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  1. Good Day to you, sir! Unreal season from Lewandowski. Well, I guess I still prefer Bayern winning over Leipzig, so...
  2. Which meant that the investors of those clubs get more money instead of UEFA. Hooray. Don't get me wrong. I 100% agree on your UEFA take. The only solution to more competition in my opinion is to give smaller clubs more from the pot than they are getting at the moment. All Top 5 european leagues are ridiculously top heavy, including the EPL. The EPL however has the luxury of a billion dollar TV contract + 6 teams at the top and comically bad management in some of those clubs which makes for a more even playing field.
  3. My favourite takes so far: It's a disgrace and the ultimate pinnacle of oligarchy. Football in Europe should be open to everyone, not an elite club of a few rich clubs. Kudos though to making FIFA and UEFA look like the saviours of football. I hope my club will withstand the calling for that construct and the financial pressure it puts on clubs not participating and remain in the Bundesliga.
  4. Here in Germany hair salons and others were allowed to open on Monday. Football matches will be allowed the weekend after next as well. Curious to see if that was the right time or too early. No way back now I guess.
  5. Has been called up according to OHL Twitter account
  6. I don't expect much from him this season. I just want to see him making some adjustments to the smaller ice, the faster play and the physicality. Just get some first experience of NA hockey. After those couple of games you can see where work is needed in the offseason so you can focus on that parts in the summer.
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