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  1. Risto is a poor defender I would hate to add him here. He is like another myers.
  2. Could find a better piece for Miller. Hell if you wan't to swing with Buffalo I would offer miller and Bo for Eichel and other pieces.
  3. I would prefer an owner who can step back and let hockey professionals do their thing without meddling in it
  4. Petey is a flashy guy. Money is definitely important to him as it is for any young superstar .
  5. Anyways now that he is gone the player I had mentioned who was in a liquor store while supposed to be quarantined was gaudette and his wife . Seems they acted like the rules didn’t apply to them. Word is also coming out that lots of players were very resentful Towards him .
  6. Also gaudette just isn’t very good . Player who Is consistently buried on the ice . Both pieces in this trade are pretty fringe nhlers.
  7. Typical jimbo sells low lol. Anyways this has to be about the covid incident as well.
  8. Angers me to see them do so well, and we are a tire fire. Guess that's how they felt in 2009-2012
  9. I see the benning brigade is putting in some work . Hope you guys bought knee pads .
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