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  1. Hope he rots in hell. Heart breaks for that young boy , humanity is disgusting at times and seems like a common theme nowadays.
  2. Yes he would want to leave a top 3 team in the league for the powerhouse that is vancouver
  3. Colorado also has an almost unfair abundance of wealth on D. We are so far away as of right now . Makar, Toews, girard, graves, byram jeeeez
  4. Also what was up with his eyes? looked like a rabid drug, roid rage maybe? Maybe on the LA kings cup winning teams drug of choice?
  5. can't stand this bible thumper, what a bush league hit .
  6. Yes of course barring a prior extension to be inked
  7. If we could move Schmidt and the pick for jones I would do it
  8. I've used it mainly for hookups and still do. Just know if you are a male the odds are way stacked against you and not to put too much stock on it. A woman who is a 6/10 will still get over hundred matches per day, compared to a man . Best of luck ,I've ,met tons of couples who have met this way as well.
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