right time or too early. No way back now I guess.
  9. Parts of Germany (Bavaria and various cities and municipalities) already have some restrictions enforced. Others will very likely follow on Monday at the latest. But it's not that you can't go out at all. If you are alone nobody will stop you. You can also go out in small groups if you live in the same household. Just don't sit in full restaurants or bars etc. Hold your distance and you'll be fine.
  10. The right thing to do. With the shoddy health system in the US and Mike Pence in charge of the whole situation this has the potential to get pretty terrifying.
  11. Welcome to the s#$tshow that is the German Football Federation.
  12. Haaland with 5 goals in his first not-quite-an-hour of Bundesliga football. Ridiculous instinct.