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  1. I also read that if Price was picked in the expansion that Montreal was probably going to offer sheet Petey with the extra money, may not happen now?
  2. It would be a typical douchie thing to do by the Canadians, after all look what they did at the draft?....No class.
  3. I knew his dad real piece of.........work, if Tyson's personality is anything like him Nucks should stay far away.
  4. Miller, Bo and OEL once he gets comfortable.
  5. We've had some good picks in the first round recently but man we've had some really bad luck as well. Jake Virtanen, Brendan Gaunce, Nicklas Jensen, Cody Hodgson, Patrick White, Luc Bourdon, Nathan Smith..........Sig
  6. Man there's some big dudes on that team, hope they don't crush us too bad?
  7. Mark Giordano going to be 38 in October.......he's probably got 2 or 3 years left?
  8. Lots of defensemen going to the Kraken, looks like there'll be some negotiations with other teams?
  9. You guys should read the public comments about Schmidt at the bottom of this link,.....kind of depressing but to be expected for us Canucks fans . https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2021/07/07/reports-surface-that-nate-schmidt-wants-out-of-vancouver/
  10. Would sure like to know why Schmidt wants out, seemed so happy to be here 6 months ago?
  11. I'm curious can the Canucks select more than once at #9, feels like the only way they're going to improve enough....lol
  12. Looks like someones got a crush....lol. Seriously though i wasn't trying to be a jerk about the Parkinson thing, i just really don't like the guy so chill.
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