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  1. Pretty amazing deal "Jet black Jim" as someone else on here called him made taking advantage of Las Vegas's mistake in gutting their team a bit to bring in Pietrangelo. The defence needed to be overhauled a bit so this is a good start. Lot's of young guys are going to be pushing for the remaining spots which is the whole reason you draft them anyway. At least 95% approval on here and of course the infamous Lunatic fringe as Brian Burke calls them making a lot of noise.
  2. Toews is the most overrated guy in the league, hope no one helps them out. Kane was probably worth his contract but Toews definitely not. If he cared about winning he would have taken a lot less but he went for big money instead. Looks pretty good on him and "exposes them for what they really are" to bring back his infamous quote.
  3. Not bad for a "cap dump" and a "third liner" like some on here were screaming. Only an idiot would have not been thrilled with the trade when it happened, once again the media was there pushing the panic and the simple minded believed every word. He is exactly what the team needed, it's almost like Jim knows how to build a team.......
  4. The cringe from this franchise is another level, couldn't happen to a nicer city and team. Pretty long but you'll throw your head back and laugh as he goes along. Except for the pedo ring that operated there which is unforgivable.
  5. Just don't watch HNIC or Sportsnet, it's easy Don Cherry worked hard and got Ron back from being fired. Ron then threw Don under the bus because of pressure from the outrage mob which shows his character.
  6. Seems like a really odd move, he should have had more time to draft and develop a young team.
  7. 24% increase for our house in Terrace. Average increase here is 20% this year.
  8. I can see it now: "Canucks fans are outraged over (fill in the blank)" In reality it's his various troll accounts fueling the whole thing
  9. I won't be surprised to see Aliu trying to cash in but time will tell. this should have been handled behind closed doors with Peter's and Aliu talking it out like grown men. He could have stated his case and Peter's could have apologised in person and settled it. Instead the race card got played on twitter and causing more division. There isn't a single person on here that will read this (unless they are very young) who hasn't had someone be racist to them and done it themselves to someone else. Doesn't mean people can't change over time and grow as a person. I pointed out Trudeau because of the double standard that exists, he mocked people with his conduct and was also a bit free with his hands on some of the ladies in the pictures. Then again the media has $600 million reasons to cover for him.....
  10. So all you that are outraged over Bill Peters conduct 10 years ago why did you vote for Justin Trudeau when there is a lot more evidence of racism with him?
  11. I can tolerate every other team but not them, they are literally owned by the fake news. Not to mention that pedo ring back in the Ballard days.
  12. Obviously they are going to go undefeated all the way through the season and all the way to the Cup now that they have the "right" coach
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