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  1. Canucks should try a few games without coaches.... could be the way forward for our club. Men Without Coaches....
  2. Why is BC the only province not using Pharmacy's to give vax shots ?
  3. Not giving police officers the vax is a sad joke..... Dr. B got her VAX though. LOL>.....
  4. Yah, Canucks could fire Green tonight... Just let Demko coach while he is goaltending...... same results i would think. Demko is a Boss.
  5. Benning is like Miller Beer Draft - good The other products are taste like piss.......
  6. With his assist tonight... he doubled his season total to now 2 assists......
  7. Heh, take your reasonable / intelligent / good for the club posts someplace else.... We are winning the cup this year.
  8. Heh, thats a picture of Bo Horvat in the future when Generous Jim Benning finally states the rebuild is complete.....
  9. Got outplayed by the 2nd worst team in the league... Demko is ruining our TANK.......
  10. My 85 year old neighbour got her shot Saturday. She showed up at the correct time and then had to wait in line for over 2.5 hours. She said one older gentleman fell down due to standing too long.... Seems kinda harsh to expect 85-90 yr olds to wait in line for 2-3 hours..... There must be a better way. #BrokenBC
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