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  1. Agreed just very frustrating to see , Russia is pure politics .
  2. I’ve seen the story he got benched and played in the third . Great . Can’t wait to get him out of there soon as possible , before they ruin the kid .
  3. There has been nothing ideal of how his coach has deployed him this year .. kids need to play and play a lot
  4. I’ve said it numerous times , they are not developing him properly. We need him under our control before they ruin him.
  5. Silky mitts

    NFL thread

    I would pull the trigger considering the WR you have.
  6. Yeah not liking it, seems like a step down from modern warfare
  7. Edler is definitely not better than Schmidt
  8. Silky mitts

    NFL thread

    Honestly so depressing being a chargers fan at times. Herbert is going to be a stud though what a beauty!
  9. You don’t trade a second and a prospect for a ufa you can’t guarntee to resign especially where this team currently is. Terrible move from a terrible gm .