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  1. This management team and ownership is inept look what they did with Toffloi.
  2. Man this makes me mad, it's the only thing i wanted and expected them to do in the off season, especially because they gave up Madden for him. Really makes me question my loyalty to this management and ownership.
  3. With a last name like that how can you be anything but a star .
  4. How come they look so much faster during practice than during the game?........lol
  5. Don't worry they'll win just enough to bump themselves up about 4 spots and screw up a good pick......Happens every year.
  6. Mods we may want to lock this thread untill things are resolved in court, things could get a bit out of control and we really don't want to speculate and make things worse. I know people want to add they're two cents but i don't think us trying to play lawyer or getting into the heads of involved parties is going to do any good?
  7. It's as simple as improving the defense, i've been saying it for decades. You improve the defense it makes the the rest of the team play with that much more confidence thus your over game improves, more goal scoring and better goal tending. It's not rocket science, even an idiot like myself can see it.
  8. Yup Edmonton pretty much screwed the rest of the NHL with the draft because of winning it so many times they had to change the rules.......Sigh. How anyone can cheer for that team is completely beyond me?
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