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  1. Green better be putting Podz back in or i'm gonna start slappin people.
  2. Can we pin this thread to the top of the boards and just continue to add to it through out the season, we sound be able to get to a least a few thousand pages........lol
  3. Like ive said before and i'll say it again, we'll probably never see this team play with a full roster this season, there's ALWAYS some key player injured.
  4. Come on guys lets keep raging, it's good to get it out...lol
  5. Don't you think your being a bit mean?.............................to Guantanamo bay that is.
  6. Yeah they got rid of all they're talented players and now they're good.......go figure? lol
  7. Hey look at the positive guys at least they didn't give a power play goal.....lol
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