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  1. Sorry if it has been asked but are they streaming the scrimmage today?
  2. Man i feel behind on the canucks(new baby will do that). Who is this kid?? i know he was a late pick in the boeser draft, but his numbers look extremely promising. Anyone out there that has watched him play, hows his two way game? are his numbers inflated or does he look like the real deal?
  3. Love watching this kid, he's all over the place driving the play for UND. Excited to see if he cracks the roster next year.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/A_Kalnins/status/705835953953349632?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw Not sure how trustworthy this guy is but I found it on a Canucks army article, so take it for what it's worth but he's reporting he's on his way.
  5. I was just playing man, deffinetly shows he has high potential to become a solid nhler.
  6. Toews had 22 in his rookie year, so brock = toews
  7. So brock is now leading the nchc in goals as a rookie. Already surpassed most peoples expectations. http://www.nchchockey.com/page/show/1917977-nchc
  8. Really stong start to the game for pedan, nice goal.
  9. Nd1989

    Tate Olson | D

    he was actually recently named to the canucks top 5 prospects by craig button which is good to see. http://www.tsn.ca/tsn-hockey-s-top-50-nhl-affiliated-prospects-1.436669 bottom of the page they have the top 5 prospects for each canadian team.
  10. if cdc got their way a different player would be waived after every loss.
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