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  1. I guess so but he has made hay with what he’s had! More is always better but actually knowing who to draft is the key!!! My guess is the Gillis era could have had 15 picks per draft and ended up with less talent. Judd might get a statue!!!
  2. Might be the first time in my personal history that a small ounce of me will be cheering for the US at the WJers! Hughes was a no brainer but Rathbone was potentially a steal!!! Benning pulled him out of nowhere. Could be an awesome second pairing guy one day! I love Bennings late picks!
  3. Just as likely MT flames out the same way as Bennett next year and is on the cusp of being scratched or sent down. Remember the playoffs against us? Bennett was being called the next Iginla! It is just as short sighted to crown a 19-20 year old a sure fire NHLer as it is a bust.
  4. And to think that Nikita is just scratching the surface! Did he just decide, "I try hitting now!" He had like 8-10 good hits and didn't get out of position! He joins the rush at the right time and he shuts down the offence on his side of the ice. His upside is scary!!! He could be the steal of that entire draft!
  5. He just had to raise a forearm to Ferland and that would be the last time he charges a Canuck!!!
  6. Why would his junior team give him the C? not all leaders are loud and outspoken. Naslund was a pretty unemotional guy
  7. Hamhuis was about as laid back of a player I can remember but maybe that was later in his years. I really noticed GB at the Young Guns! I thought he was our third best defensman. Played on special teams as well
  8. Green seemed to disagree saying his skating looked great. He only needs to endure about 15 mins a game so I think he will make life hell for opposing forwards for every minute he is out there. I look forward to it. Nobody seems to knock Buffs weight, they just fear him!
  9. What is our answer for Lucic?....oh, never mind
  10. I hope we play Calgary early! Remember putting coins on the tracks? That is going to be Ferland in the corner, if Ferland can crack the lineup.
  11. Do we actually care? He played some excellent minutes in every game after that. Including pk time. He did just come over after a full season plus playoffs. I think he could very well make some third and fourth liners cry this year. Skate around Sbiza just to run into a tree!!! Can't wait
  12. Sooooo. Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sbiza Larsen Tryamkin Stecher/Subban/Pedan
  13. I have huge hopes for Tree this year. I dream about those games where the Ferlands of the league try their brand of hockey only to meet Tree on the ice and get tossed into the crowd! Or he just picks him up and breaks him in half. It's great that we now have legit call ups for our big men (Pedan) and a growing list of smaller but skilled defensman (Stecher, Subban, Larsen). We have never had it so good!
  14. Brisebois looked great in game 1 at the Young Guns tourney! Made a couple of nice hits along the boards and played great positionally. He was solid all around. Ihope he can crack the WJ lineup
  15. I was enjoying the comments on the various prospects we have.

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