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  1. Come back when you actually have some kind of an opinion...... or even an interesting thought to add here.
  2. wow The percentage of Covid tests that are coming back positive in B.C. has soared from 1.6 per cent in mid October to the most recent 6.7 per cent.
  3. Yup, the markets seem so unsteady lately... I am new to investing online.
  4. BC governments decision making process for covid restrictions....
  5. My basement bar has more than half an ounce of booze in a drink though...... I actually think having my bro in my basement for a xmas drink... is WAY>>>>>>> safer than hanging out in a crowded cactus club full of strangers...... BC's covid restrictions make no sense.... so people tuned out DR. B ... Dance school - closed Cheerleading school - open Masks need by kids at the mall. Masks not needed by kids at school. Ice hockey team can not play games but can practise Roller hockey team can both play games and practise...... Bar open Can't have your bro over xmas morning for a drink....
  6. The pub on my street is open .... rec hocey teams are practising at my local arena...... cactus club on my street has a lineup waiting to get in...... and i should worry about having my brother over on xmas day ... social distancing in my basement... Really ?
  7. Lucky thing for us in BC that According to Dr. B. covid is not contagious in schools.. Maybe BC has some kind of mutated strain of covid... This is why nobody takes Dr. B seriously anymore........ Dr. B sold / told more Whoppers this month than all the Burger king franchises in Bc...... Dr Zoë Hyde. @DrZoeHyde · 3h Report of a #COVID19 cluster at a primary school in Lévis, Québec. A total of 28 staff and 50 students have tested positive. H/T: @CovidEcoles.
  8. Yah.. restaurants and bars open - cheerleading and gymnastics open.... arena open for hockey... cinemas open.... Mall packed yesterday.. But you can NOT have xmas day with your Brother in law..... BC's covid restrictions make zero sense. That is why everyone tuned out Dr B's nagging months ago.....
  9. UK - 5 days in xmas with relaxed covid regs... The PM will also outline plans for a tougher three-tiered system for England - to be introduced at the end of the current lockdown on 2 December. The 10pm closing time for pubs and restaurants could also be relaxed. Three households could be allowed to meet up "over a number of days, maybe five days", according to the BBC's deputy political editor Vicki Young
  10. read up folks. - FREE. Covid insurance.... Dr. B wants to lockdown the province while keeping the economy open..... What a nutty plan.... doomed to fail. COVID-19 Insurance provided and administered by Manulife As part of our effort to help Canadians travel internationally safely and securely, effective September 17, 2020, new bookings with Air Canada originating in Canada include complimentary Manulife COVID-19 emergency medical and quarantine insurance underwritten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (“Manulife”). This Manulife COVID-19 insurance covers eligible Canadian residents when travelling internationally on a booking made with Air Canada, for travel until April 12, 2021. Manulife coverage will be automatically included if eligible when you purchase your booking. There are no registration forms to complete and premiums are paid for by Air Canada. This even extends to tickets booked with Aeroplan points. coverage.................................................................................................................... LImit Medical Coverage after a COVID-19 positive test result in destination Up to $200,000 CDN per insured Quarantine expenses after a COVID-19 positive test result, denied entry or contact tracing in destination $150/day up to $2100 per person, or $300/day up to $4200 per family (Maximum duration of 14 days) Emergency Air Transport to return you home Included in $200,000 per insured Repatriation due to death Up to policy limits as outlined in the certificate of insurance Level 3 Travel Advisory upgraded to Level 4 Travel Advisory by Canadian Government Up to a combined $500 per person for: *return airfare* meals and accommodations
  11. Valley is great for fall coho. South side tribs early on... move to north tribs later in season. In January move on to Steelhead... End of Steelhead season is time to start thinking about Kamloops lakes.... Next Sept - rinse and repeat. We are so lucky to have 12 months a year of great fishing here in the lower mainland / southern BC. I would love to have the opportunity to river fish on Van island.. must be some amazing hike in small flows to explore.
  12. Sounds like we may have to learn to live with covid virus for quite some time.... Yearly vacinations - do you think ? I wonder if people will be willing. / are smart enough to incorporate this into their yearly routines consistently.. Or will lazy humans can over confident.... / relax and we/Canada hit again with it bad. What exactly are these vaccines effective at doing? The clinical trials run by Pfizer and other companies were specifically designed to see whether vaccines protect people from getting sick from Covid-19. If volunteers developed symptoms like a fever or cough, they were then tested for the coronavirus. But there’s abundant evidence that people can get infected with the coronavirus without ever showing symptoms. And so it’s possible that a number of people who got vaccinated in the clinical trials got infected, too, without ever realizing it. If those cases indeed exist, none of them are reflected in the 95 percent efficacy rate. People who are asymptomatic can still spread the virus to others. Some studies suggest that they produce fewer viruses, making them less of a threat than infected people who go on to develop symptoms. But if people get vaccinated and then stop wearing masks and taking other safety measures, their chances of spreading the coronavirus to others could increas“You could get this paradoxical situation of things getting worse,” said Dr. Bar-Zeev. The results, Dr. Paltiel said, were heartbreaking. He and his colleagues found that when it comes to cutting down on infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the deployment mattered just as much as the efficacy. The study left Dr. Paltiel worried that the United States has not done enough to prepare for the massive distribution of the vaccine in the months to come. “Time is really running out,” he warned. “Infrastructure is going to contribute at least as much, if not more, than the vaccine itself to the success of the program.”