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  1. My biggest fear with Quinn is the return of the neutral zone trap!!! Cause forechecking him seems utterly useless
  2. Nice to see Quinn live! He is going to look so good as a Canuck! Edge work is ridiculous when eluding the forecheck and then head up for a perfect pass. Always dangerous in the Ozone. He will create so much room on the power play for Petterssen and Boeser. Madden held his own. For a smaller player is plays very determined and does not shy away from the tough areas. Nice to see he has kept his spot on Jack’s line.
  3. Would you trade EP40 for Tkachuk? Either would I so the bottom line is Juolevi led us to EP40. I hate MT but his production probably would have cost us EP. ideally Juolevi figures things out and with our new nucleus of talent we win our cup MT free. Having a few guys delay a couple years will make us stronger as several start to peak together!
  4. Just a couple stats to comfort those saying Juolevi is already a bust. three other well known Swedish defenseman... Edler drafted in 04 with Nucks in 07/08 Ohlund drafted 94 with Nucks in 97-98 Lidstrom drafted 89 turned pro in 91/92 There are others who have obviously broken this mold (Ekblad etc) but this is a normal development curve. This is Olli’s year to push for a spot! Go Canucks PS. I love all the high praise for Brisebois!
  5. That being said, as a Canuck fan, we could all use the kind of excitement from the backend that Q provides. Let him loose!
  6. Dahlin is the whole package while Hughes is an offensive weapon that needs the perfect complimentary partner. Dahlin will be very selective when to push the play while Quinn looks for it almost every rush. Q needs a solid stay at home d-man with him. (Tanev, Edler or Tram). Quinn’s ultimate success will be in his pairing while Dahlin is complete.
  7. I just pray that the coaching staff know what we have in Quinn and don’t try and change his attack first instincts! Help him improve his defensive play but please always have the “green light” on!
  8. With all of the ridiculous Orr comparisons and even Leech the one I have often deferred to is Coffey! With Hughes on the ice the RW will know to remain high on the wall to cover Hughes position. Just like Coffey, green light him on any rush he feels is there! What was the Oilers formation called with Coffey? Left-wing lock. It had a name. Teams knew it was coming and still couldn’t defend it just like Hughes, just try and stop him.
  9. Would love him to post more points than Virtanen cause Virtanen is going to get 40+ this year!
  10. There may be a few uncomfortable lunch meetings where the head scouts won’t want to make eye contact with the GM of 4 or 5 teams after the Show Quinn put on! I would have been really choked if Glass was our pick after watching this Showcase. He should have stood out way more IMO.
  11. I know I am way ahead of myself here but for fun, assuming we don’t win the lottery this year but have a top 10 pick... would you trade that top 10 pick plus the following year 1st plus the likes of a Gaudette/Lind/Dahlen/Woo or Joulevi for the 1st overall next year =HUGHES or would that even do it?
  12. Can we just please be happy to have a defensive prospect that has the ability to even think about beating a player and if picked may have the ability to get back or would you prefer more clearing the puck off the glass?
  13. Selfishly, I am stoked that Hughes will be at the WJs! We could have 3-5 prominent players in the WJs.